Fort Drum

Fort Drum
Le Ray, NY 13603
1 (315) 722-6556

Base Type: Army



Fort Drum is a U.S. Army base near the northern New York border, in Jefferson County. It holds a population of around 13,500, and covers over 107,000 acres of land. It’s known for its frigid temperatures, which can drop as low as -30 degrees fahrenheit in the winter, and the landscape is often covered in snow.

The main unit at Fort Drum is the 10th Mountain Division, a light infantry division in the U.S. Army that specializes in mountain warfare. The division was originally activated in 1943 and remains the largest military unit with specific expertise on combat operations in mountainous terrain and arctic conditions. Since 2001, it’s been deployed more than any other unit in the United States military; with over 20 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Most recently, the unit has been spending time in Iraq training Iraqi Security Forces.

The official history behind Fort Drum stretches all the way back to 1908, when it was a military training facility known as Pine Camp. A year later, the land was officially purchased for the construction of a permanent Army installation. Although, at that point, the Army had been in the North County of New York for a hundred years, defending against smuggling between the U.S.-Canada border; a harbor nearby was the main port for U.S. naval activity during the War of 1812.

Although Pine Camp had already been a military installation for decades, it didn’t receive much foot traffic until 1935. Then, the largest peacetime training maneuvers the U.S. military had ever seen were conducted in the Pine Plains. Almost 37,000 soldiers traveled from across the Northeast to participate. As with most Army bases, Pine Camp was scheduled to be expanded when the U.S. entered World War II. The government purchased 75,000 acres of surrounding land, which displaced five villages and dozens of schools and churches. $20 million later, a whole city had been built to house soldiers training at Pine Camp. Three main divisions were posted there: the 4th Armored Division, 45th Infantry Division, and 5th Armored Division. Pine Camp also served as a prisoner of war camp, hosting captured Italian and German troops.

In 1951, Pine Camp was renamed “Camp Drum,” after Lieutenant General Hugh A. Drum — who served as the Army’s first chief of staff during World War I. In 1959, Agent Orange testing began at Drum. In 1974, the site was officially named “Fort Drum,” its name today.

The 10th Mountain Division — then known as the 10th Light Infantry Division — moved to Fort Drum in 1984. More recently, Fort Drum was considered as an Eastern U.S. missile defense site, and in 2014 a biofuel power plant was built to provide the base’s energy. In 2015, Diana M. Holland was promoted to general; the first woman to gain such a title at Fort Drum, and also the first to serve as a deputy commanding general for a light infantry division in the Army.

The Guthrie Ambulatory Health Clinic stands as the only medical facility on Fort Drum. Housing on the base is in high demand as the area sees an increasing number of families moving there; so be aware to get on a waiting list early if you’re PCSing to Fort Drum. Families also be aware that New York has pretty strict regulations on dog breeds, especially those deemed as “aggressive,” so research the policies before moving your dog to the base. Prime attractions near Fort Drum include the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario, and the Adirondack Mountains, as well as the Thousands Islands region. There are no schools located on Fort Drum, so children on post will attend school in the Indian River Central School District and the Carthage Central School District.

If you’re PCSing to Fort Drum or have a loved one stationed there, be assured: It’s a reputable and historic post that’s unparalleled in its training. There are many resources and support you can find from military families just like you.

Gate and Hours

Ft. Drum has four 24-hour gates. The Iraqi Freedom Gate (main gate) is just off I-784 to the northwest of the base. The Mt. Belvedere gate is to the southwest, near the town of Black River. The Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield and the Gas Alley Gates are both on the eastern side of the base along NY Highway 3, near the downs of Deferiet and Herrings.

