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Gift Ideas for Military Boyfriend

Whether you and your military boyfriend are spending a birthday together or he’s away from home for the holidays, it can be tough to figure out what gifts to get them for those special occasions throughout the year.

From patriotic to romantic, here are 14 wonderful gift ideas for military boyfriends.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are always special. Particularly if your military boyfriend is off on a deployment, hand making something can mean a lot to them. Use photos from your life together to make a scrapbook or send him a framed photo of you together. Handwritten letters and cards will become cherished items as well.

Care Packages

Another great gift idea for a military boyfriend on deployment is a care package. Pick a theme that you know he’ll enjoy and let your ideas run wild from there. Maybe you’ll make a coffee-themed care package with instant coffee and a fun mug. Or perhaps he likes sports in which case you can send him the newest Madden Xbox game and some cracker jacks.

Durable Watch

In the military, things can get pretty rough and tough. Men love a nice watch but if you get him a super fancy one, he won’t be able to wear it as often. Instead, go for a G-Shock or Garmin brand watch that he can wear on the daily. It’ll remind him of you whenever he checks the time.

Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another accessory that men love but a pair of delicate Ray Bans aren’t appropriate for military duty. On the other hand, Oakley sunglasses are perfect for military boyfriends and they can be custom made for him.

Old Fashioned Grooming Kit

Maintaining hygiene and good grooming standards are a staple in the military. Why not take his grooming regimen up a notch with an old-fashioned grooming set? With quality shaving creams (complete with an applicator brush) and a personalized razor, he’ll feel like a king every morning.

Rugged Reusable Water Bottle

Help him stay hydrated all while being better to the environment! Grab your military boyfriend a sturdy, spill-proof water bottle for those long days out on the field. Bonus points if you get one that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Durable Cell Phone Accessories

A cracked cell phone screen is no fun for anyone involved. The good news is, there are tons of cell phone accessories that are perfect for your military boyfriend, no matter what crazy stunts he’s getting into every day. From durable cases to LED flashlight attachments to portable chargers, he’s sure to be grateful for the backup.

Stylish Flask

If your military boyfriend loves his whiskey, a stylish flask might be the perfect gift. Go for a camo print for a bit of tongue in cheek gaudiness or opt for a sleek stainless steel flask with wooden details.

Classic Tie, Tie Clip, and Cufflinks

For military men, it feels great to be out of uniform and spending time with their special lady. Plan a special date night and buy him a new tie with a tie clip and cufflinks to go with it. He’ll be excited to wear his new gifts on your romantic evening together.

Leather-Bound Travel Journal

While in the military, your boyfriend will have the opportunity to travel all over the world. This is a huge perk for many active duty service members and if your boyfriend loves the travel aspect of his job, this is the gift for him. He’ll be able to journal how he’s thinking and feeling during his time in the different countries he has a chance to visit.

Corkboard Map

In the same vein, a corkboard map is the perfect addition to your military boyfriend’s man cave. The cork allows him to place pins in all the places he’s traveled to over the years and is a beautiful reminder of the amazing times he’s had serving in the armed forces.

Flag Display Case

For those military boyfriends who are particularly patriotic, perhaps a flag display case would be an incredible gift. It’s something to consider, especially if he comes from a military family where the American flag means so much to him. It will be a special piece to add to your home.

Make a “Missing You” Video

Sometimes, it’s hard to justify giving material gifts, especially when your military boyfriend is deployed and doesn’t have a lot of extra room to take on big items. In the digital age, we have this wonderful opportunity to make videos that can be sent via email. Record a sweet “I miss you” message for your military boyfriend to watch whenever he’s lonely or compile fun videos of your memories together as a sort of moving scrapbook.

Surprise Visit

If it’s possible, the best gift you could possibly give to your military boyfriend is a surprise visit. Of course, this isn’t always feasible. But if somehow you can make it happen, it will be an unforgettable moment for him.

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