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How To Decorate For Fall: 15 Creative Ideas

The front porch is truly the pinnacle of autumn decor. Credit: Hayneedle.

Fall is different for everyone. Where I live in LA, there’s not much change from last month, except maybe on the thermometer. And let’s be real — the smog is a year-long kind of deal. But since I come from the Seattle area, I know in some areas Fall hits you like a gut punch; all of a sudden your yard’s frosting over, the leaves are an angry red, and you’re beginning to forget what the sun looks like. 

But there’s something that happens to people when the calendar switches over. Sports fanatics are excitedly setting up their fantasy teams; horror enthusiasts are prepping for Halloween; and relieved parents are sending their kids to school after a long summer. It’s the miracle season.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve started decorating… or at least planning out your Fall-themed porch and entryway. And, if you’re really like me, then you start your planning on Pinterest

Here are 15 Pinterest pics that show you how to decorate for Fall like a boss! 


How To Decorate For Fall

1. Simple goes a long way with this candle holder

Credit: Williams Sonoma.

2. A tasteful centerpiece transforms your dining room

Credit: Denise Morrison.

3. Consider adding a coffee bar – with pumpkin spice, of course!

Credit: Denise Morrison.

4. Create a wreath full of warm Fall colors

Credit: Heartfelt Additions.

5. The porch of your dreams could be one flannel pillow away

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens.

6. This gourd-filled glass display dome can be placed anywhere in your home

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens.

7. Garnish your bouquets with ferns and acorns to give them an Autumnal touch

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens.

8. Details like an orange patterned table cloth make a big difference in your dining room

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens.

9. An even smaller detail? These cute flannel coasters!

Credit: Juggling Act Mama.

10. Dried orange slices, bay laves, and cinnamon sticks make a beautiful DIY Fall garland

Credit: Hearth & Vine.

11. These hand-painted pumpkin mason jars offer a minimalistic, fa
rmhouse-style decor

Credit: The Soccer Mom Blog.

12. Tip: Bake your pine cones with cinnamon to create a natural Fall aroma


13. These DIY crate pumpkins can be stored in the garage for re-use next year


14. This is a fun, kid-friendly craft that can be used however you want


15. First impressions are the most important! Dazzle your guests with this unique entryway

Credit: Build Home.

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