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Marine Corps Tattoo Policy

Unlike the other branches, the Marine Corps tattoo policies are becoming more restrictive as time passes. As an attempt to “realign with their traditional values,” the marines have added new regulations in recent years to help maintain professionalism and high appearance standards.

As with the rest of the military’s standards, the content of your tattoo cannot contain anything racist, sexist, vulgar, eccentric, or anything that could be deemed as offensive. However, some of the differences that make the Marine policies more restrictive are:

  • Full and half sleeves are now prohibited
  • Head and neck tattoos are prohibited
  • Any tattoos above the collar bone are prohibited
  • Tattoos that are two inches from the wrist, patella (knee), or elbow, above or below, are prohibited
  • Hand tattoos are prohibited with the excepted of one wedding ring tattoo under ⅜ of an inch in width
  • Tattoos on the feet or anywhere below the ankles are prohibited
  • Any visible tattoos must not exceed the size of the open hand of the Marine
  • No more than four tattoos can be visible while wearing your PT uniform

To be clear on what IS allowed following the Marine Corps tattoo policy:

  • You can have tattoos on your chest, back, torso, upper arms, upper legs, and groin
  • If the tattoos are concealed under your uniform, there are no restrictions concerning colors, size, size, shape, and amount of the tattoos
  • Since these policies have changed, it is possible to be “grandfathered in” under a previous policy if your tattoos were approved at the time of your recruitment

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