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Pierce County Refuse in Tacoma, WA

Pierce County Refuse, which is located in Tacoma, WA provides disposal and recycling services for both residential and commercial customers.   Properly and expertly addressing the disposal, recycling, and collection of on-site debris is what Pierce County Refuse prides itself in. By availing of their services, you also contribute to protecting the environment. This endeavor also ensures healthier and safer surroundings.   For purposes of offering service discounts to military families, we are mainly pointing out the residential services, and will just mention about commercial services briefly.

For Residential Customers

Garbage Collection

Pierce County Refuse conducts curbside residential garbage collection. The service rates depend on the frequency of pick up, the number of cans, and if you need recycling too.


Garbage rate above includes recycling services too. If you want purely recycling services, you can avail of it for a monthly fee. They have several locations to recycle broken glass in the Tacoma area.

Yard Debris

They conduct curbside collection of yard debris every other week. This includes leaves, twigs and small branches (1 inch in diameter), grass, weeds, bush trimmings, shrubs and other compostable organic materials.

For Hazardous Wastes (e.g. Propane Tank Recycle and Disposal)

Propane tank disposal and other hazardous wastes are not included in curbside collection. How to dispose of propane tanks: Pierce County residents may drop them off at  their hazardous waste location. This is at 3510 S Mullen St, Tacoma WA which is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm.

For Commercial Customers

The information here is mainly for the purpose of military families wanting to avail of special rates. However, they also offer services for commercial customers. This includes garbage collection and recycling as well as construction debris. Contact Pierce County Refuse for more information on availing of special rates for military families.