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Gifts for Veterans


Do you have a special veteran in your life that you’re looking to find the perfect gift for them? There are so many different options of gifts, from the “normal” gifts of gift cards to their favorite restaurants to a nice pair of wool socks. It can feel difficult to find gifts for veterans, but there are a variety of options out there that most any veteran would love to receive, whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts for veterans or looking for small gifts for veterans. Let’s take a look at some other creative options for him and for her that will be sure to leave them feeling loved and valued.

Patriotic Gifts for Veterans

Most gifts that you’ll find for your loved one will be patriotic gifts, gifts that remind them of their time in service and accomplishments. You can shop specific to which branch your loved one served in, finding unique gifts for Army veterans or gifts for Marine veterans.

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Some branch-specific or war-specific gifts (gifts for Vietnam veterans or WWII veterans, for example) are:

  • Apparel. Branded shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, bags, and accessories are always a popular choice. They’re probably one of the easiest routes to go if you aren’t sure what the veteran in your life likes. If you aren’t sure on sizing, you can always find a shop that has great reviews and wrap a gift card so that they can choose what they like the most.
  • Personalized gifts. These days you can personalize pretty much anything. You can get as fancy as you want with custom engraved gold or silver watches to Marine Corps playing cards. Personalizing a gift can be affordable as well. Some people offer personalized gifts by creating photo albums that can sometimes mean more than the most expensive gift. These are great thank you gifts for veterans.
  • Keepsake boxes and frames. This is the perfect gift idea for Veteran’s Day or any other day that you are wanting to honor the person in your life who sacrificed so much for his country. Keepsake boxes, shadow boxes, shadow frames, and many other options come in a wide variety of options. You can add medals to these boxes and frames, flags, accomplishments, photographs, and any other piece of memorabilia that would serve as a piece of art and reminder of the veteran’s time in service.

Veteran’s Day Gifts For Him

There are plenty of gifts that are gender-neutral, that any veteran would love to receive. Shadow boxes and personalized gifts, for example. Let’s look at a few gift options for the men in your life, maybe a spouse, a grandfather, a boyfriend, or a son.

Veteran’s Day gifts for him are:

  • Personalized grilling tools. These can be embossed with a branch emblem or dates of service. Grilling tools could also be great for women, but are a traditionally popular gift for men, especially during warmer months.
  • Bullet bottle openers. These .50 caliber casings are military-grade and USA made. The brass is collected from military training ranges, purchased from government auctions, and are then transformed into these handy bottle openers. They can also be engraved to personalize them even more.
  • Tactical beer koozie. If you drink beer, or anything out of a can really, these tactical beer koozies are a fun gift for your favorite veteran. They have velcro on the outside as well to attach you servicemembers’ favorite patch. These gifts are USA-made from authentic materials.

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Veteran’s Day Gifts for Her

The women in your life might appreciate a different set of gifts from the men. Many of these gifts would be appreciated by all, so feel free to mix and match the things you like based on the person you are gifting to. If your dad really likes spa treatments, gift him that. If your veteran wife enjoys golfing, please gift her some personalized, engraved golf clubs so that she can enjoy herself.

Veteran’s Day gifts for her are:

  • Sterling silver charm bracelet. A nice charm bracelet is a wonderful option for those who love dainty jewelry pieces where they can wear their memories. You can offer charms based on their birthday (birthstones), and also charms related to their time in service. Different charm options could be their branch emblem or something related to the job that they held while serving in the military. Don’t be afraid to get creative, it’ll mean more to them.
  • Purses and accessories from R. Riveter. This brand, R. Riveter, has the perfect gifts for the wife, mother, girlfriend, and daughter veterans in your life. The brand is created by a couple military spouses who were struggling to find employment, even though they were overqualified for the work. Military spouses provide essential support for their veteran counterparts, but often pay an economical price because it can be difficult to find meaningful work when they are required to move every few years. They have candles, handbags, jewelry, stationery, and many other high-quality, beautiful items for sale.
  • Men aren’t the only ones that can drink. Bullet whiskey stones are a unique and playful gift for the veteran in your life. These whiskey stones are for the whiskey connoisseurs in your life who don’t want water-down whiskey. The stainless steel stones keep your drink cool with style and effectiveness, and they’re shaped like a bullet.

Gifts for Veterans Made By Veterans

What better way to bring joy to your veteran and loved one than by giving them a gift that was created by and supports another veteran. There are plenty of veteran-owned businesses. Let’s take a look at a few of them that offer some really awesome gifts for veterans, are quality made, and support those who also served and sacrificed.

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  • Black Rifle coffee gift subscri
    Do you have a veteran in your life who likes coffee? Black Rifle Coffee Company was created by veterans and supports veterans in a variety of ways. By signing your loved one up for this coffee subscription, you are supporting a veteran-owned business, while also providing your own veteran with high-quality coffee every single month (or however often you want coffee delivered to them).
  • Combat Flip Flops. Combat Flip Flops is a veteran-owned business. Two military service members who were touring in Afghanistan decided to create a company that was focused on social change. This company creates really cool gifts for all genders that are made by people living in Afghanistan. The point of the business is to provide jobs for people living in a war-torn space so that they can provide for their families and selves without working for the bad guy.
  • Nine Line Apparel. Nine Line Apparel is another veteran-owned and operated business with really cool gifts for the veterans in your life. They sell USA-made clothing for men and women that is intensely patriotic. You can find performance apparel, sweatshirts, gear for your pup, drinkware, and many other unique items that are crafted with care and style.

This list of gifts for veterans is anything but exhaustive. It’s a great starting point for creative, elegant, fun, and classic ideas for gifts for those who have served our country. Many of the gift ideas within this list are made by veterans or families of veterans, so the gift will be all the more meaningful. Whatever you choose for your veteran, don’t be afraid to take a risk on something truly special. Their time in service might have been a long time ago, in the case of WWII and

Vietnam vets, but gifting them something that honors their service will be truly special, for you and for them.

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