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Amazon Military Discount


We’ve all heard of Amazon. It’s likely where many of us turn for Christmas shopping, movie streaming, and fast delivery.

Amazon is the largest e-marketplace in the world (by far) and military service members can take advantage of what this mega-company has to offer.

Although Amazon doesn’t offer any specific military discounts, using a subscription discount program called Amazon Prime has amazing benefits for military service members living both onshore and overseas.

Here, we’re going over how to get the Amazon military discount and how Amazon Prime benefits those in the military.

How To Get the Amazon Military Discount

As we mentioned, there isn’t a discount specifically for military service members to use on Amazon. However, the best way to save money while shopping on Amazon is by creating an Amazon Prime account.

Currently, Amazon Prime has over 80 million members and that number grows every year. It’s clear that a lot of people are benefiting from this incredible service and those in the military can benefit too.

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Start with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime before committing to the entire year which costs $119 annually. Additionally, you can pay for Amazon Prime on a month-to-month basis for $12.99 per month.

Overall, the best perk of Amazon Prime is their free express shipping where you can receive your order on the same day, within one day, or within two days for Prime eligible items.

But beyond that, Amazon Prime also offers Amazon Video and Amazon Radio. These services have recently expanded its reach to military service members serving in remote places of the world where entertainment options aren’t readily available.

You’ll also have instant access to books and data storage as well – two services that can serve you well while deployed or even in your everyday life while stationed onshore.

Military service members might not use the shipping perks as much, especially if they’re single, so it is also possible to subscribe to Amazon Video on its own for $8.99 per month. And, if you’re in the military while also attending college, Amazon Prime has a fantastic student discount where you can become a member for only $6.49 per month after a free six-month trial.

Amazon Prime on Veterans Day

For Veterans Day 2019, Amazon offered an incredible discount on an Amazon Prime membership to honor active and veteran military service members. As previously mentioned, typically, Amazon Prime costs $119 per year.

But, last November, the company offered eligible military members Amazon Prime for only $79 per year.

The promotion was available for active-duty military, veterans, and members of the National Guard and they had six days to take advantage of the offer. If you were part of the military and already had an Amazon Prime account, you were still able to take advantage of the military discount.

Who knows if they’ll do another Amazon Prime military discount this Veteran’s Day, but it’s happened before so you never know.

Amazon Prime Military Benefits

Now, we’re going to talk about each of the Amazon Prime benefits for military service members individually to really give you an understanding of how great this membership can be for people in the military.

Same-Day and Two-Day Shipping

Military service members often spend countless birthdays and holidays deployed far from home. With Amazon Prime, they’re able to send gifts and packages to their loved ones with express shipping thanks to the guaranteed two-day shipping that comes available with the membership.

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In some cases, Amazon Prime members may be able to even get same-day or two-hour shipping for certain products. Amazon is so expansive that even last-minute shopping (which can sometimes happen during busy, stressful deployments) is made simple.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

The next perk is the opportunity to use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. This credit card is great if you’re stationed close to certain retailers because you get 5% cashback on all purchases made on Amazon as well as at Whole Foods, plus 2% cashback on gas and at restaurants and 1% back on everything else you buy with the card.

You’ll also avoid foreign transaction fees using this card which is amazing for military service members stationed overseas.

Video Streaming and Music Streaming

Amazon Prime Video is where you can find hit TV shows like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Homecoming” and has become comparable to a Netflix subscription. Anyone with an Amazon Prime membership has access to this streaming service.

Amazon Prime Music is also accessible for Amazon Prime members where you can listen to music on-demand and ad-free. This service includes over a million songs with countless playlists and radio stations.

Up until recently, these streaming services were only available in the US markets but in an effort to provide services for military service members stationed abroad, you are now able to access these videos, TV shows, and music databases almost anywhere in the world including in places like Afghanistan, Kuwait, Japan, Djibouti, Turkey, Romania, and more with other countries on the way – which is great news for active-duty soldiers.

Many of these TV shows are now also available on the Armed Forces Network making them even more accessible to military service members and their families.

Again, those in the military who only want access to Amazon Video without paying for the shipping perks that go along with a full Amazon Prime subscription can do so for only $8.99 per month.

Unlimited Photo Storage

As our world moves more and more into the digital age, photo storage can become a challenge. Amazon Prime members will have access to cloud storage for their digital photos which can hold an unlimited amount of images.

Once you experience your first deployment, you’ll start to really understand the power of photos in lifting your spirits. With Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to access photos of your kids, family, and friends anytime, anywhere with this incredible storage opportunity.

Free Books

As if video and music streaming weren’t enough, Amazon Prime also offers its members a huge library of ebooks for your Kindle device or the Kindle app. The database features over 800,000 titles and Amazon Prime members can borrow one book per month totally free.

You’ll also be one of the first on the list to have access to new releases. So, if you’re the type of person who loves to settle in with a good book while deployed, this is a fantastic perk available through Amazon Prime. It’s like your own personal library!

Extra Deals

Amazon Prime members also have access to added deals and discounts throughout the online store. For example, Lightning Deals are available for Amazon Prime members 30 minutes before they become available to the general public which is a huge advantage on big sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Amazon Family also has great deals for items that families commonly buy like diapers which can be extremely helpful for young military families who are just finding their footing as parents.

Overview of the Amazon Military Discount

To summarize, here are the highlights of the Amazon Prime membership discount available to military service members.


  • $119 per year or $12.99 per month after a free 30-day trial
  • $6.49 per month for students after a free six-month trial
  • $8.99 per month for Amazon Video only
  • For Veteran’s Day 2019, $79 per year


  • Free two-hour, same-day, one-day, or two-day shipping available
  • Amazon Video and Amazon Music streaming services available during overseas deployment
  • One free Kindle book rental per month
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Extra deals

Especially if you use Amazon often, getting an Amazon Prime membership is a great way for military service members to save money and enjoy quality entertainment even in the most remote deployment stations. With so many features and benefits, it’s often well worth the subscription.

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