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Best Buy Military Discount


Does Best Buy offer military discounts? Unfortunately, they do not. They say they work to provide the best possible deals on electronics throughout the year, and that rate goes for everyone. If you are shopping for electronics and must do your shopping at Best Buy, there are ways that you can find discounts or times when prices are cheaper. We’ll also take a look at other electronics brands and stores that might be able to help you out, cutting out the middleman of Best Buy, where you can shop directly with the brand and receive the discount you are looking for.

Best Buy is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer. They are committed to supporting education and educators through community programs, recycling programs, offering flexible payment options, discounts for students and education facilities, as well as assisting in the design and implementation of technologically advanced classrooms and learning spaces for students and teachers.

How To Get Discounted Products at Best Buy

Price shopping is important when purchasing electronics, video games, and the like. There are some really good deals happening at Best Buy at various times, so signing up with them and watching for when they’re having deals is one way to ensure that you are getting the cheapest price for quality products.

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If you aren’t a Black Friday type of person, there are other holidays where they offer deals to everyone. Most major holidays, even Veterans Day, most businesses try to utilize as a tool to get people in their doors, virtually or in-person, and make some sales and move products. You can plan your budget around these events when possible, and wait until they go on sale to utilize the discount and get some great deals on products that you need and want.

Although Best Buy doesn’t offer military discounts, they do offer student discounts. There are specific deals for students, and it doesn’t include all of their products, so searching the website is one way to see what is available.

Finding the Best Deals on Electronics

Best Buy kind of lets us down in the military discount department. Not every business wants to offer these discounts, and that’s OK. That’s part of being a part of the United States; each brand and business is free to run their businesses as they see fit within the constraints of the law. There are other ways to find discounted electronics in a variety of ways depending on what you’re looking for.

Use the Honey app to find the best deals

The Honey app is a great tool for finding the best deals when shopping online. If you go to Amazon and add a camera to your shopping cart, Honey (when downloaded to your browser), will search the internet to make sure that you are getting the best deal. If there is a better deal out there, it will list the price and website where you could find it for a more affordable price.

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Honey works the same way for all websites. It’ll tell you that you have the best price on the internet. And an even better perk of using the Honey app is that it will scour the internet once you are at checkout, and apply any known coupons to your orders. This can even be used on things like Airbnb, and almost always results in sometimes very steep discounts that you might not have known about even when shopping through a specific website. If using Honey on the Best Buy website, it will also compare prices across the internet, and apply any Best Buy coupons to your purchase.

Go used, if you’re wanting steeper discounts for quality products

Buying used can have some inherent risks, but it can also land you with some really great gear for very affordable prices. Many businesses, like Best Buy’s trade-in program, allow you to bring in used products in exchange for store credit or gift cards. Many have their own terms and limitations, show checking in with the business is the best way to make sure you are taking the proper steps.

Other ways to buy used are looking at used websites like Craigslist, Facebook groups dedicated to buy/sell/trade, and websites like eBay. There are definitely risks in working one-on-one with strangers because it’s harder to determine if they are legitimate. Use good judgment and make sure that you take the proper steps to protect yourself by meeting in public spaces, checking references, and testing the products before buying them, if possible.

Email retailers and brands directly to ask about discount programs

There are many electronics retailers who do offer military discounts. Many of them are in the 10% range which can result in steep savings when the prices of the electronics are higher. Let’s take a look at some of them.


GameStop is one of the world’s largest retail gaming businesses. You can buy new and used game consoles, games, and other memorabilia and accessories that are popular in gaming communities.

“They offer trade-in programs, as well as a military discount. all active and former military personnel will receive a 10% discount off all new video game software and accessories; all pre-owned software, hardware, and accessories; and all collectibles in GameStop U.S. store locations. The new military discount program will be available all year long to all military personnel with a proper ID, including a military or Veterans ID, Form DD214, or by authenticating their military status through other online verification platforms such as”

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Not included in the discount program are new video game hardware platforms, digital currency of any type, point-of-sale activation cards, or any other gift cards.


Apple doesn’t need an introduction, iPhones and Mac computers. Apple offers a 10% discount to servicemembers with the proper verification. They offer this discount to current and veteran members of the U.S. Military, National Guard, and Reserves, as well as immediate family members who live in the same household.


Dell is another brand that makes top-of-the-line computers and other electronics. They offer a 10% discount code to those in the military, as well as their family members. To receive the discount, you have to email and talk to a representative. Once you send over proof of military service, usually in the form of a photocopy of your ID, they will send a discount code to use at check-out.

This list of electronic retailers is anything but exhaustive. It’s possible to find great deals on new and used electronics, with or without military discounts, with a bit of sleuthing, patience, and an ability to strategize how, when, and where you are willing to make a purchase. Even though businesses like Best Buy don’t offer military discounts, they’re still a great company to shop at that is dedicated to providing affordable prices on high-quality products.

Sometimes finding military discounts is tricky, depending on how much information a website will share, as well as less than transparent information that employees usually aren’t familiar with. When you do find a retailer that is willing to offer a military discount on their products and services, you can show your support for their support by purchasing products from them. The best way to be heard when it comes to businesses is by the use of your dollars (and theirs). Brands who spend their dollars on supporting the military are worth being supported with dollars from the military consumers.

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