Fort Riley

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500 Huebner Road
Fort Riley, KS 66442
(785) 239-3911


Fort Riley, “Home of the Big Red One”, is known for its training, recreational opportunities, history, and excellent relations with surrounding communities. Located where the Smoky Hill meets the Republican rivers, the Fort’s establishment was one of the first steps toward the growth of this territory and has played a major place in American history since 1853. Created as a military post to protect the movement of people and trade over the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails, Fort Riley has had an important role in the defense of our nation and the training of our soldiers. Soldiers from Fort Riley continue to be deployed to areas in all corners of the world. From southwest Asia to the Caribbean and the Balkans, Fort Riley Soldiers are engaged in peacekeeping and nation-building missions. Fort Riley’s large open areas allow the handling of Battalion Task Force level maneuvers and live fire training. Every weapon system in a heavy division’s inventory is able to be tested and fired on their training grounds. Fort Riley has the largest most capable railhead facility in the Army, that can load a division-sized unit in approximately 5 days. Fort Riley is named in honor of Major General Bennett C. Riley who led the first military escort along the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Riley’s mission is to work in close partnership with local, regional and state communities to provide trained and ready forces to meet Joint Force requirements across the full spectrum of current and future operations; transforms and manages unit readiness as directed by the Army Campaign Plan; executes unit re-stationing as directed by FORSCOM; executes garrison operations as directed by Installation Management Command, and conducts homeland defense operations and supports civil authorities.



Fort Riley is located one hour west of the Topeka in northeastern Kansas. Fort Riley covers 100,656 acres in both Geary and Riley counties. The mostly military town of Junction City and Manhattan, the home Kansas State University are the nearest local towns. There are a number of small country towns and a great deal of farmland in this area. Kansas City, Home to the Kansas City Chiefs is about 2 ½ hours away.If you are arriving by air you need to book through to Manhattan, KS or Kansas City, MO. You will need to make arrangements to use one of two ground shuttle services from KCI; whose toll-free numbers are: 1-800-826-8294 or 1-800-747-2524. Fort Riley is located north of Interstate 70, at exit 301, 125 miles west of Kansas City, Kansas.

Directions from Kansas City International Airport (KCI)
After you exit the airport area, travel on 435 South until you see the exit for I-70 west, which will take you onto the Turnpike. Stay on the Turnpike until you get to the Topeka Exit. Stay on the Interstate until exit 301.

Arriving from the East of Fort Riley
If you travel by vehicle, please note that Kansas City is a 3-hour drive and Topeka is an hour away. Main roadways to travel on: Turnpike from Kansas City and Interstate (I-70) from Topeka.

From Salina , One Hour West
Take I-70 East until you reach exit 301.

From Wichita 2 hours Southwest of Fort Riley
Take I-135 North out of Wichita until you reach I-70 east until you reach exit 301.

Gate and Hours

Henry Gate Open 24/7
Ogden Gate Open 24/7
Trooper Gate Open 24/7
Grant Gate Mon-Fri 0500- 1500, Sat 0800 – 1700
Rifle Range Rd Gate Mon-Fri 0500 – 2100 (Only as a construction gate)
Four Corners Gate Open 24/7
Estates Gate Mon-Fri 0500 -1900, Sat 2000 – 1700
12th Rd Gate Mon-Fri 0500 – 1900, Sat 2000 – 1700

Quick Reference

Chaplains Office
(785) 239-3359

Housing Office
(785) 239-3525

Devils Den Dining Facility
(785) 239-1697

Family Advocacy Program
(785) 239-9435

Education Center
(785) 239-6481

Equal Opportunity
(785) 239-3357

Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

Name Level Name Phone
Garrison Staff, Headquarters & Headquarters Company , U.S. Army Garrison, Replacement (785) 239-2119
1 BDE, 1-16 IN 1BDE (785) 239-3372
1-5 FA 1BDE (785) 239-4764
101 FSB 1BDE (785) 239-4402
2-34 AR 1BDE (785) 240-5742
Headquarters & Headquarters Company 1BDE (785) 239-6826
1-1 BSTD 1BDE (785) 240-4339
172 CHEM CO 1BDE (785) 239-5210
1ID BDE 1BDE (785) 239-4470
1st EN BN 1BDE (785) 239-9467
1st SUST BDE, 1 MAINT CO 1st SUST BDE (785) 239-5259
126 FINANCE 1st SUST BDE (785) 240-0288
24 TRANS CO 1st SUST BDE (785) 239-5424
2 BDE 1st SUST BDE (785) 239-5823
287th MP 1st SUST BDE (785) 239-6354
2BDE, 18th INF 2BDE (785) 239-5182
2-1 Special Troops Battalion 2BDE (785) 240-2371
299th SPT BN 2BDE (785) 240-2572
5 / 4th CAV REG 2BDE (785) 240-2476
4BDE, 1ST Bn 4th CAV Sqdn 4BDE (785) 239-1918
2d Bn 32 FA Reg 4BDE (785) 239-4061
2d Bn, 16th IN Reg 4BDE (785) 239-1460
84th EOD, 162nd EOD 84TH EOD (785) 239-1073
172 CHEMICAL CO 84TH EOD (785) 239-5210
630th EOD 84TH EOD (785) 240-3038
774th (EOD) 84TH EOD (785) 239-1136
97th MP BN 84TH EOD (785) 239-2117
CAB Combat AVN BDE, 1-1 AVN CAB Combat AVN BDE (785) 239-2216
1-6 Squadron CAV REGT CAB Combat AVN BDE (785) 240-0814
2-1 AVN CAB Combat AVN BDE (785) 240-1118
601 SPT CAB Combat AVN BDE (785) 239-3186
Headquarters & Headquarters Company CAB Combat AVN BDE (785) 240-1656
DENTAC CAB Combat AVN BDE (785) 240-7411
EN BN 1st, 111 EN (A CO) EN BN 1st (785) 239-4804
41 EN (B CO) EN BN 1st (785) 239-5422
72 EN (C CO) EN BN 1st (785) 239-4732
Field Support Command EN BN 1st (785) 239-5174
Headquarters & Headquarters Company EN BN 1st (785) 239-4150
Fort Riley Operator (Directory Assistance) Fort Riley (785) 239-3911
Commissary Fort Riley (785) 239-2921
Fort Irwin Hospital Exchange Fort Riley (785) 784-3600
Fitness Center Fort Riley (785) 239-3868
Barber Shop Fort Riley (785) 784-4968
Hospital Fort Riley (785) 239-3627
Dental Clinic Fort Riley (785) 239-7268
Movie Schedule Fort Riley (785) 239-9574
Child Development Center Fort Riley (785) 239-9935
Billeting Office Fort Riley (785) 239-2830
Veterinary Treatment/Stray Facility Fort Riley (785) 239-3886
School Liaison Services Fort Riley (785) 239-1648