Vandenberg Air Force Base

747 Nebraska Ave
Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437
1 (805) 606-1110

Established: 1941

Base Type: Air Force


Vandenberg Air Force Base is a United States Air Force Base 9.2 miles northwest of Lompoc, California. It is under the Jurisdiction of the 30th Space Wing, Air Force Space Command.

Vandenberg AFB is a Department of Defense space and missile testing base, with a mission of placing satellites into polar orbit from the West Coast Using expendable boosters and reusable boosters. Wing personnel also support the Service’s LGM-30G Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force Development Evaluation program. In addition to its military mission, the base also leases launch pad facilities to SpaceX, as well as 100 acres leased to the California Spaceport in 1995. Established in 1941, the base is named in honor of former Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt Vandenberg.

Vandenberg Air Force base will serve as one of two Pacific bases to defend against possible North Korea or Iranian missile threats. The program will have an interceptor missile that can launch to destroy any intermediate-range ballistic missiles that may pose a threat to the United States.

Gate and Hours

Visitor Control Center:
6 California Blvd.
Building #17595
Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA 93437-0000
(805) 606-7662
(805) 606-0908

M-F 0600. to 1630.; Saturday and Sunday: closed
Main Gate: 24 hours
South Gate: 24 hours
Solvang Gate: 24 hours
Utah Gate: 0600. to 2200.
Lompoc Gate: 0600. to 1900

Quick Reference

The Chaplain on Vandenberg AFB can be reached at (805) 606-5773.
Administrative Offices are located in:
Chapel 1
Bldg 16200, 587 Summersill Road
hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Catholic Services
Daily Mass from Monday to Friday at 11:30 AM
Sunday Mass at 10 AM

Jewish Service
First and third Friday of each month at 6 p.m.

Protestant Services
service at 8:30 AM. on Sundays
Gospel service at 11:30 a.m.

Breakers Dining Facility
Bldg 13330
(805) 606-7540

Education Center
Address:Bldg  13640
(805) 606-5904

Equal Opportunity Office
723 Nebraska Ave., Bldg 10525 Rm. 4
(805) 606-8780 / 0370

Family Advocacy Program
338 South Dakota, Building 13850
(805) 606-5338

Military & Family Readiness
Bldg 10122
(805) 606-0039

Public Affairs
Mailing 30 SW/PA,
Building 12,000
(805) 606-3595

Fire Emergency Service
10660, 1172 Iceland Ave,
Lompoc, CA 93437
(805) 606-3111

Base Surroundings

Santa Maria Historical Society Museum
616 S Broadway,
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 922-3130

Santa Maria Parks & Recreation
615 S McClelland St,
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 925-0951

Fletcher Park
2200 S College Dr,
Santa Maria, CA 93455

The Pad (Rock Climbing)
2399 A St,
Santa Maria, CA 93455
(844) 254-6287

Challen Winery
2330 Westgate Rd,
Santa Maria, CA 93455
(323) 879-8081

Shaw’s Famous Steak House
714 S Broadway,
Santa Maria, CA 93454-5113
(805) 925-5862

North China Restaurant
113 N Broadway,
Santa Maria, CA 93454-4412
(805) 925-3705

Orcutt Burgers
1099 E Clark Ave,S
anta Maria, CA 93455-1079
(805) 938-0064

Edwards Santa Maria 14 & RPX
Santa Maria Town Center
100 Town Center E
(844) 462-7342

Medical Care

30th  Medical Group,
Vandenberg AFB
Building 13850 338 South Dakota Ave.
Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437

As a responsible and accountable partner to the Team Vandenberg mission, the 30th MDG staff of nine Primary Care Managers serves three (3) co-located primary care clinics consisting of a Level 3 NCQA recognized Family Health Clinic, a Pediatric Clinic and a Space Missile Medicine Clinic. These offer acute care, routine care, health maintenance, routine physicals, disease management, women’s health exams and minor procedures, and are aligned for success with the USAF, Air Force Medical Service, AFSPC, and 30th Space Wing (30 SW) strategic vision.

Tricare Numbers
Nurse Advice Hotline TRICARE- (800) 874-2273 Opt 1
Primary Care Appointments- (800) 600-9332
TRICARE for Life- (866) 773-0404

Tricare partners with United Healthcare Military & Veterans as its regional contractor in the Western United States to provide health care services and support to beneficiaries.


Tricare Home Page allows access to Enroll in or Purchase a Plan, File or Check a Claim, View Referrals, Find a Health Care Provider, Change Your Primary Care Manager, Compare Plans, Manage Prescriptions and much more.

Nurse Advice Line TRICARE: (800) 874-2273 Opt 1.

The Nurse Advice Line is available to all TRICARE beneficiaries in the U.S., except those enrolled in US Family Health Plan. You can call the Nurse Advice Line 24/7, at no cost to you, to talk to a registered nurse who can: Answer your urgent care questions.


