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Best Army Bases


The United States Army exists for the purposes of protecting our nation, safeguarding vital national interests, serving Americans, and meeting the responsibilities of the national military. In order for this branch of the military to effectively carry out its duties, access and maintenance of the best Army bases are absolutely imperative.

Army bases are areas that the military owns and manages for the purposes of training service members, storing military equipment, and accommodating applicable staffers. Many Army bases also interact with the outside world, seeing as they’re typically used as training grounds and command centers. During sieges, Army bases also provide necessities such as water, food, etc. to persons living in or around the facility.

Awareness of the best Army bases is always helpful, especially if you or someone you know is currently serving in this branch of the Armed Forces.

The Top 10 Best Army Bases

To date, there are a multitude of military bases that are specifically designed to house and meet the needs of the Army and its members. By knowing the best ones, you can not only expand your knowledge about the military, but also pass along this information to others who may benefit from it.

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If you’re interested in learning more information about the ten greatest Army bases, then keep reading.

10. Fort Carson, Colorado

The Fort Carson Army base is great for not only service members, but also relatives of those who are serving. This particular base is also heavily populated with military families and children who are under the age of 18.

Therefore, Fort Carson can be a great place for the kids of service members to connect with other young people with similar circumstances. Likewise, the Fort Carson community largely focuses on and values family, recreational activities for all ages, community events, and various schools.

9. Fort Greely, Alaska

Service members who have an appreciation for adventure without minding the cold weather should certainly know about the Fort Greely Army base. As one of the best Army bases, this particular facility is stationed near a variety of great places, such as fitness centers, barbershops, vehicular shops, and other places of business that can be of service.

The Fort Greely Army base is also quite remote, thus making it an ideal place for service members who crave some degree of peace and solitude. Army members who don’t have access to transportation will be fine in Fort Greely, seeing as all amenities on the base are within walking distance.

8. Stuttgart, Germany

The Stuttgart Army base is encircled by vineyards, gardens, museums, and other noteworthy attractions. The United Service Organization (USO) on this particular facility also allows service members and their families to experience the beauty of guided tours to adjacent cities. Stuttgart is also full of delicious food to eat and wondrous drinks.

Additional benefits of this specific Army base include up to 240 services to members of the Stuttgart community. From fitness centers to transportation, youth, lodging services and more, the Stuttgart Army base looks out for service members, their families, and others in this area.

7. Pyeongtaek, South Korea

The Pyeongtaek Army base made the list of the best Army bases due to its access to technical, cultural and historical attractions. This facility furthermore ensures that service members and other residents are able to have the best time possible, especially via access to critical amenities, offices, recreational centers, and more.

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Overall, the Pyeongtaek Army base is a really great place for service members who are eager to make the most of the time they’ll be spending overseas. Those who are interested in exploring places outside and/or around this base won’t have any trouble with readily available transportation.

6. Fort Sam, Houston

The Houston-based Fort Sam Army base is ripe with various lodging facilities, recreation centers, and additional activities. This particular base is not only great for service members, but also for their families and children. Fort Sam is full of great things to do, such as bowling, theater trips, golf courses, and more.

Service members and/or relatives who would rather remain off base have the option of doing this as well. Due to the location of Fort Sam, commutes and transportation to nearby areas will be easy to access. Finally, this particular Army base also comes with its own school district, another convenience that will work well for children of various ages.

5. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

The Elmendorf-Richardson base serves as a joint facility between both the Army and the Air Force. Still, it made the list of the top ten best Army bases due to its affordability for military families, critical programs/services, and access to the great outdoors. Elmendorf-Richardson also provides a variety of living options, including 19 various neighborhoods and 13 local schools.

This Alaskan military base is like no other and an amazing place for service members and their loved ones to create some real memories.

4. Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Serving as a joint facility between the Army and the Air Force, the Lewis-McChord base comes with countless services and amenities that will be of value to service members and their families. From shopping centers to museums, outdoor recreation activities, and more, Lewis-McChord is full of opportunities and options.

Military families who find themselves on this particular base are afforded the choice of deciding whether to live in duplexes, big homes, small homes, in the city, or downtown. As one of the most robust military bases in America, service members and their loved ones will never run out of options or fun things to do.

3. Fort Stewart, Georgia

The Fort Stewart Army base lands on the list of the best Army bases due to its inherent Southern charm, easy access to the beach, and slow-paced atmosphere. Service members on this base will have the opportunities to engage in hiking, trips to the ocean, and additional outdoor events. Military members who have an appreciation for the humidity and great outdoors will certainly have a grand time at Fort Stewart.

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Of course, this particular Army base is abundant with various services and amenities, such as legal assistance, family advocacy programs, education centers and more. Many service members have found Fort Stewart to be helpful, welcoming, and refreshing.

2. Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Robust, training-centered, and community-based are just a few words to describe the magnitude of the Fort McCoy Army base. As one of the top ten best Army bases, Fort McCoy is rooted in training courses, opportunities, and procedures for various service members. This particular complex provides a unique, up-close, and personal observation of the amazing service that members of the Army contribute to this nation’s Armed Forces.

Fort McCoy is not mutually exclusive to training though. This particular Army base takes service very seriously, thus going above and beyond to ensure the best for the community and folks who live, train, work, or otherwise are near Fort McCoy.

1. Fort Lee, Virginia

The Fort Lee Army base contains a wealth of history and culture about not only this nation, but what it means to serve one’s country. Service members who reside at Fort Lee will have first-hand exposure to an array of historical museums, training opportunities, and overall military culture.

There is always something new to be learned and Fort Lee ensures that Army members and their loved ones don’t miss out on anything. From golf courses to education centers, child development centers, employment programs and more, the opportunities and options of Fort Lee are only growing and expanding. Time spent at this particular Army base will bestow memories, information, and knowledge that lasts for a lifetime.

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