Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia

Bldg. 136 PSC 466 Box 2 FPO
British Indian Ocean Territory, UK 96595

Established: 1971
Base Type: Navy


Welcome to the atoll of Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), the “Footprint of Freedom!” This lush, tropical paradise, located seven degrees south of the equator is the largest of more than 60 islands that make up the Chagos Archipelago with an international population consisting primarily of Filipino and Mauritius contractors, British forces and the U.S. military.
From the air, Diego Garcia takes on the rough outline of a footprint on the ocean surface giving it the nickname “Footprint of Freedom.” The island stretches about 38 miles tip to tip with an area of 6,720 acres. Average elevation is four feet above sea level with maximum elevation of 22 feet. The lagoon varies in depth from 10 to 100 feet.
Since Diego Garcia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed compared to the U.S. and change very little with year-round temperatures in the high 80s during the day and lows at night in the 70s. It rains often with a normal year measuring more than 100 inches, most occurring during the summer months of December and January.
Shallow reefs surround the island on the ocean side and are scattered inside the lagoon. The waters surrounding Diego Garcia are home to a vast variety of sea life, with more than 700 species recorded. Some of the world’s finest snorkeling and ocean sports are available.
Wildlife on the island consists mainly of coconut, land and warrior crabs; small lizards and geckos; feral donkeys; a myriad of tropical birds and many insects. All residents make every effort to maintain the ecological integrity of Diego Garcia, as a result- all life forms on island, including live shellfish, are protected by British law.
Entry into Diego Garcia is restricted requiring area clearance by U.S. Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia. Only active duty, unaccompanied military personnel, or authorized contractors can be assigned to the island. Active duty military couples are not allowed concurrent assignments to Diego Garcia.


Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory is located at 7 Degrees South Latitude, off the tip of India. Diego Garcia is exclusively a military reservation located on a small host country atoll in the Chagos Archipelago. The heavily vegetated island has an area of 6,720 acres. The average elevation is four feet above sea level. The maximum elevation is 22 feet. This island is horseshoe shaped with a perimeter of approximately 40 miles.
Diego Garcia is a living coral atoll; the coral reefs and island are made up of trillions of living organisms. Once an ancient volcano, all that is left is the atoll surrounding a central lagoon. Thanks to its tropical location and heavy rainfall (about 100 inches per year), the island is heavily vegetated with coconut palm and ironwood trees.
Diego Garcia has limited resources, they do have a base operator but it’s only accessible on base, security is available 24 hours a day at DSN 315-370-4600 or internationally at 011-246-370-4600

Quick Reference

PSC 466, Box 18

Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia
FPO, AP 96595
(011) 246-3704601

Dining Facility
MWR- Jake’s Place
PSC 466

Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia
FPO, AP 96595
(011) 246-3702784

MWR – CPO Club
PSC 466 Box 15

Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia
FPO, AP 96595
(011) 246-3702811

Adult Education Center
Bldg. 1516
Mailing: PSC 466 Box 60, Bldg. 1516
FPO, AP 96595-0018
(DSN) 315-370-4108

Family Advocacy
PSC 466 Box 18
FPO, AP 96595-0018
(DSN) 315-370-4421

Fleet & Family Readiness
NAVSUPPFAC, Diego Garcia
PSC 466 Box 18
FPO, AP 96595
DSN: 315-370-4421
COM: 011-246-370-4421
Pager: 370-9300 x1826 (On island only)

Fire Emergency Service
Base Security Office
Bldg. 1691
(DSN) 315-370-4613

Finance Office
Bldg. 160
PSC 466 Box 43
Bldg. 160
FPO, AP 96595-0043
(DSN) 315-370-4419

Housing Service
Temporary Lodging/Billeting
Navy Gateway Inns & Suites
Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia
PSC 466, Box 31
FPO, AP 96595
(011) 246-3704830

Bldg. 136
PSC 466 Box 33
Bldg. 136
FPO, AP 96595-0033, 96595-0033
(DSN) 315-370-2922

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