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Regal Cinemas Military Discount


Yes, Regal Cinemas does offer a military discount. Going to the movies is a treat that many people can’t afford. If you have a family, the price of going to the movie theater and purchasing snacks at the concession stand can start to rise towards $100 just for a fun couple of hours. To make this more accessible to military families, as well as to honor their service to the United States, Regal Cinemas offers discounts to active or retired military veterans. Military discounts are available at the box office and require proof of service with the presentation of a military ID at the time of purchase.

To find a list of Regal Cinemas theaters who note on their websites that they offer military discounts, click here. To check if a theater near you offers military discounts, call them up first to see what kind of discount they offer. Military discounts are beneficial for those families who might not otherwise be able to afford certain luxuries and adventures like going to the theater, especially with larger families. A trip to the movie theater is a wonderful way to spend family time. Supporting businesses, like Regal Cinemas, is a great way to support those businesses who are actively supporting the military through their actions and discount programs.

About Regal Cinemas

According to the Regal website, “Regal, a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group, operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, consisting of 7,211 screens in 549 theatres in 42 states along with American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam and Saipan as of October 28, 2019.” Regal is dedicated to creating an experience that makes Regal Cinemas one of the most enjoyable places to watch a movie.

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Regal Cinemas was founded in 1989 in Knoxville, TN. In 2001, after massive expansion, Regal overextended itself, going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Later it would be merged with United Artists Theaters and Edwards Theaters, keeping the namesake alive. The Regal Roller Coaster Policy that many remember from their youth depending on when they were born, was revived in 2010. The Regal Roller Coaster Policy was the trailer that was shown at the beginning of every movie.

In 2009, Regal signed an agreement with Sony Corporation to equip all of its theaters with Sony 4K projection over the next three to five years. To contact Regal Cinemas, you can email them from their website, or call them at (888) 462-7342.

The most recent news of Regal Cinemas is a new deal with PepsiCo. They acquired exclusive fountain pouring rights to be placed into effect before the 2020 summer season begins, ending a long-term contract they’ve had with the Coca-Cola Company, coming more into alignment with Cineworld, a brand that acquired them in 2017. Some customers have been critical of this change, citing a preference for Coca Cola products over Pepsi products.

Different Movie Theater Discounts at Regal Cinemas

Regal has different policies for different age groups and professional life categories. If you are a student, some theaters offer student discounts. If you are in the military, many of the theaters offer military discounts. Both discount types require proof with an ID or other forms of verification. Children under three can attend the movies for free. Children’s tickets are issued to those who are ages 3 to 11.

To find out what the ticket prices are at your theater, you can go to the Regal Cinemas website at Ticket prices vary by market and territory, so you’ll need to check with your specific theater to find out what the ticket prices are, as well as what kind of discount you can get on movie tickets.

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Some other ways to get discounts through Regal Cinemas is to watch for their value days at select theaters. On Tuesdays, some theaters offer $5 movies. Regal Cinemas websites aren’t as straightforward and transparent about how much military discounts amount to, as they aren’t listed. Many suggest calling the theater of choice and asking specifically for how much the discount is. Their phone system recordings are also difficult to decipher: choose the wrong option and you’ll end up with an automation that hangs up on you after it says its recording.

Join the Regal Crown Club

According to the Regal website, “The Regal Crown Club program rewards movie-lovers that attend participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres! Members earn credits for box office and concession purchases, and those credits can be used to obtain free concession items, merchandise, movie tickets and more through our online Reward Center.” By joining the Regal Crown Club, which is completely free, every movie attended adds points to your account which can eventually be redeemed for discounted or free movies and concessions.

With the Regal Crown Club, visitors can also get discounts on various things. On Tuesdays, using the Crown Club card, you can attend movies at a cheaper rate than normal. For some places, the discount is a $5 day, for others, it is a $7 movie ticket price. On Tuesdays, with the Regal Crown Club sign up, moviegoers can get 50% off of any size popcorn at participating theaters.

How To Get the Regal Cinemas Military Discount

Actually applying the military discount to your purchase is a little more difficult than it needs to be. When purchasing your tickets online, it would make sense that there is a space to select that you are or were a member of the Armed Forces and receive the discount. But online purchases don’t have options to add discount codes at all. You can pay by credit or debit card, or by a gift card.

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Calling in to reserve tickets also poses a clunky process, with difficulty reaching a real-life human being that can assist you. The best and easiest way to receive your discount is to go to the window at the theater of your choice, even if you go in a few days before the movie showtime, and reserve and pay for your ticket then. To receive the discount, you have to show your military ID, which might be why the online option is non-existent.

It’s unclear whether you can combine offers, but once you get into the discounted movie with your military ID, you can then scan your receipt code and apply the amount spent towards the movie towards the points in your Regal Crown Club rewards account. Eventually, you’ll be able to use those reward points to redeem free tickets or free concessions in the future. Combining military discounts with Club rewards is an effective way to get the greatest discount on movie tickets.

Going To the Movie Theater Without Breaking the Bank

Going to the movies can be costly entertainment if you are a person or family that likes to go see new movies often, but it’s also a wonderful experience that doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a multitude of ways to attend the movies in a more affordable way. It requires resourcefulness and a little bit of effort to find the best deals, the best days to attend the movies when they are running specials, as well as a willingness to speak up and ask for the discount in the first place.

Getting a military discount is a wonderful perk of the services and sacrifices of being a member of the military. It’s also a great option for an active duty military member’s family to go out and have fun when their spouse is deployed, and then come back later and share the experience with them over video chat when possible.

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