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12 Days of Holiday Military Moments

With Christmas rapidly upon us, families across the nation are celebrating, each in their own unique ways.

It’s a time of year where most people are drawn to family and friends. It makes us cherish those relationships, and the memories we have of them. While many military families will wake up tomorrow morning with their service member at home, there are still those who won’t be as lucky. Instead they will rely on inner strength to find new ways to celebrate without their loved one home for the holidays.

Regardless of how you are spending your holiday, we can all still find ways to treasure and embrace this magical time of year. And just like the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 touching moments that will provide us all some holiday cheer:

1. This Toyota ad that will bring tears to your eyes

2. This touching Christmas homecoming

3. This unique military-influenced Christmas tree

4. This creative celebration honoring our deployed

5. These Military Christmas stockings

6. This active duty Santa in the desert

7. A very special way to honor soldiers during the holidays

8. This patriotic Christmas tree everyone’s obsessed with (including us)

9. This beautiful couple’s Christmas card

10. This ruck march with sacks of toys for soldiers’ kids

11. This snowy Proposal at the Army-Navy Game

12. This heartwarming surprise reunion

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