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Great Wolf Lodge Military Discount


Great Wolf Lodge offers up to a 40% discount to all heroes, called the Howling Heroes discount, including active and retired military members, as well as Fire, emergency medical service personnel, 911 dispatchers, and law enforcement. To receive the discount, a valid ID must be present at check-in for the promotion to apply, as well as the qualified person being present.

Great Wolf Lodge is a kid-friendly indoor water park that features a “dry land” experience with activities like mini-golf, a ropes course, a challenging mirror maze, an arcade, and many other exciting adventures.

About Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge began under another name in 1997 in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Then, it was called Black Wolf Lodge and was a small indoor water park resort founded by Jack and Andrew Waterman. In 2001, a second location was built in Sandusky, OH. and was named the Great Bear Lodge. Not until 2003, when a third location opened, did the founders decide to name all of the lodges Great Wolf Lodge.

Between 2012 and 2019 there were various acquisitions that happened over the Great Wolf Lodge chain. By 2019, there were two companies, Blackstone Group and Centerbridge Partners, who agreed to a $2.9 billion joint-venture to own the company.

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Great Wolf Lodge has shown a commitment to producing less waste in an attempt to have less of an impact on the environment. According to its website, “In 2007, the company launched a brand-wide initiative called Project Green Wolf with programs designed to reduce our environmental imprint through energy and resource conservation efforts. Programs include energy-efficient LED lighting, in-room water conservation, resort-wide recycling, and we recently announced the discontinuation of plastic straws at our resorts.

Water conservation is not only a way to minimize our environmental impact, but it’s also beneficial to our business. With our technologically advanced water filtration system, the water park utilizes about the same amount of water as one Olympic-sized pool. No water is wasted, and since the waterpark is indoors, we lose very little water to evaporation even in the aridest environments.”

Each Great Wolf Lodge resort offers room and board, two day passes to the water park for every night booked to sleep, options to have meals provided, and the option to add on a multitude of activities for adults and children.

Great Wolf Lodge Discounts To Make Your Stay Cheaper

Staying at the Great Wolf Lodge, especially as a family, can get quite pricey depending on when you go, how long you stay, and what types of amenities and activities you choose to indulge in. There are ways, including utilizing the military discount, that can make your stay much more affordable.

One of the first tips for making most vacations cheaper is going during the off-season. Great Wolf Lodge also offers a deal for people who book their vacations at least 60 days in advance. When booking this early, the trip costs 50% less! Which is a huge amount of savings.

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If you aren’t sure which coupon codes to use, as there seem to be many of them depending on which deal you’re taking, you can use the Honey app on your browser to determine the best deal on the internet. The Honey app scours the internet for deals and coupon codes on whatever website you’re on, and then tests and applies those codes in an attempt to find the best deals available. It’s definitely a handy tool if you are a virtual bargain hunter.

How To Use the Military Discount Code at Great Wolf Lodge

First, it’s important to determine which coupon code is going to save you the most money. If you will be attending Great Wolf Lodge before 60 days, the Howling Heroes military discount code might be your best bet to get the cheapest prices. But if you’re booking 60 days out, you’ll save 50% off prices depending on the dates you stay.

When you apply the coupon code at checkout, make sure that all of your information matches the ID of the person who will be checking in. Always included in the stay with Great Wolf Lodge are all-day water park passes, unlimited Wi-Fi, fitness center access, kids activities, and storytimes with character appearances.

Another way to experience Great Wolf Lodge at a more affordable rate, especially if you live within a reasonable driving distance to the resort, is to purchase a day pass. You don’t have to stay for multiple days to enjoy the fun, and you can use your military discount to make the day passes even more affordable.

What Can You Expect at a Great Wolf Lodge Resort?

Each Great Wolf Lodge is a little different. At each, you’ll always have all-day water park passes included in your stay, as well as unlimited Wi-Fi, and a variety of activities for kids. There are also different shopping and dining options available to those staying at the resort.

Another fun aspect of staying at the Great Wolf Lodge is the opportunity to stay in a themed suite. Some of those suites might be a wolf den suite with a cave themed area furnished with bunk beds or kid cabins that look like little cabins within your suite for the kids to sleep in.

The water park rides and attractions at Great Wolf lodge abound. There are options for all ages, from the tiniest tots to massive funnels that you slip and slide through. If you enjoy going to the spa, you can find space to relax in the Elements Spa Salon or take your little ones in for some pampering at Scooops Kids Spa.

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When you stay for the night, you can “swim, splash, and slide throughout our 84-degree indoor water park. It’s perfect for toddlers to teens and moms & dads too. Your stay includes:

  • Passes to our indoor water park
  • Towels
  • Unlimited Wifi throughout the resort
  • Kids activities
  • Fitness center access

The resort also notes that “Water park passes are included in your suite price. Every night’s stay gets you two days of play – with park access from 1:00 pm on the day of arrival until close of the departure date. Towels and life jackets are provided by the lodge and lifeguards are always on duty.”

If you have any questions about using different discounts, or possibly stacking discounts, you can call the Great Wolf Lodge customer service number at 1-800-640-9653. Most businesses don’t stack coupons, but it never hurts to ask. Sometimes businesses can make exceptions, and sometimes they can’t.

Enjoy Your Stay at Great Wolf Lodge With the Help of a Military Discount

The early savers discount where you book at least 60 days in advance isn’t always around, so having the military discount available for large portions of the year is a great help. Great Wolf Lodge offers a great discount for those in the armed forces, as well as other types of emergency work. The resort discounts make it a much more accessible vacation for those military families that might not otherwise get to go.

When you book your stay at Great Wolf Lodge with a military discount, you’ll save up to 40% off on the price of your stay, and that stay will include two days of water park passes for every night that you book. One of the many perks for your service in the military is receiving support from the community and from various businesses who value the work that you do and the sacrifices that you and your family have made for this country.

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