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10 Touching Military Family Christmas Cards


The holidays are a tough time for the thousands of military families with a deployed loved one. A celebration that’s meant to be special can feel hollow when a parent or spouse isn’t there to spend it with. But some families have managed to find joy in their unique circumstances — and it’s because of their yearly Christmas cards. 

Military family Christmas cards take many forms. Some of them are humorous; using clever photo-editing and props to make light of the situation. Others are sweet and uplifting. Ultimately, they’re a way for military families to get that sense of togetherness that everyone else feels during this time of year. 

For the rest of us, they’re a reminder to be grateful for what we have, and remember that not everyone is so fortunate. 

Here are 10 military family Christmas cards that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even give you a few ideas for your own photoshoot. 


Military Family Christmas Cards

1. This mom of two had her husband digitally edited into their Christmas card

ABC News.

2. This family poses with handmade posters


3. This deployed dad isn’t missing the chance to photograph with his beautiful family


4. A picture-perfect holiday moment!

The SITREP Military Blog.

5. Mom and dad look like they’ve been planning this one for awhile


6. They’ll always remember this little one’s first Christmas

WMBF News.

7. This spouse has a colorful take on what the holidays are like without her loved one

8. “Love never takes a holiday”


9. This military couple is still smiling despite it all — and their smiles are contagious!


10. And this lucky pair got their wish: To be together on Christmas


We hope these military family Christmas cards brought some joy to your holidays. These families have certainly found a way to bring joy to theirs.

Here are our top 10 tips for dealing with deployment, during the holiday season and beyond.


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