Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

PSC 473 Box 116
FPO, AP, JP 96349

Established: 1870
Base Type: Navy


Yokosuka City is located about 30 miles southwest of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, on the east coast of the main island, Honshu. It is an industrial and residential community, with an area of about 39 square miles. This 579-acre Naval base occupies a small peninsula jutting into Tokyo Bay. As the home of the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet and winner of the 2009 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence, CFAY (Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka) hosts 12 afloat commands and 84 tenant commands. CFAY’s primary mission is to provide support services to forward deployed naval forces in Yokosuka, and other units assigned in the Western Pacific.


Directions to Yokosuka
If PCSing to Yokosuka Naval Base, be sure to arrange transportation from the airport to the base in advance. Your sponsor can assist you with these arrangements. It is important to maintain communication between your sponsor and yourself. If visiting Yokosuka Naval Base and landing at Narita International Airport, the free CFAY Narita shuttle bus is an option, based on availability. Those without orders will be space available on the shuttle from Narita. Public transportation is another great option if landing at Narita International Airport or Haneda International Airport. You can look up train schedules at or purchase a train ticket while at the airport. If you can access internet from a device after landing (there is free Wifi at Narita and Haneda), Google Maps is another option. It is important to note that train service stops around 2200 so ensure your flight lands with enough time for you to get through customs, pick up your bags, and get to the train.

There are three airport options when traveling into Japan. If you are traveling commercially you will arrive at Narita International Airport or Haneda International Airport. If flying on the Patriot Express out of Seattle International Airport, you will land at Yokota Air Force Base.*If traveling with pets, transportation MUST be arranged in advance with the FAST Office. Your sponsor can arrange that for you by calling 315-243-5770 or by going into the office (2nd floor of the CRC Building). They will need a copy of your orders and your itinerary. Yokota Air Force Base is located approximately 73km (45.6 miles) from Yokosuka, which is a 1.5-2 hour bus ride to Yokosuka based on traffic. After your flight has arrived, you will be met by an AMC representative who will escort all passengers to the Inbound Customs and Immigration Area. There you will be given a general briefing concerning immigration and customs clearance procedures, instructions on how to complete the immigration and customs forms, and the location of the baggage pickup area.

After completion of immigration formalities you will pick up your bags and go to the customs inspection area for inbound customs inspection. If any of your baggage is missing or damaged, you should file a claim with Lost and Found before you leave the baggage area. Transportation to Yokosuka from Yokota is based on flights coming into the AMC terminal. Your Sponsor can sign you up for the bus to Yokosuka once you receive your itinerary by contacting the CFAY bus desk at 315-243-7777, the number to call from the USA is 011-81-46-816-7777. If arriving with pets, your sponsor needs to contact the FAST office at 315-243-5770 to arrange transportation. Narita International Airport is located north of Tokyo approximately 120km (80 miles) from Yokosuka, which is a 2 hour bus ride to Yokosuka.
At Narita, passenger arrival processing is as follows: Immigration is on the second floor. After completion, go downstairs to the baggage claim area.Claim your luggage at the designated baggage carousel (first floor) and proceed through customs. If you have a pet accompanying you, please refer to pet information below.

After you have cleared customs, locate the DOD Counter in Terminal 1. The DOD Counter is where you will find the CFAY Shuttle Bus Service. Your Sponsor can sign you up ahead of time for this service, via CFAY homepage. This service is paid for by CFAY and when on orders you have priority seating. Buses leave Narita to Yokosuka at 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm. If you arrive after the last bus please see FAST Transportation section below for more information.

To locate the DOD counter if flight arrives at Terminal 1, if coming from the North wing after departing customs, turn left and you will see the DOD counter next to the N2 exit and a standalone news stand. . From the South wing, depart customs, turn left and walk down corridor until you see DOD counter located on the right side next to the N2 exit and a standalone news stand.

To locate the DOD counter if flight arrives at Terminal 2, go outside to bus stop 8 or 18. Catch a free shuttle that runs every ten minutes to Terminal 1; get off at the arrival area (street level). Enter the terminal, turn right, and the DOD Counter will be located next to the N2 exit and a standalone news stand. .

If landing at Haneda (with or without pets), be sure your sponsor arranges transportation for you through the FAST office by calling 315-243-5770. They will need a copy of your orders and your itinerary.

