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Army Tattoo Policy

Similar to the Navy and Air Force tattoo policies, the Army tattoo policy is relatively lenient as well. During the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army chose to loosen up its policy to increase its recruitment efforts. Not only were they often missing out on quality candidates, but the Army wanted to shift their view of tattoos to match that of today’s society.

So what are some of the don’ts when it comes to tattoos in the Army?

  • The Army prohibits any tattoos on the neck, head, face, hands, wrists, or above the collar of a t-shirt. The one exception to this rule is a singular ring tattoo in the place of where a traditional ring would go. Any tattoos on the legs must be two inches above or two inches below the knee and not be located directly on the knee itself.
  • Cosmetic tattoos are allowed, but only on women, and must be considered natural and conservative.
  • Tattoo content regulations are identical across all military branches and there
    fore tattoos cannot contain any racist, sexist, extremist, or indecent content or suggestions.
  • There are no limits to the number of tattoos you can have in the Army or the size of those tattoos on their chest, arms, torso, and legs.

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