Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

1 Chome Misumimachi, Iwakuni
Yamaguchi Prefecture 740-0025, JP


MCAS Iwakuni (IATA: IWK, ICAO: RJOI) is a United States Marine Corps air station located in the Nishiki river delta, 1.3 NM (2.4 km; 1.5 mi) southeast of Iwakuni Station in the city of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan.

The Japanese government bought a large portion of what is today MCAS Iwakuni in 1938, with the view of establishing a naval air station. They commissioned the new base on 8 July 1940. When World War II started, the Iwakuni air station was used as a training and defense base. The station housed 96 trainers and 150 Zero fighter planes on the airstrip. In September 1943, a branch of the Etajima Naval Academy was established here, with approximately 1,000 cadets undergoing training in the Basic, Junior and Senior Officer’s schools at any one time. American B-29’s bombed Iwakuni in May and August 1945, concentrating on the oil refinery and Rail Transport Office or train station areas. The last air raid took place just a day before the war was brought to a close.

The first allies to reach Iwakuni at the war’s end were a group of U.S. Marines who had signed papers ending the conflict for the Japanese airbase. After the end of World War II, various military forces from the United States, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand occupied the base and it was repaired by No. 5 Airfield Construction Squadron RAAF. It was designated a Royal Australian Air Force Base in 1948. The Americans first occupied the base in 1950 to use it as a springboard for aircraft heading to the Korean War. In 1952, the base officially became a United States military base.

Gate and Hours

Gate Hours 

Access to all event venues will begin at 0700
Pedestrians and bicycles – Two entry points. The Main Gate and C-Gate, off of Route 188, will be open from 0700. to 1400. for pedestrians and bicycles. There will be bicycle parking available at both gates. Once on base, cyclists are required to walk their bicycles to the designated parking area, and then walk to the venue. Bicycles will not be allowed in the venue. Gates will cease all inbound traffic at 1400. This is subject to change due to event capacity and traffic and safety status.
Event shuttle buses and commercial tour buses – Old Contractor’s Gate will be open from 0600. until 1300. for tour buses. After 1300., all inbound traffic will cease and the same gate will be utilized for tour bus outbound traffic only. North Gate opens at 0630. for local shuttle buses.
No POV Parking on base – As a result of the extensive on-base construction projects, privately-owned vehicles, to include motorcycles and mopeds, will be prohibited from entering the base.

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan Public Affairs Office
Misumi-machi, Iwakuni City Yamaguchi Pref., Japan PSC 561 BOX 1868
Fax: 0827-79-5554

Quick Reference

United States Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan BHC Iwakuni
Clinical Hours
0800-1600 M-T, Th-F
0800-1300 W

Patient Services
Primary Care Manager (PCM) for all Active Duty and dependents. Open Monday – Friday by appointment only.
Available for walk-in acute cases, 24-hours, 7 days a week.
Provides hearing tests and evaluations, hearing aides, and many other services to all members of the community, including children.
Available for flight physicals, eye exams, and other exams.
Provides specialty services to children from birth to age twenty one. Developmental screenings available upon request.
Offers a variety of classes and counseling on health-related topics.
Provides eye exams, corrective lens and other optometric services; it is staffed by a full-time optometrist.
Prescription refills available by phone (243-4689) or by registering online.
Provides an extensive range of physical therapy treatment. Appointment by Referral Only; please contact your PCM.
Available for a wide variety of functions on a appointment basis.

Family Practice:

Urgent Care:
253-5572 | 253-5573

Audiology/Hearing Conversation:

Aviation Medicine:


Health Promotions:



Physical Therapy:

Occupational Health:

Preventive Medicine:

Industrial Hygiene:

Mailing Address:
PSC 561 Box 1877
FPO AP 96310

American Red Cross
(877) 272-7337

Branch Health Clinic
MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

Commissary-MCAS Iwakuni
Bldg 450, MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

Defense Finance and Accounting Services
(888) 332-7411

Bldg 446, MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

Housing Office
MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

Legal Assistance Office and Tax Center
MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

Military OneSource

MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

Temporary Lodging Facility
Bldg 444 (Monzen), Bldg 1188 (Nishiki), MCAS Iwakuni, JPN

USAA PCS/Deployment Guides
(877) 233-7569

Base Listings

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