Fort Devens

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37 Quebec St
Devens, MA 1434
(978) 796-3911


Fort Devens was an active United States Army military installation in the townsof Ayer and Shirley , in Middlesex County and Harvard in Worcester County in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. It was named after jurist and Civil War general Charles Devens. The nearby Devens Reserve Forces Training Area is located in Lancaster. Although closed in 1996, the fort was reopened the next day as the Devens Reserve Forces Training Area. The name reverted to Fort Devens in May 2007.

In 2011, the fort had a population of 306 enlisted personnel, 2,151 reservists, 348 civilians, and 1,399 family members, and maintained 25 ranges, 21 training areas, and 15 maneuver areas on nearly 5,000 acres of land. It was home to the United States Army Base Camp Systems Integration Laboratory as well as the United States Army System Integration Laboratory.




– Follow signs to Sumner Tunnel. After toll booth ($2.00), stay in left lane through the tunnel,
bear left on Interstate 93 North.
– Stay on Interstate 93 North for approximately 10 miles.
– Exit on to Interstate 95 South (Waltham exit).
– Stay on Interstate 95 South for about 7-8 miles, exit to Route 2 West.
– Stay on Route 2 West for approximately 23 miles (you will pass a rotary or traffic circle as you continue on Route 2 West).
– Continue on 2 West and pass under Interstate 495. Once you pass under I-495 you are fifteen minutes away from Devens, Exit 37B, Jackson Road, Devens.
-Follow Jackson Road through the traffic light
-Bear right when the road takes a severe right turn
-Proceed to the DA Police Gate on the right for an ID Check


Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

Name Level Name Phone
Information and Referral, Financial Planning Assistance Army Community Service (978) 796-3023
Information and Referral, Financial Planning Assistance Army Community Service (978) 796-3119
Army Emergency Relief Army Community Service (978) 796-3023
Directorate of Emergency Services Directorate (978) 796-3333
Information Management Directorate (978) 796-3507
Plans and Training Directorate (978) 796-3951
Public Works Directorate (978) 796-2822
Ammunition Directorate Logistics (978) 796-3037
Food Service Directorate Logistics (978) 796-3074
Requisitioning Directorate Logistics (978) 796-2826
Training Aids Directorate Logistics (978) 796-2573
ID/CAC Card Processing Fort Devens (978) 796-2130
Information and Referral Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Military Clothing Sales Fort Devens (978) 772-6838
Devens Branch of the Hanscom FCU Fort Devens (978) 772-5451
Loan Closet Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Relocation Assistance Program Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Office of the Legal Advisor Fort Devens (978) 796-2255
Gymnasium /Fitness Center Fort Devens (978) 796-3155
Advanced Education Center Fort Devens (978) 796-2968
Family Center Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Financial Planning Assistance Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Red Tail Golf Club Fort Devens (978) 772-3273
Victim Advocate Services Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Army Emergency Relief Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Family Advocacy Program Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
Red Tail Tavern Fort Devens (978) 772-3273
Chapels Fort Devens (978) 796-3652
Welcome/Visitors Center Fort Devens (978) 796-3023
66 Medical Group Squadron Fort Devens (781) 225-6789
Dental Clinic Fort Devens (781) 225-6789
Base Exchange Fort Devens (781) 862-0580
AAFES Service Station Fort Devens (781) 225-3982
Family Child Care Fort Devens (781) 225-5918
Dormitory Management Fort Devens (781) 225-2230
Veterinary Clinic Fort Devens (781) 377-3266
School Information and Referral Fort Devens (781) 377-4222
Child Development Center Fort Devens (781) 225-5920
New Parent Support Program Fort Devens (781) 377-4617
Youth Center Fort Devens (781) 377-3739
Lodging Office Fort Devens (781) 377-2112
School Age Child Care Fort Devens (781) 377-2858
Commissary Fort Devens (781) 377-4210
Citizenship and Immigration Services Fort Devens (800) 375-5283
Army Reserve Education Office Fort Devens (978) 796-2968
Fort Devens Welcome Center Fort Devens (978) 796-3652
Car Care Center Fort Devens (781) 225-3982
Dormitory Management Fort Devens (781) 225-2219
Dental Clinic Fort Devens (781) 225-6324
Base Exchange Fort Devens (781) 225-3963