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John Simpson is a journalist, fine arts photographer, former Air Force officer and veteran who lives in Lakewood, WA.

Article: Popular Easter Traditions Here And Around The World

Easter traditions in the U.S. are somewhat different than those overseas. Here’s a rundown on some Easter history and ways to celebrate:

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Article: GORUCK Bridges Gap Between Military and Civilian Fitness

“Rucking implies action, energy and purpose,” GORUCK founder and veteran Jason McCarthy said. “It is the foundation of Special Forces

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Article: The Incredible Influence of Coffee in the Military

In 1832 President Andrew Jackson added coffee to the military’s food ration. Since then, troops have proven that coffee in the military is a

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Article: How Does Thomas Jefferson Continue to Impact America?

At the age of 33, Thomas Jefferson produced one of the most famous and important documents in American history. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Article: Celebrating the “Silent Service” on Submarine Day

The American Navy has a long history with submarines, from hand crank, to gas, to diesel and then nuclear power. Happy Submarine Day, sailors!

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Article: Gold Star Spouses Find Courage in the Face of Tragedy

One of the most destructive results of war is that it creates widows. From this terrible reality unfolds a story of courage, progress and triumph.

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Article: Mechatronics Provides New Career Path for Veterans

A rapidly growing career field, mechatronics is the use of software, electrical and mechanical elements. At CPTC, 35% of the program includes

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Article: An Overdue Welcome Home for Vietnam Veterans

Welcome home… these words express a sincere appreciation to those who have been missed. Vietnam veterans didn’t hear these words when

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Article: Music that moves the military. . . and us

Music is significant to military tradition, as it is a means of communication and cohesiveness. Take a look at these military music favorites:

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Article: 9 Successful Veterans in American Industry

Discipline, time management and efficiency are trademarks of the military. These same great qualities lead to success for veterans in American

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Article: Celebrating Irish-American Service on St. Patrick’s Day

Famous actor Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated combat soldiers of WWII; he was also of Irish descent. Source: Famous People. In the movie

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Article: The Importance of Service Dogs for Veterans Who Need Them

Service dogs not only protect service members in combat areas, but also help veterans with physical and psychological challenges here at home. As

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Article: Servicewomen Show Why We Should Pass Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in 1917 and is close to being ratified. These servicewomen demonstrate why we should pass it.

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Article: The Best Scholarships for Active Duty, Veterans and Family

Beyond just the G.I. Bill, there are many military and affiliated organizations that offer college scholarships or tuition assistance for military

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Article: These Airmen Marched 830 Miles for Their Fallen Brothers

An airmen from the 24th Special Operations Wing marches to honor his brother, SSGT Dylan Echlin, who died in Afghanistan in November. Source: Senior

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