Incirlik Air Base

3850 5th SOK Street
Incirlik, TU 35148


Incirlik Air Base is a Turkish air base of slightly more than 3320 ac, located in the İncirlik quarter of the city of Adana, Turkey. The base is within an urban area of 1.7 million people, 10 km (6 mi) east of the city core, and 32 km (20 mi) inland from the Mediterranean Sea. The United States Air Force and the Turkish Air Force are the primary users of the air base, although it is also used by the Royal Air Force and by Royal Saudi Air Force. Also, the base is the home of the 74th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment (Patriot Unit) of the Spanish Army.

Incirlik Air Base is the home of the 10th Air Wing (Ana Jet Üs or AJÜ) of the 2nd Air Force Command (Hava Kuvvet Komutanlığı) of the Turkish Air Force (Türk Hava Kuvvetleri). Other wings of this command are located in Merzifon (LTAP), Malatya/Erhaç (LTAT) and Diyarbakır (LTCC).

Incirlik Air Base has a U.S. Air Force complement of about five thousand airmen, with several hundred airmen from the Royal Air Force and Turkish Air Force also present, as of late 2002. The primary unit stationed at Incirlik Air Base is the 39th Air Base Wing (39 ABW) of the U.S. Air Force. Incirlik Air Base has one 3,048 m (10,000 ft)-long runway,located among about 57 hardened aircraft shelters. Tactical nuclear weapons are stored at the base.

The 39th Medical Group maximizes the health of the 39th Air Base Wing supporting multiple missions to ensure wartime readiness.
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Clinic Hours – 0830 – 1630 Monday thru Friday (Closed Holidays, Down Days and Wing Training Days)
Contact Information
Emergency Services: From Landline – 911
From Cell Phone – 0322-316-1911

Medical Appointments and Information: 676-6666 or visit the TRICARE Online Web site at

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Incirlik Air Base is located in the village of Incirlik,Turkey. It is located approximately six miles east of the city of Adana.
Arrival Methods from the U.S. Entrance to and the exiting of Incirlik AB by DoD personnel is only authorized via US military aircraft.

Air Mobility Command (AMC) Flights
If you travel on the charted AMC, Patriot Express, you should be met by your sponsor outside the terminal. An AMC representative will guide you on the proper procedures. If your sponsor fails to meet you, attempt to get in touch with your unit First Sergeant. If unable to contact your unit, ask the AMC personnel to assist you in obtaining transportation to the 24 hour arrival point, the Hodja Inn. Travel only in civilian clothing. Please be aware that the Patriot Express may arrive ‘after hours’ when all facilities on the base will be closed.

Commercial Flights
Entrance to and the exiting of Incirlik AB by DoD personnel is only authorized via US military aircraft.

Directions from the Airport
Entrance to and the exiting of Incirlik AB by DoD personnel is only authorized via US military aircraft.

Direction from Bus/Train Station
US military personnel are not authorized to enter or exit Turkey bus or train.

Quick Reference

Airman & Family Readiness
Bldg 833, 2nd Floor, Incirlik AB, TUR

Base Operator
Incirlik AB, TUR

Big City Diner
Bldg 951,
Incirlik AB, TUR

945 D Street,
Incirlik AB, TUR

Child Development Center
Bldg 947,
Incirlik AB, TUR

Defense Finance and Accounting Services
(888) 332-7411

Family Advocacy
865 E Street,
Incirlik AB, TUR

Legal Office (JAG)
833 E Street,
Incirlik AB, TUR

Base Surroundings

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Atmeydanı Cd. No:7,
34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 458 44 68

Hagia Sophia
Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Ayasofya Meydanı,
34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 522 17 50

Topkapı Palace
Cankurtaran Mh.,
34122 Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 512 04 80

Basilica Cistern
Alemdar Mh., Yerebatan Cd. 1/3,
34410 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
+90 212 522 12 59

Grand Bazaar
Beyazıt Mh.,
34126 Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 519 12 48

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