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Free Military Schools For Troubled Youth

Often when a child is wayward, parents feel like they are at the end of their rope. When parents consider a military school for their child, the idea of a free military school doesn’t usually come to mind.

Free military school opportunities are available for children in grades K through 12. Accessing military schools for free is possible if some time is spent searching and if the family is ready to move where there is one. Many of the free military academies are also public high schools. However, they are accessible only to those who live in the area. Often military schools are called magnet schools or charter schools.

How to Find a Military School

When searching for military academies, make sure you attend an open house, and ask questions. Children in military school will have to adhere to a particular dress code for this event. If they do not follow the directions precisely, the teen will not be allowed to apply.

In addition to any records from police or therapists, parents will need to collect all shot records and school records. Even though the child may be troubled, parents will need to be truthful in the application, as withholding information or lying will lead to disqualification.

Why to Choose a Military School

When students are enrolled in military school, they are issued unique military academy uniforms upon enrollment. Uniforms make life easier for students and parents by eliminating the need to buy any unique clothing to meet the requirements.

Students enrolled in public military prep schools are dressed in a uniform way and expected to pursue excellence in educational endeavors. Also, they are expected to perform in ways that show that the school is creating students who do well in conformity and standardized tests. Military academies focus on developing the student’s code of ethics while teaching integrity and honesty.

Private military academies are usually expensive schools to attend. Often, they are boarding schools with high fees; however, some feature day programs for those who live nearby. Because these academies typically charge fees for students to attend, a majority of private military schools have financial aid available to students.

Military School Options for Less Money

Low-income families searching for a military school have many options. In addition to the growing list of military charter schools across the country, national programs like the National Guard Youth Challenge Program provide a cost-free solution to teens who may need such military training. Military schools focus on structure, self-discipline, and academic excellence. Military schools strive to instill values such as respect and honor to their students.

Military school teachers are very demanding yet focus on developing young minds. They want students to become capable critical thinkers. Teacher to student ratios also tends to be lower at these specialized public military prep schools and gives students the extra benefits of personalized instruction and attention. Students looking for an academic challenge will always find it at military academies.

Children who otherwise might be underserved by schools in their areas have the option of attending an excellent school that will be a significant influence in their lives. This can be effective in helping troubled youth to find a place where they can succeed and help them to excel, allowing them to be more capable which will affect their entire life.

Free public school military academies often focus on youth who are in high school as they hope to develop the teens into young adults who become contributing citizens to the community.

Military academies teach lessons that shape their student’s future. Students learn teamwork and know what it means to be a person of morals and learn the discipline to structure their lives to become productive adults.

If students do well in the military academy, they find themselves considered for college due to the excellence of education they have received. Students are often more successful in the career path of their choice. If a parent is considering free military education for their child, they will find it to be an excellent investment in their future.

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