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20 Fun Fall Activities

Today marks the first official day of Autumn — even if you’ve been celebrating since September 1st. Here are some great Fall activities you and your family can enjoy to kick off the new season:

1. Go apple picking in an orchard

The age-old tradition of apple picking is an event the whole family can turn out for. It’s an affordable and fun way to spend some time outdoors, and you can’t go wrong bringing home a couple boxes of fresh apples.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch

Rooting around in the dirt for the perfect Halloween pumpkin is sort of like reaching the next level on Candy Crush — you’re not sure why you enjoy it so much, but you do.

3. Get lost in a corn maze

It’s time to put your sense of direction to the test by engaging in this popular pastime. Winding through a maze of corn twice your size is surprisingly fun… that is, if you come out the other side!

4. Go for a hayride

Find your Fall spirit by taking a hayride with the kids (you don’t need to have kids, but the driver might look at you funny).

5. It’s the perfect time for mountain biking!

The leaves are turning colors and starting to fall, the air is fresh and cool, and the trails are less populated now that Summer’s over; it’s a beautiful time to break out your bicycle. Whether you’re a seasoned cycling vet, or a beginner just looking to enjoy nature, biking in the outdoors this time of year might just become your go-to hobby.

6. Host a bonfire

As the sunny days become shorter and shorter and sweater weather kicks into full gear, bonfires are a great way to stay warm and pass time with your friends and family! Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores?

7. Try your hand at rock climbing

This sport doesn’t have to be as hardcore as you’re imagining; rock climbing gyms exist all over the United States, for all levels of climbers. If you enjoy hiking in the Summer, you might want to give rock climbing a shot.

8. Break out your camera for some gorgeous pictures

For all you photographers, channel your inner artist and capture the best moments of the season. Sunlight filtering through bright orange leaves, the first rainfall pattering on a window, your best friend bundled up for the morning chill… the options are endless!

9. Tailgate at your local football game

If you’re like me, football is your favorite part of Fall, and you’ve been prepping for this season since the Draft back in April. Whether you’re a college fan or will be wearing Seahawks colors ’til you die, you’re probably going to get in on the action this season. Carpool with some buddies to the stadium (parking is NOT cheap), or stay home with some chips and make it a family affair.

10. Go for a scenic drive

If you’re on a budget and looking for something to do, consider just going for a drive. It’s an underrated way to enjoy the world around you, safe from the weather outside and listening to your favorite tunes.

11. Make this pine cone bird feeder:; just because.

12. Bake a pumpkin pie, or some rice crispy treats!

Baking is an amazing talent to have — and something your loved ones will thank you for! Making things from scratch is also an excellent way to save money shopping.

13. Buy in-season goodies at your local farmer’s market

Another tip for your wallet is to purchase seasonal fruits and veggies. They’re cheaper for sellers to buy and distribute, and they taste a lot better! The farmer’s market is an adventure on its own, and supporting your local farmers is both ethically and environmentally conscious.

14. Drink hot cider/chocolate

Hot beverages are an Autumn token and will warm you to the tips of your fingers and toes.

15. Grab a seasonal Starbucks treat (if you can stop at just one)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Salted Caramel Mochas, Apple Loaf Cake… need I say more? (Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, Double-Smoked Bacon Paninis, Maple Pecan Muffins…)

16. Watch some spooky Halloween movies

You don’t have to wait for October to start your Halloween binge-athon. It’s never too early to mark your calendars, plan your costume, and begin the countdown!

17. Dig up all your cute sweaters!

We’ve embarked on an entirely new time of year, with different weather and different colors. Of course, that means a new season for fashion as well! Dust off your Fall wardrobe, or set aside some money for a shopping trip, because it’s all about layers.

18. Enjoy the not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather

Much like Spring, Fall is the perfect light-jacket weather. It’s a welcomed break from the blazing heat of Summer, but still pleasantly warm enough to actually want to leave your house. Throw on your favorite scarf and take a trip to your local park, or go for a walk on the beach. It’s a lovely time to start an exercise regimen if you haven’t already (no pressure).

19. And the crisp Autumn air

The musty smell of fallen leaves and the sound of them crunching under your feet is almost sure to spark your love for the season!

20. Spend time with your loved ones

At the end of the day, kicking back for some quality time with some quality people is what makes us humans the happiest.

Happy Fall, all!

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