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Many Americans may be shocked to learn that the United States Army is actually older than America herself. It’s almost natural to assume that the reverse is accurate, but in actuality, the Army came before the nation which it defends.

Not only does the U.S. Army predate America, but the Army also employs more than one million personnel and works with approximately 500 dogs. To say that the Army is uniquely tied into the foundation and fabric of the United States would be a massive understatement. Knowledge about the Army goes hand-in-hand with understanding, appreciating, and valuing the United States of America.

Now, while many people are at least vaguely aware of the Army and the role it plays in securing the nation, they may not be as aware of the Army logo, its significance, history or meaning. Awareness and familiarity with these aspects of the United States Army allows for a deeper and richer appreciation of the nation as a whole.

If you’re interested in learning more about the logo which represents the Army of the great United States, then you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Army Logo: History, Design, and Meaning

In order to understand the U.S. Army logo, a thorough grasp on the history, design, and meaning tied to this logo is deeply imperative. Each of these elements contribute to the significance of the Army logo and why it carries so much weight and importance.

History of the Army Logo

The history of the logo which represents the U.S. Army predates back to the American Revolution; originally, the logo was used to give credence to critical documents and serve as a representation of the War Office banner along with the Roman date MDCCLXXVIII (1778).

In 1947, the Army logo changed when ‘Department of the Army’ succeeded the War Office banner. Prior to the inception of ‘Department of the Army,’ the Army logo as we know it today was strictly designed for validating important documents; it was not publicly used for the purposes of representing the United States Army.

Understanding and knowing the history of the logo of the U.S. Army inherently ties in with American history. Furthermore, the history of the Army logo shares unique interlinks with the design of this logo.

Design of the Army Logo

The logo of the United States Army is comprised of a five-point star. This design has attained worldwide recognition and is meant to serve as a representation of freedom and the protection of America. Members of the United States military and others who have served this country will be able to attest to that.

The Army logo furthermore comes in the colors of gold, black, and white; the five-point star itself is white while shaped by black and gold lines. The star, along with its outlines, are placed directly in the center of a black square. Underneath the square are the words “U.S. Army” in white with a black backdrop and a yellow outline.

Source: United States Army

The War Office Seal which preceded the present logo of the Army is designed intricately, yet symbolically. The most notable part of the design is the Roman cuirass. Surrounding the Roman cuirass are an unsheathed, upwards-pointed sword, liberty cap, and pommel; the pommel rests squarely where the Roman cuirass opens.

Additional features on the War Office Seal include a spontoon, musket, and saltire-crossed bayonet. On the left side of the Roman cuirass comes the Betsy Ross flag with different tassels and cords. The Betsy Ross flag is placed on a flagstaff with an adjoining spearhead. The intricate designs of the War Office Seal moreover include a cannon barrel, three cannon balls, a rattlesnake with a scroll that reads “This We’ll Defend,” and the Department of the Army flag near a carriage and mortar.

By United States Department of War –, Public Domain,

The symbolism associated with the War Office Seal is a deeply important aspect of understanding the past design of the Army logo. The Roman cuirass serves as a symbol of the United States’ defense and strength.

The different implements of the Army are likewise represented by the spontoon, saltire-crossed bayonet, mortar, cannon, and other objects which surround the Roman cuirass. Likewise, the scroll which reads “This We’ll Defend” serves as a representation of the United States Army’s determination to shield, preserve, and protect the nation.

The design of today’s Army logo can also commonly be found on not only military paraphernalia, but also on certain hats, shirts, and belts of civilians. It is not uncommon for people who know someone in the military, formerly or presently serve(d), or simply want to express their appreciation for service to wear this logo on their apparel.

Meaning of the Army Logo

Valor, freedom, and strength are the core tenets which comprise the meaning of the U.S. Army logo. The courage and sacrifice of U.S. soldiers throughout time is why the meaning of this logo carries so much depth and significance. Without the tenets which comprise the Army logo, America would not be the free nation that she is today.

In and of itself, the white star on the Army logo symbolizes the star which was placed on American military vehicles during the period of World War II. Likewise, the colors white, gold, and black are each representative of gunpowder ingredients. White represents saltpeter while gold and black symbolizes sulfur and charcoal.

White, gold, and black are not only symbolic of gunpowder, but also various traits which go hand-in-hand with service to one’s nation. You’ll find that dual meanings and representations are not uncommon on notable symbols of the United States or service to the United States. For instance, white can denote acts of bravery which are worthy of being remembered. On a similar token, gold stands for honor, dignity, and achievement, whereas black represents steadfastness and determination.

All in all, when individuals, whether American or otherwise, view the U.S. Army logo, they should be reminded of patriotism, service to one’s nation, fearlessness, adventure, and bravery. Each of these values allowed the United States to thrive, even when faced with adversity, challenges, and obstacles in different forms. Over time, this has fostered not only the character of our nation, but individual character as well.

Why the Army Logo Matters

Understanding the history, design, and meaning associated with the U.S. Army logo inherently ties in with knowing American history.

As a nation, the United States thrived, grew, and progressed because of individuals who possessed the values which are symbolized on the logo of the United States Army. Each element of the U.S. Army logo ties in with critical elements and parts of this nation. So long as the traits which are symbolized on the logo remain alive and well, so will these great United States.

The significance of the U.S. Army logo is absolutely undeniable; its design, history, and meaning each contain elements and values which all American citizens should value.

Patriotism, honor, valor, dignity, loyalty and determination are traits which allow and preserve the greatness of the United States in the present day. Furthermore, these values should ideally be exercised in the individual lives of people across the country. Sacrifice is a noble endeavor as is being part of something greater than oneself.

This is what the United States Army and its logo is all about.

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