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11 Go-to Resources for Military Families


Military families are some of the strongest people you will ever know. 

Unfortunately, this strength is often built through struggle. From long and painful deployments, to sudden relocations, military families need the compassion and support of those around them. 

In recognition of National Military Family Month, here are 11 spectacular resources that help military families everywhere. 



This site serves as your one-stop shop for all things military. Based on over 30 years of experience, OurMilitary provides information and resources that you can’t find in a Google search. With hundreds of base listings and military-friendly businesses near you, getting to know your area is just one click away. You can also discover: VA and medical directories, non-profits, and original and relevant news. OurMilitary makes navigating military life that much easier! 


2. National Military Family Association

The NMFA has a wealth of information on military life, and offers programs that directly aid military families. Their scholarship program helps military spouses with employment and financial security. They also host “Operation Purple Camp,” that brings military kids together for a memorable summer camp experience.


3. Military OneSource

OneSource connects you to your best military life. They give you specific advice and resources for finances, education, family relationships, and more. 


4. Everyone Serves

This free handbook is a guide for military families through pre-deployment, deployment, and reintegration. It includes videos, checklists, and other resources to help strengthen your family in difficult times.


5. Operation We Are Here

We Are Here compiles one big list of resources that aid military families everywhere. It also provides ways to support these families in their time of need. It is especially helpful for avid readers, with tons of book suggestions for the military community.


6. Military and DoD Child Care Assistance

Child Care Aware, the U.S. Military and DoD partner to create Fee Assistance and Respite Child Care Programs. They have served over 10 million families in need of affordable child care.


7. Military Child Education Coalition

MCEC delivers programs and services for military-connected students, parents, and professionals. It is designed to prepare them for college and the workforce.



Zero to Three hones in on the best tips and strategies for handling deployment.


9. Sesame Street Workshop

“Arming military families with love, laughter, and practical tools for deployment.” Sesame Street uses entertainment to help military kids understand and cope with separation from their parent(s).


10. United Through Reading

UTR helps military parents and their children connect through the written word. Deployed parents are recorded reading books for their children, who can enjoy story time with the service member from thousands of miles away.


11. Military Wives Saving

Military spouses will find countless deals, coupons, recipes, and more to help them manage their money.


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