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Military Bases in Colorado

There are a total of six military bases in Colorado, five are air force bases and one army base.

Military Bases in Colorado

Air Force Academy AFB in Colorado Springs, CO

The Air Force Academy is located just north of Colorado Springs in a vast 18,000 acre-property.

It was only in 1947 when the Air Force started to get recognized as a military branch. The Air Force Academy was then considered and approved by Congress and signed into effect on April 1 1954.

There were 1154 all-male students in the first Air Force Academy cadet wing, and it was in 1959 when the Air Force Academy was accredited. In 1976, women started attending the Academy.

All cadets go through rigorous training with five weeks of  Basic Cadet Training. They are, however, able to have a well-rounded lifestyle in the base. They get to indulge in various sports and other outdoor activities. Military balls are also held every year.

Upon graduation from the academy, a cadet earns a Bachelor’s Degree in science and with a rank of Air Force Second Lieutenant.

The Air Force Academy also attracts thousands of tourists yearly because of the USAFA Base Library which has an extensive collection (approximately 700,000) of books, and the Academy Chapel which stands 150 feet tall.

Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colorado

Buckley Air Force Base is located in Aurora, Colorado, not too far from Denver. Its host wing is the 460th Space Wing whose mission is to provide homeland air defense and tactical surveillance and intelligence.

To accomplish its mission, the 460th Space Wing has three groups under it:

460th Operations Group

Provides missile warning and defense, tactical intelligence and surveillance

460th Mission Support Group

Supports the operations by way of contracting,  providing logistics, base infrastructure and support to the Defense Group

460th Medical Group 

This group is in charge of ensuring the medical fitness of personnel for operations, providing health care, overall wellness services

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base Colorado Springs, CO

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base is located in El Paso County near Colorado Springs. Its mission is to collect data and gather intelligence through radars, sensors, and satellites.

This station is controlled by the 21st Space Wing and used as a crew training center, while also serving as an alternate command center. It was built between 1961-1966 then became fully operational in 1967.

It has an underground complex built under 610 meters of granite on 5 acres of land. There are fifteen 3-storey buildings that are built to withstand an earthquake and prevent movement by no more than one inch.

The same facility likewise has the capability to deflect a 30-megaton nuclear explosion as close as 2 km. There are also 25-ton blast doors that can protect from a blast wave should a nuclear blast hit the building.

As for Cheyenne Air Force Base housing, all personnel deployed there shall be given a place to live in.

Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO

The Peterson Air Force Base was built in 1942 and is situated in the El Paso County and shares a common runway with the local municipal airport by virtue of an agreement between the military and the local authorities.

It is hosted and supported by the 21st Space Wing, whose main role is main responsibility is space control and missile warnings.

It also serves as headquarters to the following commands: the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Air Force Space Command headquarters, and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM).

Schriever Air Force Base in El Paso, CO

The Schriever Air Force Base is located in El Paso, Colorado, only 16 kms from Peterson AFB. The base was built in 1983 and makes it the youngest among the military bases in Colorado. It was named after Bernard Adolph Schriever who pioneered the program on ballistic missiles.

The Schriever AFB is home to the 50th Space Wing which is responsible for the command and control of 170 of the Department of Defense’s warning, navigational, and communications satellites.

Fort Carson Army Base in El Paso, CO

Fort Carson is a vast army base and one of the landmarks among the military bases in Colorado.  It is located in El Paso County, Colorado and was established in 1942.

Soldiers in Fort Carson continually undergo exercises and deployments to sharpen their skills. They also train yearly at Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site and the National Training Center near Barstow, California. Aside from that, they likewise participate in military exercises outside the US when not deployed.

Fort Carson has over 3,000 housing units on base, with plenty options offbase just less than a mile away for Army families.

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