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John Simpson is a journalist, fine arts photographer, former Air Force officer and veteran who lives in Lakewood, WA.

Thanksgiving Day and the Military

Article: Thanksgiving Day and the Military Are Directly Connected

From the American Revolution and the War of 1812, to the Civil War and the World Wars, Thanksgiving Day and the military have always been connected.

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National Adoption Day

Article: National Adoption Day: 5 Ways to Adopt in the Military

Today is National Adoption Day, and it provides Americans with a wonderful opportunity to walk the talk of “selfless service.”

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Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

Article: Heavy Equipment Colleges of America, and How it Helps Vets

At Heavy Equipment Colleges of America, 60 percent of the students are veteran connected, and 45 percent of the employees are as well.

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Veterans Day Facts

Article: Veterans Day Facts, Misconceptions, and History

Today is Veterans Day, and 101 years since the end of World War I. Here are 5 Veterans Day facts and misconceptions, and some history on the day:

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Marine Corps Birthday

Article: The Marine Corps Birthday: A 244-Year History

Today is the United States Marine Corps birthday, a date of celebration and pageantry that began 244 years ago. The first order of the day? Cake!

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Quotes About Veterans

Article: 19 Best Quotes About Veterans For Veterans Day

It takes courage to step up, raise the right hand and swear an oath to protect and defend the United States. Here are 19 great quotes about our

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National Housewife's Day

Article: National Housewife’s Day: Paying Homage to Housewives

National Housewife’s Day brings back memories of my mother and grandmothers, all of whom were housewives.  These tendrils of thought remind me

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National Cat Day

Article: National Cat Day: A Love That Goes Back 12,000 Years

Today is National Cat Day, where we offer up homage to the furry critters that rule our lives. There’s a reason the Egyptians worshipped them,

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Dirt Therapy

Article: ‘Dirt Therapy’ is Saving Veterans’ Lives

‘Dirt therapy’ is a term used by Veterans Back 40 Adventure, an organization dedicated to helping veterans combat PTSD with dirt bikes.

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Military Will

Article: Military Will vs. Traditional Will: What’s the Difference?

Making a will is an act that has escaped 50 to 70% of Americans. Here’s some info on the military will, traditional will, and why you should

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Make A Difference Day

Article: Make A Difference Day: 6 Ways To Help Your Community

National Make A Difference Day falls on October 26th. But honestly, you don’t need a special day to start helping the people in your community.

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How To Stop Procrastinating

Article: How To Stop Procrastinating: 5 Simple Steps

If you’re wondering how to stop procrastinating, then maybe you should stop reading guides like this, and start doing that thing you’re

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Dolphins in the Navy

Article: A History of Dolphins in the Navy

There have been dolphins in the Navy since the Cold War. With their high IQ and underwater speed, it’s easy to understand, but what exactly can

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Military Vehicles

Article: 4 Military Vehicles That Civilians Love, Too

Military vehicles are meant to be tools; big, tough, and versatile, they get the job done. Here are 4 that have been successful with civilians too:

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Military Mustangs

Article: Military Mustangs: 21 Generals Who Started At E-1

Military mustangs are service members who have rose through the ranks. They started at the bottom of the pile and ended at the top; here are 21 of

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