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Target Military Discount


One of the benefits offered to military service members is discounts at restaurants, retail stores, and other everyday establishments.

Target is one of the biggest and most popular retail chains in the country and many people do a lot of shopping there. From getting the trendiest clothes to buying freshest groceries to decorating your daughter’s college dorm room, Target is the place many families go to get everything they need.

Target as a company does a lot for military service members and veterans, however, they don’t have a specific military discount like some other retailers do. This may come as a surprise to some, but once you take a closer look, it’s obvious how many great things Target does for the military community. Plus, it’s easy to imagine that a daily military discount would easily get taken advantage of since Target has so many different products to offer.

As for discounts, they often do a yearly Target military discount around Veterans Day most Novembers and they support the military and veterans in countless other ways through different programs and volunteer efforts.

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Here, we’re explaining the Target military discount on Veteran’s Day along with the other ways Target offers military and veteran support through their various initiatives and volunteer programs.

Target Military Discount on Veterans Day

Every year on November 11th, the United States celebrates Veterans Day as a way to honor and give thanks to all our military veterans across the country. Many companies use the holiday to give special discounts to veterans, active-duty military service members, and their family members. Target is no exception.

Last year, in 2019, Target’s Veterans Day initiative lasted from November 3rd through 11th, giving military families an entire week to take 10% off their purchase either in the store or online. Although the offer is only available once per military ID (meaning you can’t go back every day of the week), it’s a great Target military discount, especially if you’ve been waiting to make a big purchase.

How to get the Target military discount for Veterans Day:

  • Sign up for the offer at
  • You will verify your military ID by filling out a verification form and using a third-party program called SheerID which you’ll be directed to automatically
  • The 10% off Target military discount will be emailed to you directly
  • Print out the coupon or show it to the cashier on your mobile device

So, it does take a bit of preparation to get this Target military discount for Veterans Day but it’s certainly worth it. Be sure to take advantage of it this year if you see that it’s up and running again!

There are some exclusions but overall, this is an incredible deal for service members and their families.

Target Military and Veteran Support

In lieu of a daily Target military discount, the retail company does a lot of other incredible things to help support the US military and their families.

  • Veteran Jobs Mission
  • Service and volunteer efforts
  • Military Business Council
  • Awards and recognition

In this section, we’re going over all the amazing things Target is part of to help active-duty service members and military veterans apart from a discount.

Veteran Jobs Mission

Target is one of over 200 companies that has partnered with the Veteran Jobs Mission. In doing so, they have pledged to hire more military veterans to help facilitate a more seamless transition back into civilian life.

So far, Target has hired more than 300,000 veterans and hopes to soon reach its goal of hiring one million veterans as part of the mission. But it’s not just veterans who are feeling these benefits at Target.

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The retail company also provides opportunities for activated reservists with pay differentials and optional medical coverage for their families. They also provide proactive leave of absence guidance for military team members which aims to make the entire process as painless as possible.

Service and Volunteer Efforts

With the help of Target team members. Target also supports military service members with acts of service and specific volunteer efforts throughout the year. Target supports three organizations, in particular:

  • USO
  • Operation Gratitude
  • The Mission Continues

The USO is the leading non-profit organization built to support military service members and their families by encouraging strong connections with life back home by promoting programs and services for every need felt by the military. From support during the holidays to important needs-based help for soldiers, the USO is always there and Target is always part of that effort.

Operation Gratitude is an organization committing to thanking every single military service member through letters and care packages sent around the globe. Target employees help write and collect letters and to organize care packages that are sent to deployed service members which boosts morale and makes soldiers feel closer to home.

The Mission Continues is another non-profit organization that works with military service members and Target is heavily involved. The Mission Continues aims to connect veterans with under-resourced communities to create win-win situations. By using valuable military skills, the hope is to improve these communities while giving veterans a sense of purpose.

Military Business Council

At the corporate level, Target has a specific Military Business Council that has been selected to work on the needs of guests, team members, and future job candidates with military history. This council helps provide appropriate resources, support, and opportunities for veterans working for and interacting with the company.

With a dedicated team of people working specifically for those with a military background, it’s clear that Target cares about our service members and veterans and are doing their best to help them out wherever possible.

Awards and Recognition

To further drive home the point that Target does a lot for military service members even though there isn’t an everyday Target military discount, we’ll list a few of the awards they’ve won for their support of the military and veterans.

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A few honors that Target has received include:

  • Orion International Top 20 Military Companies, 2011
  • Navy Reserve Top Employer, 2011
  • US Navy Certificate of Appreciation, 2010
  • Minnesota Chapter of the Employer Support of Guard and Reserve Pro Patria Award, 2010

These are only a handful of awards and recognition given to Target for their support of military service members and it just goes to show that this company truly does care.


At first glance, some military service members might feel disappointed that Target doesn’t offer a military discount for service members and veterans. After all, Target pretty much has it all and most Americans love to shop there.

However, upon a closer look, it’s without a doubt that Target does a lot for military service members, both on active duty and as veterans.

From the Target military discount that usually happens around Veterans Day to the company’s involvement with fantastic organizations who work night and day to support the military like the Veterans Job Mission, the USO, Operation Gratitude, and The Mission Continues, there’s no doubt that Target is an ally to the Armed Forces.

Sure, we’d all love a good Target military discount that we can use any day of the year, but with their amazing coupon program, the military support they provide and all the amazing things they do for our soldiers and veterans, it’s hard to really complain that Target should be doing more.

Overall, Target doesn’t have a military discount but they are a huge part of the military support effort. It truly takes the hard work and passion of many people to make sure the military runs smoothly and to give our service members the support they deserve.

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