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14 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that every couple celebrates differently, so it can be tough to figure out how much effort you should put in. And because it’s not a birthday or major holiday like Christmas, it’s even more difficult to figure out what to buy. 

But even if you waited until the last minute, don’t worry — you’re not alone, and you can still make it a special Valentine’s Day for your significant other. 

Here are 14 last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas: 


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

14. Mani/Pedi

A gift card for a manicure and pedicure is sure to please someone who doesn’t have the time or money to get them too often. Alternatively, if you’re feeling up to it, go with them for the mani/pedi and make it a date! You can pick out each other’s nail/toe polish colors and spend the time together. 

13. Handmade Card

It’s easy to walk into a store and buy a Valentine’s Day card for your partner. You can go for sweet, thoughtful, clever, and funny — and you didn’t really even do anything, except spend $5 on a card. These cards are a nice gesture, and you can certainly add your own unique message inside, but it’s even more special when you make it yourself. Even if you’re not the most artistic person, a stick-figure drawing is sure to mean more than anything store-bought. 

12. Poem

Piggybacking on the card idea, if you are the creative type, consider channeling some of that energy into a romantic poem. You could even print it out (or practice your calligraphy) and frame it for them. 

11. Painting Class

Experiences make good Valentine’s Day gift ideas, too. Take your partner to a painting class, where you can learn or touch up on your painting skills as a couple. Not only is it a fun date, but you get to take your paintings home as permanent reminders of this year’s Valentine’s Day. 

10. Romantic Massage

If your significant other has been stressed lately, a massage could be just what they need. Buy some massage oil, lay down a towel and some rose petals and get to work! You could even make a custom playlist of relaxing music. 

9. Flowers

Is it cliche? Yes. But many women (and some men) still love getting flowers on Valentine’s Day, and wouldn’t have it any different. If you want to make it extra special, make sure you get their favorite bouquet, or go the extra mile to find a flower with special meaning

8. Live Plant

Valentine’s Day gift ideas sometimes involve thinking outside the box. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers that will wither and die, get a plant that they can nurture and grow instead. This works if you know they’re a plant person or have been meaning to buy one. Plants are low maintenance and bring life to small and dark spaces. They also often have specific meanings attributed to them, so find an especially romantic or applicable one! 

7. Charm Bracelet

If you have a bit more money to spend, consider going to your local jewelry store and getting your partner a charm bracelet. The cool thing about charm bracelets is how customizable they are. Aside from the chain itself, you can select whichever charms you think will connect most with your partner. They could symbolize your relationship, or just things you love most about them. 

6. Stargazing

This gift costs nothing at all. OK — maybe some gas money. It works especially well if you have a truck, because you can set up some blankets and pillows in the bed for a comfy and romantic night out. Otherwise, just take some blankets for the car or spread out on the roof. Find a scenic and private place to park, and make sure to bring snacks. Bonus points if you can point out some constellations! 

5. Tickets to a Ball Game

Are you dating a basketball fan? Snag tickets to the next big game (preferably near Valentine’s Day) and take them on a fun date! This could be your opportunity to show them you care about their hobbies, even if you secretly hate basketball. 

4. Trip to the Arcade

If you remember the world before handheld video games, then you know how fun it was going to the arcade. Recapture that feeling and take your partner to an arcade for Valentine’s Day. You can make a game out of it — whoever wins the most tickets has to buy dinner that night. 

3. Homemade Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Most chocolate lovers won’t turn down chocolate-covered fruit. Instead of just buying Valentine chocolates, go out and get fresh strawberries and plain chocolate. Then, you’ll melt the chocolate on your stove and drizzle it over the strawberries, waiting for it to harden. It’ll taste great, and your partner will appreciate the extra effort! 

2. Spa Day 

If you don’t have a lot of time left before Valentine’s Day, this could be the present for you. You can buy gift cards online or in person so your significant other can schedule a spa day whenever is most convenient. Alternatively, you can take them to the spa on Valentine’s Day and make them feel loved and pampered. 

1. Blanket Fort and Movie Marathon 

This is one of the more low-budget and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Pick out all of your partner’s favorite movies (or their current Netflix binge) and set up a blanket fort in your living room. If you want to make it more romantic, string up some fairy lights inside the fort or spread some rose petals. Microwave a bowl of popcorn or nachos and spend the evening feeling like teenagers again. 

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