90th Medical Group

6900 Alden Drive, Bldg 160
F.E.Warren, WY 82005
1 (307) 773-3461


The 90th Medical Group is an outpatient clinic which offers a variety of care, ensuring excellent health and welfare of all beneficiaries. Healthcare is delivered in a top quality, ever-improving clinic. By optimizing the way family healthcare services are delivered through a dedicated primary care team approach, illness prevention, injury treatment, and promotion of lifestyle changes for healthier living are available to more than 10,500 beneficiaries, including active duty members, retirees, and their family members. Medical and dental care is provided within the clinic and in partnership with an expanded referral network of health care providers throughout Cheyenne and along the Front Range. Support services, such as the pharmacy, are integrated in a successful, managed care environment that responds to a variety of patient care needs. Through a vision of “Our community’s preferred choice for trusted care, providing mission ready support and optimized access,” the Medical Group promotes care of the human weapon system — our most valuable resource — to meet the wing mission. By offering preventive health assessments and the expert resources in our base health and wellness center, prevention activities are integrated into personal and family lifestyles. The 90th Medical Operations Squadron (MDOS) includes bio-environmental engineering, dental, family advocacy, family practice, flight medicine, health promotions, immunizations, life skills, optometry, pediatrics, physical therapy, public health, and PRAP. The 90th Medical Support Squadron (MDSS) includes the command support staff, laboratory, logistics, pharmacy, radiology, systems, and TRICARE operations & patient administration.

Medical Care

TRICARE Frequently Called Numbers
Appointment Line:(307) 773-3461
Dental:(307) 773-1846
Family Advocacy:(307) 773-4228
Family Health Clinic:(307) 773-3461
Optometry Clinic:(307) 773-3461
Pharmacy:(307) 773-2330
TRICARE:(307) 773-3011
Women’s Health:(307) 773-3461

TRICARE partners with United Healthcare Military & Veterans as its regional contractor in the Western United States to provide health care services and support to beneficiaries.
Tricare Home Page allows access to Enroll in or Purchase a Plan, File or Check a Claim, View Referrals, Find a Health Care Provider, Change Your Primary Care Manager, Compare Plans, Manage Prescriptions and much more.

Nurse Advice Line TRICARE: (800) 874-2273 Opt 1.
The Nurse Advice Line is available to all TRICARE beneficiaries in the U.S., except those enrolled in US Family Health Plan. You can call the Nurse Advice Line 24/7, at no cost to you, to talk to a registered nurse who can: Answer your urgent care questions.

Learn more about TRICARE- Watch an overview video & take free public TRICARE courses online.TRICARE Online: https://www.tricareonline.com/
You can make Primary Care appointments, check lab results and even order your pharmacy refills using TOL, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Contact: (800) 600-9332
TRICARE For Life: https://www.tricare.mil/tfl
Contact- (866) 773-0404

TRICARE for Life is your Medicare-wraparound coverage for TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and B. TRICARE for Life beneficiaries can receive care at military hospitals and clinics, but only on a space-available basis.
TRICARE Pharmacy Program: https://www.tricare.mil/pharmacy
The TRICARE Pharmacy Program provides the prescription drugs you need, when you need them, in a safe, easy, and affordable way.

Customer Service Community Directory: https://www.tricare.mil/bcacdcao/
The directory helps you connect with a Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC), Debt
Collection Assistance Officer (DCAO), or other member of the customer service community. If you have questions or issues specific to a single clinic or hospital, contact someone listed for that facility.

You may contact any customer service community representative for general TRICARE issues
Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System:
Must be registered in the DEERS program to be eligible for TRICARE

Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

NameLevel NamePhone
Main Bioenvironmental Engineering 1 (307) 773-3088
Emergency Reporting After Duty Hours Bioenvironmental Engineering 1 (307) 631-2521
Appointments Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-2998
Base Operation Medical Cell Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Behavioral Health Optimization Program Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Dental Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-1846
Exceptional Family Member Program Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-5714
Family Advocacy Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-4228
Family Health Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Flight Medicine Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Health Promotions Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3318
Immunizations Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Medical Evaluation Board Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-5566
Mental Health Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-2998
Optometry Clinic Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Pediatric Clinic Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Personnel Reliability Assurance Program Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3581
Pharmacy Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-2330
Physical Therapy Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461
Public Health Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3040
Radiology Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-2640
Veterinary Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3354
Women's Health Healthcare Services 1 (307) 773-3461