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About Levi Leidy
I'm a writer and ad creator based out of Los Angeles, CA. As the proud son of a Retired U.S. Navy CPO, I'm excited to be providing authentic content and resources to the military community.

Military Retirement Gifts

Article: Military Retirement Gifts

Military retirement can be as bitter as it is sweet — but 20-plus years of service deserves to be celebrated. Here are 8 military retirement

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Article: PTSS vs PTSD

Most people know what PTSD means, and that it often affects service members and Veterans. But when you’re looking at PTSS vs PTSD, is there a

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An Editorial: America Still Needs MLK

Article: An Editorial: America Still Needs MLK

On MLK Day, we teach our children about his fight against racism, but not about his fight against war. And today, we need this fight more than ever.

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How Will the US Respond to Iran’s Retaliation

Article: How Will the US Respond to Iran’s Retaliation?

Iran sought revenge for Soleimani’s assassination by launching missiles at two American-occupied bases. So, how will the US respond to

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Article: Military-Friendly Products By Pelican Protect All That You Value

Pelican grew its business through the military, and today they remain dedicated to service members. Learn about their products and history here:

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What States Don’t Have Income Tax

Article: What States Don’t Have Income Tax?

If you pay state income tax, you may not know what states don’t have income tax — or even that there were any. Here are the states

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Timothy Limkeman

Article: Veteran, Tornado Survivor, and Underdog: An Essay

Veteran Timothy Limkeman came back from Iraq with PTSD and sleep apnea. He lost his job, and later, he lost his home in a tornado. Read his story

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How To Become a Navy SEAL

Article: How To Become a Navy SEAL

If you’re wondering how to become a Navy SEAL, you probably already know that it won’t be easy.  The United States Navy SEALs are an elite

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Who Should Military Families Vote For?

Article: 2020 Election: Who Should Military Families Vote For?

Taking a look at the top 5 presidential candidates for the 2020 election, including Trump and the top 4 Dems — who should military families

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Article: Paratrooper Battalion Deploys To Iraq With 18-Hour Notice

On Tuesday, Iranian-backed Shiite militiamen carried out an assault on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Groups of protesters also stormed the compound,

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Youngest Medal of Honor Recipient

Article: Youngest Medal of Honor Recipient

The youngest Medal of Honor recipient is slightly disputed. Is it a drummer boy from the Civil War era, or a young Marine who fought at Iwo Jima?

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Why Are Veterans Homeless?

Article: Why Are Veterans Homeless?

There’s no justifiable answer to the question “Why are Veterans homeless?” But let’s take a look at factors that lead to

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Military Holidays

Article: Military Holidays

Military holidays are special days during which we can celebrate our nation’s armed forces. Here is a full breakdown of all 2020 military holidays:

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How Does Impeachment Affect the Military

Article: How Does Impeachment Affect the Military?

Based on the past two impeachments and President Trump’s approval rating among service members, how does impeachment affect the military?

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Wendi Jordan

Article: My Inspiration, My Father, My Hero, an Essay by Wendi Jordan

Wendi Jordan is a military child, service member, future pilot, and lifelong student. Read her essay about what inspired her education here:

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