Learn more about TRICARE- Watch an overview video & take free public TRICARE courses online.


You can make Primary Care appointments, check lab results and even order your pharmacy refills using TOL, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Contact: (800) 600-9332

Contact- (866) 773-0404

TRICARE for Life is your Medicare-wraparound coverage for TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and B. TRICARE for Life beneficiaries can receive care at military hospitals and clinics, but only on a space-available basis.

TRICARE Pharmacy Program:

The TRICARE Pharmacy Program provides the prescription drugs you need, when you need them, in a safe, easy, and affordable way.

Customer Service Community Directory:

The directory helps you connect with a Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC), Debt Collection Assistance Officer (DCAO), or other member of the customer service community. If you have questions or issues specific to a single clinic or hospital, contact someone listed for that facility.

You may contact any customer service community representative for general TRICARE issues.

Must be registered in the DEERS program to be eligible for TRICARE
Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System:

Base Listings

The numbers for Fairchild Air Force Base have low accuracy due to its unique utilization. Entire companies are rotated through on a regular basis, so large portions of the phone directory are subject to change without notice. Please contact the base operator at (509) 247-1212 if you experience any difficulty reaching your desired contact.

NameLevel NamePhone
Vandenburg Air Force Base 148th Space Operations Squadron 1 (805) 605-3711
Vandenburg Air Force Base 14th Air Force 1 (805) 606-1400
Vandenburg Air Force Base 18 IS 1 (805) 605-1818
Vandenburg Air Force Base 1st Air & Space Test Squadron 1 (805) 606-5797
Vandenburg Air Force Base 2nd Range Operations Squadron 1 (805) 606-9881
Vandenburg Air Force Base 30 Launch Group 1 (805) 606-6771
Vandenburg Air Force Base 30 Launch Support Squadron 1 (805) 606-9727
Vandenburg Air Force Base 30th Civil Engineering Squadron 1 (805) 606-6855
Vandenburg Air Force Base 381st Training Group 1 (805) 606-4315
Vandenburg Air Force Base 381st Training Squadron 1 (805) 606-5730
Vandenburg Air Force Base 392nd Training Squadron 1 (805) 606-8371
Vandenburg Air Force Base 4th Space Launch Squadron 1 (805) 606-7190
Vandenburg Air Force Base 532nd Training Squadron 1 (805) 606-5376
Vandenburg Air Force Base 533rd Training Squadron 1 (805) 606-1541
Vandenburg Air Force Base 576th Flight Test Squadron 1 (805) 606-9457
Vandenburg Air Force Base 595 Space Group 1 (805) 605-6309
Vandenburg Air Force Base 614 AOC 1 (805) 605-0614
Vandenburg Air Force Base 614 SCS 1 (805) 606-2591
Vandenburg Air Force Base 9th Space Operations Squadron 1 (805) 605-4559
Vandenburg Air Force Base Comptroller Squadron 1 (805) 606-9733
Vandenburg Air Force Base Contracting Squadron 1 (805) 606-3746
Vandenburg Air Force Base Det 1, 22 Space Operations Squadron 1 (805) 605-7307
Vandenburg Air Force Base Force Support Squadron 1 (805) 606-6200
Vandenburg Air Force Base Logistics Readiness Squadron 1 (805) 606-6994
Vandenburg Air Force Base Medical Group 1 (805) 606-6726
Vandenburg Air Force Base Medical Operations Squadron 1 (805) 606-6761
Vandenburg Air Force Base Medical Support Squadron 1 (805) 606-6727
Vandenburg Air Force Base Mission Support Group 1 (805) 606-4602
Vandenburg Air Force Base Operation Support Squadron 1 (805) 606-9282
Vandenburg Air Force Base Operations Group 1 (805) 606-8856
Vandenburg Air Force Base Range Management Squadron 1 (805) 606-9633
Vandenburg Air Force Base Security Forces Squadron 1 (805) 606-4230
Vandenburg Air Force Base Space Communications Squadron 1 (805) 606-5316
Education Center Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 605-5904
Service Station Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 734-0967
Dormitory Managers Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 605-2048
Barber Shop Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-2428
Beauty Shop Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 734-1264
Health Benefits Advisor Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-8624
Chapel Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-5773
Child Development Center Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-1555
Legal Office Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 605-6200
Civilian Personnel Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-3641
Commissary Vandenburg Air Force Base (805) 734-3354/225
Dental Clinic Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-1846
EFMP Enrollment Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-8217
Airman and Family Readiness Center – EFMP Family Support Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-0039
Air Force Aid Society Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-0039
AAFES - Base Exchange Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 734-5521
Family Advocacy Vandenburg Air Force Base 1 (805) 606-5338