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b.human yoga is for those who live life to the fullest. For the busy professionals, the homemakers, the athletes, and anyone who desires balance, health, and refreshment. We offer a range of yoga styles to fit every need. Come discover zen for the real world.We are a group of people from all walks of life, coming together to seek growth, health, and happiness. Some of us desire fitness, others spirituality, and some are looking to escape the busyness of life.


26|2 Hatha

Hot 103-108° F

A beginning yoga class, designed to work the body, top to bottom, inside and out. 26/2 classic Hatha postures performed as a moving meditation. Through this practice, you will develop balance, strength and flexibility. The sequence will prepare your mind and body for being the best you.


Hot 103-108° F

A sequence of physical movements with good alignment and form that require careful attention to the breath, combining the inhale and exhale in a flowing manner. This approach to asana is designed to create safety and balance within a practice.


Warm 85-95° F

Providing a balance to most all other styles of yang asana practice, yin yoga is a bit more of a passive experience, giving the student ample time to develop patience, as the postures are held for longer periods of time. Yin postures are designed to open up and target the deeper areas - where the body is connected via tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Hatha Flow

Hot 103-108° F

Enjoy the classic hatha postures with an extra twist of variations. Not only will you feel challenged, you will deepen and explore new areas of flexibility.


Warm 85-95° F

Join us 15 minutes before the Saturday Morning 26|2 Hatha practice. Sitting practice. Sit still. Notice the inner show of the mind and give it space. Sometimes there will be tips and techniques given.

Sound Bath Yin

Warm 85-95° F

Join us for a system reset. Every Sunday Night @ 6p. Combining the benefits of a relaxing yin practice with the cleansing and healing sounds of the crystal bowls, we present Sound Bath Yin The Sound Bath provided by the crystal bowls are a series of beneficial vibrations that impact our body on a molecular and crystalline level. The human body vibrates a different frequencies and it has been shown that sound vibrations have a direct impact on all of the various systems. Keeping the body tuned and clear helps provide good alignment within and support for a healthy human system.


Warm 85-95° F

Be prepared for a fun, upbeat, work your body strong class! Transforming traditional yoga postures into a practice with a twist, using light weights to tone your whole body and build long lean muscle while challenging your body and mind. No two classes are alike, so come back again and again and watch your body change!