Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story

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Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story
Norfolk, VA 23518
(757) 462-7385


Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC), formerly known as Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek and commonly called simply Little Creek, is the major operating base for the Amphibious Forces in the United States Navy’s Atlantic Fleet. The base comprises four locations in three states, including almost 12,000 acres  of real estate. Its Little Creek location in Virginia Beach, Virginia totals 2,120 acres of land. Outlying facilities include 350 acres located just north of Training Support Center Hampton Roads in Virginia Beach, and 21 acres known as Radio Island at Morehead City, North Carolina, used for U.S. Coast Guard ships and personnel as well as serves as an amphibious embarkation/debarkation area for U.S. Marine Corps units at Marine Corps Base Camp
Lejeune, North Carolina.

The mission of the Naval Amphibious Base is to provide required support services to over 15,000 personnel of the 27 homeported ships and 78 resident and/or supported activities. The base’s combination of operational, support, and training facilities are geared predominantly to
amphibious operations, making the base unique among bases of the United States and Allied Navies. The Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek is the largest base of its kind in the world. On October 1, 2009, Little Creek and the Army’s Fort Story finished a two-year merge into one joint base, officially named Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek–Fort Story.

Joint Expeditionary Base-Fort Story, commonly called simply Fort Story is a sub-installation of Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek–Fort Story, which is operated by the United States Navy . Located in the independent city of Virginia Beach, Virginia at Cape Henry at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay, it offers a unique combination of features including dunes, beaches, sand, surf, deep-water anchorage, variable tide conditions, maritime forest and open land. The base is the prime location and training environment for both Army amphibious operations and Joint Logistics-Over-the-Shore (LOTS) training events.The base includes 1,451 acres of sandy trails,cypress swamps , maritime forest, grassy dunes and soft and hard sand beaches .The western beaches are wide, gently sloped and washed by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Eastern beaches are exposed to the rougher waters of the Atlantic surf.


Gate and Hours

Gate 5 just off of US 60 allows 24-hour access to JEBLCFS. Gate 8 is further down the same road and also offers the same access.
Gate 1: Monday-Friday 0500-1900
Gate 3: Monday-Friday 0500-2000 Weekends 0700-1800
Gate 5: 24/7
Gate 6: Monday-Sunday 0500-2130
Gate 8: 24/7

Quick Reference

Chaplain and Religious Services
1160 D. St, Bldg 3535
(757) 462-7427

Dining Facility
7th  St

Education Center
875 D St, Bldg 3016
(757) 462-8279

Equal Opportunity Advisor

Family Advocacy Program
1450 D Street
(757) 462-7563

Fleet & Family Readiness

Public Affairs Office
(757) 462-8425/8423

Fire Emergency Service
(757) 462-3038

Finance Office
1155 Nider Blvd
(757) 462-5196

Housing Service Center
2600 Tarwara Court
(757) 462-8939

1168 Gator Blvd
(757) 462-4759

Post Office
Little Creek: 2400 Amphibious Dr,

(757) 464-7853

Fort Story: 529 Cam Ranh Bay,
Virginia Beach

(757) 422-7816

Base Surroundings

Armed Forces Memorial
Town Point Park,
Norfolk, VA

1 Waterside Dr,
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 664-1000

MacArthur Memorial
198 Bank St,
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 441-2965

Chrysler Museum of Art
1 Memorial PL,
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 664-6200

Norfolk Botanical Garden
6700 Azalea Garden Rd,
Norfolk, VA 23518

(757) 441-5830

Pagoda & Oriental Garden
265 W Tazewell St,
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 622-0506

Virginia Zoo
3500 Granby St,
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 441-2374​

Medical Care

Boone Clinic/Branch Health Clinic
1035 Nider Blvd #100,
Virginia Beach, VA 23459

(757) 953-8351

We are a branch clinic of Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA. A command with a history of providing continued professional medical care for over 172 years. You are reporting to the area at a great time. BHC Boone stands ready to provide the necessary healthcare to our active duty components to maintain the highest state of readiness. The care of the military person’s family is as important to help maintain this readiness.

Frequent numbers called
Pharmacy Refill
(757) 953-6337
(757) 953-8334/8335

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(866) 773-0404

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Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

Name Level Name Phone
Finance Office JEB Little Creek Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 462-8073
Gymnasium Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7975
Army Base Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7311
ID CARD Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7752
Post Library Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7525
Dental Clinic Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7077
ID CARD – Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7752
Navy School Liaison Officer Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7101
School Age Care/Youth Activities Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7714
1st Advantage Federal Credit Union Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7478
Child Development Centers Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7693
Military Personnel Office Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7754
Child Development Centers Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 462-7868
Fort Story Veterinary Services Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7734
First Landing Chapel Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7665
11th TRANSPORTATION BATALLION- JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7285
JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7101
US ARMY RESERVE UNIT- JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (866) 225-5641
US ARMY SCOOL OF MUSIC Fort Story- JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7528
US MARINE CORPS MCTAG- JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 962-4430
US NAVY EOD UNIT TEN- JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7936
US NAVY EOD UNIT TWO- JEB Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek (JEB–LC) (757) 422-7186