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Comcast Military Discount

Comcast is committed to supporting the United States military by offering a $25 Xfinity coupon towards specific items, as well as the possibility of a special $100 prepaid Visa gift card for those that meet certain criteria. Who is Comcast? Comcast is a global technology and media company that is the parent of two primary businesses: NBC Universal and Comcast Cable. Comcast Cable might be what most people are familiar with, providing high-speed internet and phone providers to residential customers and businesses under the Xfinity name.

Let’s look at the history of Comcast, who they are, what they represent, and how you can save the most with Comcast by means of military discounts and other means of saving.

About Comcast

Comcast Corporation is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast is one of the largest internet service providers in the United States, as well as a major provider of broadcasting and cable television, and telephone service provider. Comcast is also the parent company of NBC Universal, so it also produces feature films and TV shows. Comcast operates Xfinity, which many know as internet service providers.

Comcast often receives negative feedback and media coverage as having poor customer service, as well as bigger issues like violating net neutrality practices. There have been some trust issues with their roles as providers of services as well as the ones creating the content, as well as the lack of competition in certain markets which gives Comcast a huge amount of power.

In 1963, what would eventually be incorporated into Comcast was the founding of American Cable Systems. Comcast was incorporated in 1969, and its initial public offering in 1972. Comcast has had many acquisitions and many that fell through. Some that were successfully acquired were AT&T and Dreamworks Animation Studios. Comcast holds a lot of power in the media world, and its history of acquisitions proves it.

How To Save With a Comcast Military Discount

Comcast is happy to offer support to the military through certain promotions and offers. They make the offer clear and easy to find on their website. For those currently serving in the military and for military Veterans, Comcast is offering a $25 Xfinity coupon that can be used towards the consumer’s next purchase of Xfinity On Demand rentals or purchases, or it can be applied as a credit towards your next bill. They have another benefit for those that have signed up for an Xfinity service for a minimum term agreement on or after January 1, 2018, and they are eligible to receive a special $100 prepaid Visa card. These special offers and the applications to receive them must be completed and submitted by March 21, 2020.

To receive the discount, those who are applying must authenticate their military status, as well as have a valid Comcast account number. Brands like Comcast don’t have to offer any type of military discount or relief, but it’s always a good way to reach a different demographic or audience who is undecided about what type of network provider they are willing to support. Comcast might have their own unique issues with trust, but that doesn’t discount the work that they are trying to do. Comcast also prides itself on hiring members of the military. Comcast claims on its website that they are committed to employing more than 21,000 of the military community by 2021.

How To Save With Other Service Providers

As everyone should do when shopping for something major, where you are committing to a bill every single month, shop around. This can sometimes be difficult when brands like Comcast are very saturated in areas and block out the competition, it’s still possible to find other providers that might offer a better deal. The best thing to do is to start searching for what you want, seeing who offers what you want, and then price comparing. If you speak to a customer service representative with Comcast or Xfinity, you might even be able to get some sort of discount with your purchase of services, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Comcast shares the efforts it has made to support the military community. Beyond hiring military members and their families to work for Comcast, they’ve also donated over $95 million in cash and in-kind contributions to over 265 Veterans’ organizations since 2011. Comcast also offers services to Veterans with low-income eligibility to help bridge the divide for those who can’t afford access to the internet and other media services.

The cost for Comcast internet services can range from just $20/month to over $100/month depending on your needs and the market that you live in. You can save money by bundling options (which could cost more overall, but not if you were going to pay for all of the options anyway). Some of those bundles could include adding a home phone or TV to your internet package. Just like with many brands, there are always different special and deals going on at various times of the year. It’s worth it to check-in with your provider, especially if you already have Xfinity, and see if there are ways to reduce the cost of your services or to honor deals that are currently active, but weren’t when you first signed up.

Using Comcast and Negotiating the Deal

Technology is constantly evolving. This means that prices are usually always fluctuating as well. Sometimes people will sign up and agree to a certain price for the internet or cell phones and continue to pay that amount for the duration of their plan. If prices drop, it’s unlikely that these businesses will call you and ask you if you’d like to move to the cheaper rate. So it’s important to be proactive, especially when saving is a high priority for you, by reaching out to these service providers and haggling a bit to get the best deals that suit your needs and your budget.

Many people have written about negotiating better deals with big corporations like Comcast. They are committed to their customers, because if they lose a customer that they spent a lot of money acquiring, then the competitor will very likely gain that customer and their money.

When negotiating for a better deal, you can always call Comcast and find your way to the cancellation department. They have the power to offer you the best deals to prevent you from canceling your services. As with many businesses, and human interaction in general, kindness goes a long way, while still being direct and firm in the deal that you are seeking. You might have to walk away from using their service, or you might end up with a better deal, either way, negotiating is always acceptable and sometimes even expected when working out a deal with a service provider like this one. Paying your bills on time can also help with this negotiation.

Comcast has shown a commitment to supporting military service members and their families in a myriad of ways. Even though they get a bad reputation for poor customer service, they are still trying to use their money in ways that support the men and women in the United States Armed Forces. They support the military through their $25 promotional credit, through donations to Veterans’ organizations, and through hiring military personnel and their families. You can show your support and gratitude for these tokens of appreciation while still negotiating for a rate that fits within your family needs and budget.

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