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Top 30 Funniest Military Memes

A feeling well known by many veterans… Credit:

We searched far and wide, delving into the deepest and darkest parts of the interwebz to curate the finest military memes for your viewing pleasure.

You’re welcome.


30. When your military “bromance” goes next-level

29. Stealth: 10/10

28. Some may have it easier than others . . .

27. Tide Pods are a different story.

26. When there’s only one way to work

25. Very convincing

24. The sheer horror when . . .

23. But, seriously, how do you think MEPS was?
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22. There are two kinds of people in this world:

21. Navy Medical be like . . .

20. Soldiers, janitors, or both?

19. On the first date:

18. Shout-out to all the military spouses out there!

17. We know you put up with a lot.

16. Who could turn him down?

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