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Starz Military Discount

With streaming services all competing with each other, it seems that more and more TV networks are getting teeth in the game by coming out with incredible shows. The problem is, all of them cost money and paying for them altogether can cost more than a regular cable subscription.

Starz is one of those networks competing for user subscriptions with popular shows like “Outlander” and other cinema-grade feature films. So, can military service members get a discount on a Starz subscription?

In short, no – there are no military discounts for Starz. But, there are some ways to watch Starz for free or at a discount.

Here, we’re talking about the Starz free trial that’s available to military families and the Hulu military discount to which you can add a Starz subscription. Plus, we’re seeing if any other prominent streaming services offer a military discount for comparison purposes.

How To Get a Starz Military Discount

The best way for military families to get a discount on Starz is by taking advantage of their 7-day free trial offer. If there’s a particular show you want to watch on Starz, you may even be able to binge-watch an entire series for free!

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, if you decide to go this route.

First of all, you’ll need to submit your credit card information. We know – it’s something no one wants to do. But as long as you cancel before the free trial is finished, you won’t be charged a dime.

With that being said, be sure to set yourself a reminder to manually cancel your subscription before the end of the trial.

From there, you’ll have access to all the Starz has to offer for the whole week. So, if you’re sick in bed or you’re on vacation, it could be a great time to start that free trial and watch as much as you can!

Additionally, the Starz free trial is only available once. But, if you have multiple email addresses or credit cards, you might be able to take advantage as a returning user. Either way, this free trial is an easy way military service members can watch Starz for free.

Watch Starz With an Amazon Prime Membership

In addition to getting the free Starz trial directly through Starz itself, Amazon Prime members also get access to this free trial offer and up to 50% off on Starz products including episode and series downloads.

So, if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, this is a fantastic way to watch shows on Starz for free or for a hefty discount. Plus, although Amazon Prime doesn’t offer a discount specifically for military service members, they are known to offer discounted memberships in November around Veterans Day.

So, look out for any potential military discounts that could come up and you’ll be saving tons of money watching Starz shows and movies this way. You can also sign up for Amazon Video on its own for less than you would pay for a full Amazon Prime membership.

Generally, military service members get a lot out of their Amazon Prime memberships. With expedited shipping and access to online sales before non-Prime members, it can be super beneficial for those who are serving deployments overseas.

Amazon Video is also working hard to make streaming services available in more remote parts of the world where American soldiers might be stationed. So getting your Starz shows through Amazon Prime could be a win-win situation for military service members and their families.

Head to Amazon’s website for all your subscription options and start watching Starz at a huge discount!

Use the Hulu Military Discount Instead

Hulu seems to be the only streaming service that offers a designated military discount when you purchase through Not only will you be eligible for a Hulu free trial that lasts an entire month, but military service members will also receive 10% off their monthly subscription fee for up to a year.

So, how does this help military service members watch the Starz network?

Well, with your Hulu subscription, you’ll be able to stream Starz shows and movies as an add-on. Unless you already have a military discount on your cable services, this could be the best deal out there for TV and movies. Switching to Hulu costs only $5.99 per month plus 10% off during the first year using the Hulu military discount.

From there, you can add on a Starz subscription to your Hulu package and continue to save. You can also try Hulu+ LiveTV to watch live TV for free for seven days.

Plus, you’re able to cancel your Hulu subscription at any time, no questions asked. So, especially with the Hulu military discount, it’s a huge money-saver for many military families.

To summarize, Hulu offers a 10% military discount on the first year of your subscription. Then, you can use that saved money to add on a Starz subscription to your Hulu account, making this a great deal for military service members.

Starz Special Offers

On the Starz website, the network has special offers available throughout the year. So, if you’re thinking about signing up and planning to pay full price for a Starz subscription, see if you can hold off until another special offer comes around.

For example, a recent offer done by Starz was $4.99 per month for the first three months of your subscription. That’s nearly half off the regular Starz subscription price of $8.99 per month. If you don’t see a special offer available, wait until the next one to save as much money as possible.

Does Netflix Offer a military discount?

Netflix is the biggest streaming service available on the market and in talking about a Starz military discount, we can also touch on how Netflix handles military discounts.

Long story short – no, Netflix does not have a military discount. But if you’re looking to watch certain Starz shows and you already have a Netflix account, you may be able to find them there.

Popular TV shows and movies that originally aired on Starz can also be found on Netflix, so before you buy a full subscription to Starz, do a quick search on Netflix first. The show you want to watch might already be there!

The Breakdown

So, to wrap things up and help give you as clear a picture of the Starz military discount as possible, here is a breakdown.

  • Starz does not have a discount for military service members.
  • Starz offers a free 7-day trial.
  • Starz frequently releases special offers such as subscriptions $4.99 per month for the first three months.
  • Military service members can watch Starz shows and movies at a discounted rate through an Amazon Prime membership.
  • Amazon Prime memberships occasionally go on sale around Veterans Day.
  • Hulu offers a Starz add-on.
  • The Hulu military discount is 10% off per month for your first year of subscriptions and a one-month free trial. 
  • Netflix does not have a military discount but they do stream many shows and movies from Starz.

With the Starz free week-long trial and the fact that many Starz TV shows and movies are available via the other major streaming services, it’s clear that there are many other ways to watch Starz even without a Starz military discount available.

If you’re looking to watch Starz, your best bet is to get a Hulu account and use the military discount. Then, add Starz to your subscription to make sure you never miss an episode of any of your favorite Starz series. That way, you’ll not only get access to these shows, but you’re also receiving everything Hulu has to offer at a great price.

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