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About Kaylee Randall
Kaylee Randall is a freelance writer currently living in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Florida, she's the proud sister of an active U.S. Navy sailor. Kaylee hopes these tips and resources prove helpful to military service members and their families.

Vietnam Tunnel Rats

Article: Who Were the Vietnam Tunnel Rats?

Vietnam tunnel rats – these weren’t some vermin soldiers encountered during the Vietnam War. Instead, Vietnam tunnel rats were an elite group of

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Why Are Marines Called Jarheads?

Article: Why Are Marines Called Jarheads?

You’ve probably heard the term jarhead even if you’re not part of the military. It’s a common term for someone in the Marines that emerged

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Best World War II Books

Article: The All-Time Best Books About World War II

There’s no easy way to tell the story of World War 2. Whether you read about soldier’s tale from the perspective of bombs and guns or you read

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Best World War I Books

Article: Best Books on World War I: Historical, Nonfiction and Fiction

One of the most interesting things about World War 1 is that many historians can’t seem to agree on why it was fought in the first place. What’s

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Best Air Force Enlisted Jobs

Article: Best Air Force Enlisted Jobs

The Air Force is one of the most prestigious and tough-to-get-into branches of the U.S. military. Many young people have dreams of joining the Air

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When Are You Considered a Veteran of the Military?

Article: When Are You Considered a Veteran?

The term “veteran” can be confusing to many people, even sometimes those in the military. When are you considered a veteran of the military? Is

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The Military Lending Act

Article: The Military Lending Act – What You Need to Know

Imagine you are a young active duty service member, living paycheck to paycheck. Every month you are stressed about meeting your financial

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Can you join the military with a felony

Article: Can You Join the Military with a Felony?

In order to join the military, you have to meet a lot of requirements, one being moral character standards. So, when someone wants to join the

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Your GI Bill

Article: The Ultimate Guide to Using Your GI Bill

In general, the GI Bill is an education benefit provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help military service members complete their

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Military TV Shows

Article: The 17 Best Military TV Shows

The immense sacrifice that service members make for the sake of defending this nation’s freedoms and liberties has always moved me. Men and women

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Half Right

Article: What Does ‘Half Right’ Mean in the Military?

You’ve enlisted in the military and you’re gearing up for basic training in a few weeks. You’re doing your best to get into top physical shape

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How to Find Out if Someone is Lying About Military Service

Article: How to Find Out if Someone is Lying About Military Service

One of the most dishonorable things you can do is lie about military service, yet many people are caught fabricating stories about their time in the

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Difference Between Veterans Day and Memorial Day

Article: Difference Between Veterans Day and Memorial Day

It’s a simple line to blur, but the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day is an important one to recognize if you don’t want to make a

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Veterans Day History

Article: The History of Veterans Day, and How to Celebrate

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th to thank and honor the brave veterans who risked their lives for their country. According to the U.S.

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States That Don't Tax Military Retirement

Article: States That Don’t Tax Military Retirement (And 8 That Do)

When you’re a military service member, chances are you’ve lived in quite a few different states throughout your career. You’ve also probably

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