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Dicks Sporting Goods Military Discount

At this time, Dick’s Sporting Goods does not offer a military discount. When speaking with their customer service representative, they advised that they don’t offer a military discount, but were willing to offer a discount as a courtesy if contacted through their customer service department. If you’ve never heard of Dick’s, it’s name offers a good overview of what the company sells. Dick’s Sporting Goods is an American retailer selling sporting goods, and other wares for your athletic and movement needs.

Let’s take a look at the history of Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as ways to save at their stores, and other stores like it.

About Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s is one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the United States. They have hundreds of stores, more than 720, across the country, as well as specialty store concepts like Golf Galaxy, LLC, which is a golf specialty retail store, and Field and Stream that offers a wide variety of outdoor brands and in-store services. Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded in 1948 in Binghamton, New York by Richard “Dick” Stack. It originated as a single bait and tackle store that was funded by a $300 loan from his grandmother.

Dick’s Sporting Goods was primarily operating in the Eastern United States up until 2009. Since then, the company has expanded to the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest. Dick’s is committed to bringing sports to youth players, as they believe that sports make life better, and make the individual a better person. Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation commits up to $2 million annually to a youth sports program called Sports Matter. The program and company also donated $2 million towards disaster relief in the form of donating to youth sports programs and facilities that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

How To Save Money When Shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods

As with many stores, there are different strategies that you can use to save money when shopping. While Dick’s Sporting Goods does not offer a military discount, they offer other ways to save. The best strategy to begin with for all shopping endeavors of high-quality, and sometimes high-cost items, is to price comparison shop. The great part about this method is that Dick’s claims that they will price match on many products within certain parameters, even from Amazon (although not from third party resellers and the marketplace). Price shopping is a great tool to utilize for any type of purchase, whether it’s sports equipment or purchasing a new car. You can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars with a bit of care and effort.

Another way you can save at Dicks is by using their free shipping combined with current sales. Many stores offer sales constantly as a way to drive engagement and bring in business. If you’re patient and strategic, you can plan for that next purchase of your favorite pair of running shoes or golf clubs to align with in-store and online sales. Shipping can get expensive, and if you want the ease of shopping at Amazon, without the added cost of shipping, Dick’s might be a great alternative that directly supports the company and the brands it represents.

Ways To Get a Discount at Dick’s Sporting Goods

To get a discount off of your purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can sign up for their email subscription, which should land a 10% off discount code in your inbox. For many websites, it’s not possible to stack coupon codes, so this also requires some strategy and research because you might be able to use a code that will save you more versus using the 10% off. When speaking with their customer service representative, they advised that Dick’s doesn’t offer a military discount. But they do offer a courtesy discount if you reach out to them directly at the time of your purchase (before completing the purchase), and they apply a discount code to your order. It might be similar, or it might not. But it’s the perfect example of asking about discounts and receiving one, versus not asking and never finding out if they are willing to help you save.

To take the discounts a step further and possibly save 20% on your order, you can sign up for text alerts from Dick’s. It can be obnoxious to receive texts with deals, turning your text messaging into a junk email inbox. So it’s best to sign up for this around the time that you plan to use it. Once you use the code, you can unsubscribe from these text messages in the future. For this deal, they offer $20 off of a $100 purchase for signing up for text alerts. This $20 off offer is only valid for one week and must be used online. It also can’t be combined with any other offers. It does, however, look like it can be used on marked down and sale items.

There are other ways to save at Dick’s if you are adamant about getting a discount, and possibly if it’s a place that you plan to shop at frequently. If it’s somewhere you intend to spend a lot of time and money, it might be worth signing up for a free “ScoreCard” which is the Dick’s Sporting Goods loyalty rewards program. Many stores offer this type of loyalty card, and you can sign up for free, or sign up for the ScoreCard credit card. By signing up for the free loyalty benefits card, you can earn 1 point for every $1 spent on a qualified purchase. You’ll receive $10 off for every 300 points that you earn. This might not seem like much, but if you’re spending a lot of money there, this could be a nice little discount, especially if you stack it with sales and other discount offers that might be occurring when you plan to use the discount. With the credit card, you get all of the benefits (and sometimes pitfalls) of owning a credit card. But with the credit card, every qualifying purchase is double the points, leading to a quicker path to your earned rewards.

Saving at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Other Businesses

Saving money at places like Dick’s is a lot easier than it might look. It requires strategy and planning, but more often than not, a quick browse of their website will show you when they are having sales, along with easy access to what is on sale at their stores at any given time. There are other sporting goods stores that offer military discounts, although some are tailored to a different audience, like Cabela’s, for example. Each of these stores has something to offer, and it’s up to the consumer to do their work and see what brands they are comfortable supporting, and those that they aren’t. Dick’s is a conscientious brand that was built like many others, from the ground up, from an idea turned into a booming business.

Not all businesses offer military discounts. This can be for a variety of reasons, and oftentimes it is not because they don’t support the military. This is capitalism, and businesses need to earn money to stay in business. We can show our support for these businesses regardless of any offered discounts because those offers are a privilege rather than an entitlement. It never hurts to ask for a discount, as is the case with Dick’s where they will offer you a courtesy discount if you contact them at the time of purchase, but it’s not always an option.

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