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Long Distance Relationship Gifts


Long distance relationships require a special kind of commitment. It’s easy to lose the connection with the other person when you can’t see and interact with them in the flesh. Sometimes this lifestyle is chosen, but sometimes it’s a temporary part of life, as is the case when a partner is deployed with the military. There are plenty of ways to keep that spark alive, one of those being through the giving of thoughtful gifts. Let’s take a look at some long distance relationship gifts that your partner might love.

Gifts For Long Distance Relationship

Many gifts can go to any gender. Matching underwear, anyone? When thinking up gift ideas for your partners or spouses, take into consideration where they are and what they’re allowed to have. If your spouse is at basic training, the odds are high that they can’t have much of anything from home. But if they are deployed overseas, the chances are greater that they can have some comforts from home sent to them in the form of care packages and gifts.

  1. A care package of their favorite foods. Nothing brings you closer to home (besides actually being home), than the sounds, smells, and tastes of home. If your partner has a favorite food item that travels well that they can’t get where they are, create a care package full of their favorite snacks. Better yet, toss in some other favorites: favorite socks, favorite book or movie, a favorite shirt of yours that you don’t mind parting with, their favorite scent that you wear on your body.
  2. A playful way to connect with your partner through the act of giving is by purchasing matching underwear. Yep, that’s right. You can find your own right here, and you could even coordinate with your spouse so that you are wearing them on the same day. Every time you see them you’ll think of the receiver which is the whole point of it all.
  3. Technology that they might be missing. Maybe your partner enjoys fitness, as fitness is a high priority when in the military. If they don’t already have one, a fitness-tracking watch is always a great idea! Or maybe they enjoy music or TV. You can find streaming devices like the Roku 3 or Bluetooth speakers that connect with their phones.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Amazon

  1. A way to let your long distance lover (or even friend or family member) know that you are thinking about them, is by using one of these
7NF2Z192/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=long+distance+gifts&qid=1575881115&sr=8-1" target="_blank">friendship lamps. They connect to Wi-Fi and each person can light up the lamps when thinking of the other. As always, communication is important. No one wants a surprise night light wake-up at four in the morning. Another option in a similar vein are these long distance touch bracelets. These two options might not be for you, especially if your partner is deployed somewhere that is location-sensitive. Being mindful of what kind of gifts you send is important, especially when advanced technology is involved.
  • Maybe you aren’t able to send real flowers to your significant other. A great alternative is to send this 3D hologram night light that looks like roses, but they never die. If your partner is overseas or in a place that doesn’t have mail-order flowers, this might just be the next best thing.
  • For those interested in a more earthy approach, a book is always a great option. But not just any book. There are a ton of book options where you can fill in different things that you enjoy about the person you are gifting it to. One specifically called I Wrote A Book About You provides over 50 prompts for you to share the
    little and big things that you appreciate about your person. You could also gift leather-bound journals where your soldier can write out stories of their experiences to share, or not share, later on.
  • Simple pieces of jewelry (or more intricate jewelry like these custom coordinates bracelets) are a great gift to send to someone far away. Jewelry is typically cheaper to ship because it is smaller. It can also be a non-discrete way to wear a reminder on your body that doesn’t interfere with work that you might need to do, especially in the case of a military deployment.
  • Long Distance Relationship Gifts DIY

    Do-It-Yourself is sometimes the way to go when you want to create a meaningful gift for your significant other. When maintaining a long distance relationship, a DIY gift can feel much more personal, just like a handwritten card. The receiver can see the work that was put into the gift by the person they care about, as opposed to a mass-created product (which are great gifts to receive as well). Partners who are deployed might find even more value in DIY gifts because they are missing the connection of the people they love the most. Let’s take a look at a few long-distance relationship DIY gifts that you can make and send to your partner.

    1. A box full of kisses. Creating cut-outs of lips or “kisses” is quirky and fun and also very sweet. When you can’t give a real kiss, this is a great alternative. Just cut out as many lip shapes as you want, and then stuff an envelope full of them. If you want to get really wild, fill a box with them. They can be packaged as is or used as filler for packaging.
    2. Write letters. This one is simple, but you can take it up a notch by creating letters with a specific purpose. Maybe you write out a bunch of letters ahead of time that are to be opened at predetermined dates. Maybe you write stories back and forth, fiction if you wish. Maybe you write up saucy scenes that will get your loved one excited or romantic moments that you’ve shared together.
    3. If you want to get a little silly, but you know they’ll love it deep down, you could create a pillowcase with an image of your face printed on it. Offer them a note letting them know that anytime they need a snuggle, you’ll be right there. It’s not quite the same as cuddling a human, but it’ll offer a sense of connection even when you can’t be within arms reach.
    4. An easy and affordable gift that you can give your long distance love is a photo album. The options are limitless when it comes to what kind of album you create. Something useful might be small photos in a pocket-sized album. Or maybe you do a boudoir photoshoot and send them something a little spicier to help them feel closer to home. Photos offer the opportunity to look back on memories and to see the faces of loved ones, especially when it’s not possible to see loved ones in person for quite some time.
    5. Send your lover’s favorite treats. Do they have a favorite tea or coffee that they can’t access where they are? It’s not always possible to send these items, especially certain food items. But where possible, consider finding all of their favorite things and sending it over in a care package of sorts. Being able to physically experience tastes of “home” or of life with you is a great way to feel truly connected to each other physically, rather than just mentally through the written and spoken word.

    Sending gifts to your long distance relationship companion doesn’t have to be stressful. As

    the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. It’s ok, even encouraged, to get playful with your partner in whatever way makes sense for both of you. A gift from the heart, whether homemade or purchased, will mean a lot to the receiver because they’ll feel cared for and loved.