Iraqi Freedom Gate (North Gate): 24/7 (it’s Fort Drum’s main gate)
Mount Belvedere Gate: 24/7
Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield (WSAAF) Gate: 24/7
Gas Alley Gate: 24/7
Black River Gate (Nash Blvd): Monday-Friday 0600-0800
45th Infantry Division Drive Gate: Monday-Friday 0600-0800

Quick Reference

Chaplain and Religious Services
Chapel Drive
(315) 772-5591

Dining Facilities
Bldg 10305
(315) 774-0177

Bldg 10150
(315) 772-6179

Bldg P795
(315) 774-4967

Bldg 20350
(315) 774-1599

Education Center
4300 Camp Hale Rd
(315) 772-6878

Equal Opportunity Office
4th Armored Division Drive, Bldg 10182
(315) 772-9174

Family Advocacy
Conway Rd, Bldg P-4330
(315) 772-6556

Military & Family Readiness Assistant Program
10th Mtn Div HHBn
(315) 772-8141

1 st BCT
(315) 774-3622

2nd BCT
(315) 772-3732

10th Aviation Brigade
(315) 774-1061

10th Sustainment Brigade
(315) 772-0964

3-85 MTN IN (WTU)
(315) 772-4954

Public Affairs Office
10012 S. Riva Ridge Loop
(315) 772-5461

Fire Emergency Service
(315) 772-4702

Finance Office
10720 Mount Belvedere Boulevard
(315) 772-5529

Housing Services Office
10720 Mount Belvedere Boulevard
(315) 772-9397

Mount Belvedere Boulevard
(315) 772-5261

Post Office
10720 Mount Belvedere Boulevard
(315) 772-5220

Base Surroundings

Honor the Mountain Monument
34 Thompson Park, Thompson Park,
Watertown, NY 13601

Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument
Public Square Historic District,
Watertown, NY 13601

Sci-Tech Museum of Northern New York
154 Stone St,
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 788-1340

Jefferson County Historical Society
228 Washington St,
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 782-3491

Burrville Cider Mill
18176 Rt. 156/Plank Rd,
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 788-7292

New York State Zoo at Thompson Park
1 Thompson Park,
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 782-6180

Paddock Art & Antiques
1 Public Sq,
Watertown, NY 13601

Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

NameLevel NamePhone
AAFES DSN Administration Line Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6103
Administration Fort Drum 1 (315) 773-5631
Human Resources Fort Drum 1 (315) 773-5632
Learning Center Fort Drum 1 (315) 773-8224
Movie Theater Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5571
Abuse Hotline Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-2477
ACAP Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-3434
Army Career and Alumni Program Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-3434
ACOE Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-8263
Adirondack Air to ground gunnery range Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5990
Adirondack Creek Fort Drum 1 (315) 955-6640
Mountain Community Homes (on post) Fort Drum 1 (315) 955-6644
Adirondack Range 48 Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5990
Administrative Services Division Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5288
Advanced Wireless Fort Drum 1 (315) 773-3378
Union Representative Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-3039
AFTB / AFAP Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-9229
After School programs Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6715
Air Conditioning Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5495
Personnel/CSS Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6958
IM/CSS Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-0729
Commander's Staff Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-0412
First Sergeant Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-4190
Director of Operations Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6966
Squadron Superintendent Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-4462
Operations Superintendent Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-3596
Logistics Superintendent Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-4650
Chief of Scheduling Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6957
Unit Deployment Manager Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-9535
Training Flight Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6880
TACP Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-1469
Logistics Flight Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-4650
Fax-Command Section Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6990
Fax-Training Flight Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6925
Fax-Logistics Flight Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-4684
Logistics Flight Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5713
Range Control Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-7151
Training & Range Secretary Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-7191
Security Division Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5715
AT/FP Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5678
Plans/ OPS/ Mobilization Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5642
Director's Secretary Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-4709
Wheeler Sack Airfield Manager Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5314
Wheeler Sack Base Ops Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-5681
Shoppette, WSAAF Fort Drum 1 (315) 773-8327
Alcohol Counselors Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-3301
Alcohol and Drug Control Officer Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-6704
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-2597
Drug Testing Coordinator Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-3855
Suicide Prevention Program Manager Fort Drum 1 (315) 772-9018