Passengers Traveling with Pets
Pets may be brought to Japan as excess baggage on the Patriot Express flights that land at Yokota Air Base.. Pets may also be shipped as commercial cargo to Narita or Haneda . Shipment of pets is at the owner’s expense whether moving as excess baggage or commercial cargo. Excess baggage is usually the cheaper of the two. It is extremely important that required documentation is in order. The following procedures apply: Pets may be cleared upon arrival at Narita provided you have all required documents. Documentation of Rabies vaccination no less than 30 or no more than 360 days old. Veterinarian health certificate issued within the previous 10 days. Completed USFJ Form 380 (Customs Free Import or Export of Cargo or Customs Declaration)

FAST Transportation
Pets are not allowed on the CFAY Airport Shuttle Buses, you will utilize the FAST Office transportation. Your Sponsor can arrange transportation for you and your pets through the FAST Office. This transportation can also be used if your flight lands after the 7:30 pm bus departs from Narita or if you land at Haneda (unlike the other two airports, there is not a regular shuttle that picks up from Haneda). A van can pick you up at either Narita, Haneda, or Yokota. Your Sponsor can arrange transportation by contacting 315-243- 5770.

NEX Taxi Chauffer Service
In addition bus and shuttle services provided by the base, the Yokosuka Navy Exchange operates a Taxi Chauffer (Van) Service.. Inbound PCS passengers for Yokosuka are mandated to use the regular scheduled Airport Bus Service. However, if you are on PCS orders and cannot use the CFAY shuttle bus due to other (valid) circumstances, the NEX Airport Shuttle Service might be an option for you.

The NEX Chauffer Taxi Service provides transportation for a maximum of 6 passengers per van and their luggage every day of the week. If requiring early pick up (driver has to be on the road at 0600 or earlier) or late pick up (driver has to be on the road 2200 or later), add $30 to the fare. Available if needing one way transportation or round trip transportation. Please see options below.

Narita to Yokosuka/Yokosuka to Narita: $170 one way
Haneda to Yokosuka/Yokosuka to Haneda: $110 one way
To schedule a NEX Chauffer Taxi please email or call 315-243-4511 from a DSN line.

You will likely not have the appropriate (US Forces Japan) Drivers License. If you plan ahead with your Sponsor, transportation from Yokota, Haneda or Narita should not be a problem and will ensure you are able to get to Yokosuka base safely.

Quick Reference

Child and Youth Education Services:
Officer, Mr. Christopher Dickson
DSN 315-243-3222

Navy College Office Yokosuka:
Navy College is located in the Fleet Recreation Center, Room 347.
They can be contacted at:
DSN 315-243-8131
You can also visit the Navy College Program website for more information.The Navy College Office Yokosuka is open weekdays, from 0730-1500.

PSC 473 Box 60
FPO, AP 96349-0060
Phone 011-81-46-816-5574
Phone (DSN) 315-243-5574
Mon – Fri 1100. – 1800
Sundays and Holidays: Closed
Saturdays: 1100. – 1600

Housing Office – Housing Services Center
PSC 473 Box 215
FPO, AP 96349-0215
Phone 011-81-46-816-4663 / 011-81-46-816-9037
Phone (DSN) 315-243-4663/9037
Mon – Fri 800 – 1630
1st Wed of month 1100. – 1630
Sat – Sun closed

Fleet and Family Support Center
PSC 473 Box 116
FPO, AP 96349-0116
Phone 011-81-46-816-3372
Phone (DSN) 315-243-3372
Fax 011-81-46-816-9604
Fax (DSN) 315-243-9604
Mon Tue Wed and Fri 0800. – 1630
Thu 0800. – 1500.
Sat – Sun – closed

Base Surroundings

Memorial Ship MIKASA
82-19 Inaokacho | Mikasa Park, Yokosuka 238-0003,
Kanagawa Prefecture
+81 46-822-5225

Verny Park
1-1 Shioiricho, Yokosuka 238-0042,
Kanagawa Prefecture
+81 46-826-1490

Yokosuka Port Market
6 Shinkocho, Yokosuka 238-0005,
Kanagawa Prefecture
+81 46-823-1967

Dobuita Shopping Street
Honcho 2chome, Yokosuka 238-0041,
Kanagawa Prefecture

Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill
4 Chome Nagai, Yokosuka 238-0316,
Kanagawa Prefecture
+81 46-857-2500

Don’s Restaurant
3-4-1 Akiya, Yokosuka,
Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0105, Japan
+81 46-857-3436

Base Listings

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