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15 Mobile Jobs for Military Spouses

Finding a career that will stick — and that you love — can be a tough task when you’re a military spouse. Targeting positions that move with you is key in staying one step ahead of the job market.

Here are 15 jobs that are almost completely managed by you:


1. Editor

On sites like, you can work from home as a proofreader for other people’s content. Have you always been picking through your friend’s and colleague’s work with a fine-tooth comb? Get paid to fix spelling and grammar. You pick your hours and how much you work.

2. Writer

This goes hand-in-hand with editing; build up your resume as a freelance writer with sites like and get paid to write content that you’re suitable for!

3. Transcriber

The market for transcribers is crazy right now — if you’re a fast typer, turning speech into text could make you a quick buck.

4. Customer Service Caller

With Apple At Home, you can make customer service calls from anywhere you have access to internet.

5. Virtual Assistant

Manage schedules and appointments from the comfort of your couch as a virtual assistant; you can juggle as many clients as you can handle, so the sky’s the limit on your salary.

6. Virtual Bookkeeper & Accountant

This job involves a lot of numbers and paperwork, and is like an out-of-office office job. The perk: you make the same money without the hassle of a commute.

7. Social Media Manager

If you’re addicted to Instagram, this may be the job for you! Nowadays, the demand for people in social media is insane, and you can work from anywhere as a freelance manager and oversee multiple projects. You generally need a degree in business/management to get a good start.

8. Photographer

You can do this for someone else or start your own business, and the flexibility of this job is what makes it so appealing. Charge hundreds of dollars for extensive photo shoots or sell stock photos in mass for a few dollars apiece. Either way, you can make money tapping into your creative side.

9. Graphic designer

This is often a job-to-job kind of gig, which means you can do it from anywhere. It typically requires either a degree in graphic design or a ton of experience, but if you’re interested in web design it could be the perfect fit for you.

10. IT/Programmer

IT departments exist in every company, so your hireability skyrockets with computer tech experience.

11. Personal Chef & Caterer

If you’re always cooking, why not make something of it? Pick your location and clients, and cook from home. If you want to make some more money, market yourself as a caterer for big events.

12. Sitter

Using sites like or, you can house sit or pet sit for people at rates of $50+ per day (with minimal work). Babysitting is also something to consider, especially if you have kids of your own.

13. Personal Trainer

If you’re into fitness, you can train people in your own home or even look into positions at your base gyms. It does require a certification to get started (just take a basic NASM course).

14. Entrepreneur

Create your own business! Make and sell anything, from online programs that will earn you passive income, to your own baked goods business that you can share with friends. The options are endless. You can build your customer base on sites like

15. Uber Driver

If you’re 21+ and have a car a decade old or newer, Uber driving might be the job for you. You work whenever you want and have access to a large clientele just around post (make sure to hit the lunch and dinner rushes). You can also download UberEats for food delivery!


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