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Army Bases in Germany


Serving in the military is a worldwide endeavor. During your time as an active duty soldier, you’re likely to serve at least one deployment overseas. Whether you tackle the jungles of Guam or the countryside in France, the U.S. has military bases all over the world.

Here, we’re talking about U.S. Army bases in Germany. Later, we’ll touch on some of the other military bases you’ll also find there. Whether you’ve just been stationed in Germany or you’d just like to know more about where a loved one might be headed one day, read on.

US Bases in Germany

In Germany, the Army controls most of the U.S. military bases there. There are seven Army bases and one military medical center interspersed throughout the country and they’re each used for various projects and missions.

United States Army Garrison Ansbach

U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Ansbach is split into three separate parts and located in the northern part of Bavaria. It has been a military base since World War II and offers a rich history to those who serve there including historical sites such as Margrave’s Palace, the Orangerie and Park, and the Kasper-Hauser Memorial.

USAG Ansbach provides base operations support for tactical units and individual residents of the local area.

United States Army Garrison Kaiserslautern

At any given time, more than 800 soldiers and civilians might be assigned to USAG Kaiserslautern and it makes up one of the various Army installations in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC).

The base provides command and control, force protection, base operations support, and reception, staging, onward movement, and integration (RSOI) to support contingency operations and also conducts area operations and support for the Joint Power Projection Platform.

Additionally, USAG Kaiserslautern enhances the readiness and quality of life for the force within the KMC.

United States Army Garrison Baumholder

USAG Baumholder is centrally located between France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, and the Bavarian Alps and is only within a few hours of a drive from each. It’s known as “The Rock” and consists of the H.D. Smith Barracks and two small U.S. Kasernes.

USAG Baumholder has a rich and interesting history with the first mentions of the town springing up way back in 1156. During World War II, the Third Reich relocated 842 families from the area but in 1951 once the Allies were victorious, the U.S. took over the post. It became the largest concentration of combat soldiers outside of America.

USAG Baumholder performs various missions including planning and executing force protection operations, garrison support operations, and conducting German-American relations.

United States Army Garrison Bavaria

Located in Garmisch, USAG Bavaria includes the Sheridan Barracks and Artillery Kaserne. The USAG Bavaria – Garmisch community supports the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, the NATO School, and the Armed Forces Recreation Center, as well as various smaller units throughout southern Bavaria.

United States Army Garrison Hohenfels

USAG Hohenfels is a training area surrounded by the charming little towns of Amberg, Neumarkt, Velburg, and Parsberg. It’s also only about an hour and a half drive to Munich, meaning that service members stationed there are given lots of opportunities to enjoy.

USAG Hohenfels is the largest U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) maneuver training area and they facilitate realistic force-on-force maneuver and NATO training with impressive multinational forces and high quality of life.

United States Army Garrison Stuttgart

As one of the largest U.S. government municipalities, USAG Stuttgart is home to 23,000 people and is responsible for sustaining, restoring, and modernizing all of the facilities within its installation borders. Unlike many other municipalities, it funds what civilian cities usually take care of.

These services range from fitness centers, housing, and vehicle services as well as ensuring the community’s overall well-being.

United States Army Garrison Wiesbaden

In times of conflict, it is the USAG Wiesbaden’s mission to provide the Army with installation capabilities and services that support expeditionary operations. It is headquartered at Lucius D. Clay Kaserne and services 15 different installations and housing communities.

On the USAG Wiesbaden base, tenants include U.S. Army Europe Headquarters, 5th Signal Command, 66th Military Intelligence Group, 1st Air Support Operations Group, 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment, 485th Intelligence Squadron, and the 7th Weather Squadron.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Operated by the U.S. Army and Department of Defense, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is the largest military hospital located outside the continental United States. It’s the nearest medical treatment center that served wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Additionally, it provides medical care for service members and their families who are stationed throughout Europe. Located near Landstuhl, Germany, it has recently, in 2014, been downgraded to a level III trauma center due to forces being removed from the Middle East and therefore experience a lot fewer injuries and casualties.

Military Bases in Germany

Beyond the Army, there are also U.S. Air Force bases in Germany worth briefly noting. There are three military bases operating under the U.S. Air Force command in the country.

Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base

The NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen is the main operating base of the NATO Boeing E-3 Sentry Component which is one of the two operational elements of the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force.

Ramstein Air Base

Located in southwestern Germany, Ramstein Air Base is the headquarters for the U.S. Air Force in Europe and Africa and for the NATO Allied Air Command.

Spangdahlem Air Base

As a response to the Allied victory in World War II and growing tensions due to the Cold War, western Germany became important to control. Spangdahlem Air Base was constructed in 1951 using French and German contractors and the U.S. Air Force came to the premises in 1952.

Clearly, there is a huge U.S. military presence in Germany and each garrison has a part to play in the overall mission of safety and security at home. Many service members enjoy their time abroad serving their country and Germany offers many historical opportunities that soldiers can explore.

To learn more about U.S. military bases situated all over the world, check out our international military base directory.

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