Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

3021 McGuire Blvd,
Trenton, NJ 8041
1 (609) 754-1100

Base Type: Air Force / Army


Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst (JB MDL) is a United States military facility located 18 miles southeast of Trenton, New Jersey. The base is the only tri-service base in the United States Department of Defense and includes units from all five armed forces branches.

The facility is an amalgamation of the United States Air Force’s McGuire Air Force Base, the United States Army’s Fort Dix and the United States Navy’s Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, which were merged on 1 October 2009.

It was established in accordance with congressional legislation implementing the recommendations of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The legislation ordered the consolidation of the three facilities which were adjoining, but separate military installations, into a single joint base, one of 12 formed in the United States as a result of the law.

Fort Dix, the common name for the Army Support Activity located at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, is a United States Army post. It is located approximately 16.1 miles south-southeast of Trenton, New Jersey. Fort Dix is under the jurisdiction of the Army Installation Management Command. As of the 2010 United States Census, Fort Dix census-designated place (CDP) had a total population of which 5,951 were in New Hanover Township, 1,765 were in Pemberton Township and none were in Springfield Township (though portions of the CDP are included there).

Fort Dix, established in 1917, was designated as part of an adjoining U.S. Air Force and Navy facility to become part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) on 1 October 2009. However, it remains commonly known as “Fort Dix”, “ASA Dix”, or “Dix” as of 2015. In 2015, Colonel Shelley Balderson became Fort Dix’ first female commander in the base’s 100-year history. Colonel Balderson rotated out of command in 2016, and the current commander is Colonel Martin “Marty” Klein.

McGuire AFB/McGuire, the common name of the McGuire unit of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, is a United States Air Force base located in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States, approximately 16.1 miles south-southeast of Trenton. McGuire is under the jurisdiction of the Air Mobility Command. It was consolidated with two adjoining US Army and Navy facilities to become part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) on 1 October 2009, but remains commonly known by McGuire or McGuire AFB in 2014. The McGuire Air Force Base census-designated place (CDP) is located in portions of both New Hanover Township and North Hanover Township.
As of the 2010 United States Census, the McGuire Air Force Base CDP had a total population of 3,710,of which 737 were in New Hanover Township and 2,973 were in North Hanover Township.

Lakehurst Maxfield Field, formerly known as Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst (NAES Lakehurst), is the naval component of Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst (JB MDL), a United States Air Force–managed joint base headquartered approximately 25 miles east-southeast of Trenton in Manchester Township in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. It is primarily the home to Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Lakehurst, although the airfield supports several other flying and non-flying units as well. Its name is an amalgamation of its location and the last name of Commander Louis H. Maxfield, who lost his life when the R-38/USN ZR-2 airship crashed during flight on 24 August 1921 near Hull, England.

When it was consolidated with McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix in October 2009, it became the naval component of JB MDL – a United States Air Force–controlled installation – and was placed under the 87th Air Base Wing. However, as with all joint bases, the installation receives support services from the previous installation authorities. Thus, Lakehurst Field is also provided certain services from Naval Support Activity Lakehurst (NSA Lakehurst), whose commander also serves as one of two Base Deputy.

Gate and Hours

Gate Hours
Fort Dix, NJ Gates Information
Main Gate McGuire – Main Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Route 68 (Main) Gate – Main Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Main Gate Lakehurst – Main Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Bolling Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Commercial Gate Dix/McG.
Mon-Fri: 0600-1600, Sat: 0600-1400, Sun: Closed

Pemberton Gate
Mon-Fri: 0700-0900 & 1415-1615

Wrightstown Gate
Mon-Sun: 0600-2200

Browns Mills Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Pinhurst Gate

Commercial Gate Lakehurst
Mon-Fri: 0700-1500

McGuire AFB, NJ Gates Information
Route 68 Gate – Main Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Main Gate McGuire
This gate is open 24/7.

Bolling (housing) Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Dix/McGuire Commercial Gate
Mon-Fri: 0600-1600

Pemberton Gate
Mon-Fri: 0700-0900 & 1415-1615

Wrightstown Gate
Mon-Sun: 0600-2200

Browns Mills Gate
This gate is open 24/7.

