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Frontier Military Discount

Service members and Veterans make immense sacrifices for the sake of preserving America’s freedoms and liberties. While most people will never fully understand all that this entails, more companies and businesses across the nation are working to thank members of the Armed Forces for their service. In many cases, the most effective ways for companies and businesses to do this is via military discount programs on available products and services.

At this point, Frontier Airlines is a pretty well-established commercial airline company. Countless people fly with Frontier, both domestically and internationally. Due to the popularity and frequent business of this airline, the provision of the Frontier military discount is heartening.

To date, Frontier Airlines provides special discounts and baggage fee waivers for service members carrying the proper, confirmatory identification.

About Frontier Airlines

The inception of Frontier technically took place two times. The first instance occurred between 1950 and 1986 after being consolidated with Continental Airlines. Then, the second birth of this airline company took place in 1994 when Frontier’s former executives banded together and established a new, separate airline.

Between 2001 and 2011, Frontier Airlines reached some pretty significant points. Making the list of Fortune 500’s fastest-growing companies, converting to an all-Airbus fleet, and even filing for bankruptcy are a few examples. However, by the time 2014 rolled around, Frontier managed to solidify their company and brand by merging with other airlines, introducing onboard wi-fi, and simplifying the configuration of their fare rates.

In present day, Frontier Airlines’ headquarters are stationed in Denver, Colorado. Approximately 5,100 employees are presently working for the company and it caters to more than 100 cities across the United States of America. Due to the popularity of air travel, Frontier Airlines gets plenty of business; this directly correlates with not only the Frontier Military Discount, but also why this discount is so valuable and important.

How To Save Money With Frontier Discounts

Just about everyone looks for ways to save money when partaking in air travel; individuals who fly with Frontier are no exception to this rule. Therefore, if you’re interested in getting the best deal when you’re flying with this particular airline, being fully aware of all options at your disposal is deeply imperative.

Some proven and effective means of saving money when flying with Frontier Airlines include the following:

  • Shopping and booking in the middle of the week
  • Being flexible about arrival and departure times
  • Setting fare alerts on major search websites
  • Flying with Basic Economy
  • Joining the Frontier Miles Frequent Flyer program
  • Light packing to avoid baggage fees

Like other airlines, Frontier has various times where flights may be cheaper than others. Keeping an eye out for ways to save money and employing the strategies listed above will serve you well. This matters just as much as being fully aware of the Frontier Military Discount.

What To Know About the Frontier Military Discount

In order to make the most of this airline’s military discount, you have to be fully aware of all that it entails and what Frontier is offering.

First and foremost, Frontier Airlines’ military discount is strictly applicable to active-duty service members; their relatives or traveling companions are not eligible for this discount. In addition to presenting military identification, service members who wish to take advantage of Frontier’s discount must also produce a Common Access Card (CAC).

According to the airline’s website, the Frontier Military Discount entails waived baggage fees. While there are no options for reduced airfare prices, eligible service members do have the opportunity to reap the benefits of a free personal item, a free carry-on bag, and up to two free checked bags.

Frontier Airlines’ waive of baggage fees does come with certain rules and caveats, however. Size and weight limits of bags are required to fall in line with Frontier’s baggage acceptance policies. The fees associated with overweight or oversized bags are waived for service members for their first two free-of-charge checked bags.

What Can You Expect From Frontier Airlines?

Knowing the ins and outs of the Frontier Military Discount is helpful when preparing to fly; however, being fully aware of what to expect when flying with this particular airline also makes an important difference. Like any other airline, Frontier has a brand and reputation that it works hard to uphold; likewise, there are certain touches and experiences that are unique to this airline or otherwise closely associated with it.

As an airline, Frontier prides itself on “low fares done right.” On the airline’s website, they describe this phrase as their “driving philosophy” and therefore, one of the central elements associated with Frontier. service members and others who choose to give their business to Frontier Airlines should expect low fares in addition to various options for the most comfortable and agreeable flight.

Many prior passengers of Frontier have noted the airline’s reasonable prices, overall timeliness, and good customer service. However, Frontier does not come without their detractors; certain passengers of the airline complained about hidden extra charges for seat selections and various flight amenities.

Ultimately, each person has to determine whether or not flying with Frontier Airlines is the best choice for them. One of the distinctions of the Frontier Military Discount is that it does not extend to the immediate relatives of service members; this varies from other airlines that offer military discounts for which family members of Armed Forces members are eligible for.

At the end of the day, knowing where you stand with Frontier Airlines always makes a difference. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this airline and the military discount is a good fit.

Get the Best Deal at Frontier With Your Military Discount

Understanding the Frontier Military Discount, its requirements for eligibility, and all that it entails is important. In a day and age where people are constantly on the go, whether for business or recreational purposes, being as knowledgeable as possible about airline options is recommended.

Waived baggage fees can certainly make a difference for traveling service members, especially those who are frequently on the go. Members of the military who take advantage of Frontier’s fee removals can save quite a bit of money when traveling with a fair amount of baggage. The overall low prices associated with this particular airline combined with no baggage fees may also be of value to members of the Armed Forces who are traveling on a budget.

When moving through the world, whether via flight or otherwise, remembering the service and sacrifice of service members is always imperative. As companies and businesses take steps to thank military members for their sacrifice, we should all be sure to follow suit on an individual level.

Thanking a Service Member

There are always helpful and supportive ways to thank a service member for their love and protection of our country. Even gestures that seem small can make an immense difference. Sharing information about military discount programs like Frontier Airlines’ is a great way of helping out members of the Armed Forces, especially if they are frequent flyers.

Additional means of thanking a service member for all that they do include writing letters to those who are deployed along with sending care packages. Another option involves volunteering with or donating to your local military base. There are always ways to get involved and show support to not only service members, but also their relatives who make unique sacrifices of their own.

No matter who you are, whether you manage an established airline or not, you can always make a difference in the lives of those who bravely serve our nation.

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