Main Gate Lakehurst
This gate is open 24/7.

Pinhurst Gate

Commercial Gate Lakehurst
Mon-Fri: 0700-1500

Quick Reference

E Arnold Ave,
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(609) 754-4673

Halvorsen Hall Dining Facility
104, 38 W Tuskegee Airmen Ave,
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(609) 251-9682

Wilmington University at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
3829 School House Rd,
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(609) 723-2790

United Communities
3700 A Circle Drive,
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(609) 200-0488

2901 Falcon Lane
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(609) 754-2010

Post Office
2907 W Tuskegee Airmen Ave,
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(800) 275-8777

Family Advocacy
3458 Neely Road
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
(609) 754-9680

Rescue Address
5226 8th Street
Joint Base MDL, NJ 08641

Medical Care

87th Medical Group
3458 Neely Rd,
Trenton, NJ 08641
(609) 754-9014

Tricare Numbers
Nurse Advice Hotline TRICARE- (800) 874-2273 Opt 1
Primary Care Appointments- (800) 600-9332
TRICARE for Life- (866) 773-0404

As a major component of the Military Health System, the TRICARE health program combines the health care resources at military hospitals and clinics (or direct care) with networks of civilian health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide access to high-quality health care services while maintaining the capability to support military operations.
TRICARE partners with UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans as its regional contractor in the Western United States to provide health care services and support to beneficiaries.

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Nurse Advice Line TRICARE: (800) 874-2273 Opt 1.
The Nurse Advice Line is available to all TRICARE beneficiaries in the U.S., except those enrolled in US Family Health Plan. You can call the Nurse Advice Line 24/7, at no cost to you, to talk to a registered nurse who can: Answer your urgent care questions.


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Contact: (800) 600-9332

Contact- (866) 773-0404
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Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

NameLevel NamePhone
Security Forces (non-emergencies) Fort Dix 1 (609) 754-6001
Hemmingway Visitor Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6601
American Red Cross Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-2258
Arts & Crafts Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-5691
Barber Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-5190
Bowling Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6895
Claims: Legal Office (SJA) Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-2395
Commissary Fort Dix 1 (609) 754-4154
Credit Union: Fort Dix Federal Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-4415
Drug and Alcohol Programs Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-4011
EMFP (WAFH) Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-9680
Family Action Program Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-3930
Flower Shop Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-7633
Griffith Field House Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-4888
McGuire Theater Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-8320
Fort Dix Mobilization Museum Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6983
Outdoor Recreation Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6667
Range 14 Rod & Gun Club Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-4676
JBMDL Veterinarian Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6636
School Aged Services Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-3873
Wells Fargo Fort Dix 1 (609) 724-7570
Fort Dix Weather Information Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-4328
Chaplain Fort Dix 1 (609) 362-5751
Army Emergency Relief Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-4245
Billeting Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-3188
Beauty Shop Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-7377
Child Care Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-3878
Andrews Federal Credit Union Fort Dix 1 (800) 487-5500
Lodging Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-3188
Education Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-5001
Facility Maintenance Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6021
Family Advocacy Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-5200
Firestone Service Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-0464
Fountain Green Golf Course Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-5443
Human Resources Management Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-2652
Mills Dental Clinic Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-2610
Optical Shop Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-5495
Post Exchange Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-6100
Post Office Fort Dix 1 (609) 723-2089
Thrift Shop: JUB-MDL Fort Dix 1 (609) 754-2368
Tricare Appointments Fort Dix 1 (866) 377-2778
Family Child Care Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-1312
Soldiers Chapel Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-2020
School Liaison Specialists Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6271
Fort Dix Victim Advocate Services Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-6001
Traffic Management Office (Inbound) Fort Dix 1 (609) 562-2571
Youth Activities Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 754-5437
Dix Chapel Fort Dix 1 (609) 754-4673
McGuire Welcome Center Fort Dix 1 (609) 754-3628
21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst 1 (609) 754-2685