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The service members of our United States military selflessly put their lives on the line to defend this nation’s freedoms and liberties. Many deployed individuals are unable to come home for the holidays, special occasions, or be with their families when most other people are. Going away to the military is also a significant milestone in a service member’s life, as is retiring from the military.

Bestowing the right military gifts to a service member is deeply impactful and meaningful in ways which you may not initially think of. Acknowledging someone’s deployment into the military with a gift is also monumental, along with thanking a service member for their sacrifice with military going away gifts.

If you’d like to learn all about the best gifts for service members, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Military Christmas Gifts

Many people view Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. However, this holiday can be challenging for service members who aren’t able to be with their families or loved ones while most others are. Thankfully, you have the power to make a difference by sending military Christmas gifts to a deployed person who is close to you.

Commemorative Gifts

If you’re unsure of which Christmas gifts will be most beneficial and appreciated by someone in the military, keep reading. While there’s an abundance of gift options to give someone in the military, commemorative ones are deeply special and heartfelt. Commemorative gifts not only acknowledge the service of a military person, but they’re also a kind-hearted gesture which says ‘thank you.’

Military award display cases, coin racks, and framed lithographs are some great examples of valuable and commemorative military Christmas gifts.

Travel and/or Deployment Gifts

If your loved one is currently deployed or regularly travels as part of their military service, this is important to consider when deciding upon the right gift. No two deployments are precisely the same; however, travel and deployment military Christmas gifts should always be handy and easy to use for service members.

Many civilians who have loved ones in the military send over care packages with various items that service members often need and use. Some examples of handy travel and deployment gifts for your loved one include shower caddies, utility tools, LED headlamps, etc. If you really want to make sure that a deployed person has a great Christmas, you can include travel and deployment gifts in a care package with various essentials such as toiletries and healthy snacks.

Sentimental Gifts

Many service members find themselves missing home, especially during the holidays. This is why sentimental momentums are amazing military Christmas gifts. Anything to remind a service person of their home and their loved ones can truly go quite a long way. Family photographs, drawings, handmade cards, scrapbooks, etc. are great momentums for any member of the military who loves and misses family.

The Best Military Retirement Gifts

Serving in the military is a deeply significant sacrifice. Service of this magnitude deserves recognition, especially in light of the struggle which reintegrating into civilian life can present.

Letting a veteran close to you know that you value and care about their service can really touch their heart in ways you can’t imagine. This is why it’s so important to know the best military retirement gifts to bestow upon a service person.

The good news about giving military gifts is that you have room to work with; however, gifts designed to honor the service of a veteran should pay direct homage to that service.

Some examples of excellent military retirement gifts are as follows:

  • Guidon displays
  • Personalized/inscribed eagle plaques
  • Coin displays
  • Flask gift set
  • Custom military canvas
  • Uniform shadow box
  • Engraved medallion pocket watch

Ultimately, there are a series of gifts which are acceptable for honoring military retirement. However, be mindful that there are five military branches and a series of units and forces within those five branches. Any military retirement gifts that you give a veteran should reflect the appropriate branch and unit/force.

The Best Military Going Away Gifts

When a loved one goes away to serve in the military, this can be an emotional time for them and their families. There’s not always a set date for when they will return home and this often contributes to heavy feelings as well.

Thankfully, this time presents the greatest opportunity for military going away gifts. Ideally, gifts of this nature should encourage and uplift someone who is preparing to serve their country. When you’re preparing military gifts like this, you also want to ensure that your present is handy, effective, and something which your service member can make good use of during their deployment.

Some examples of exceptional going away gifts to consider for someone in the military are as follows:

  • Personalized pillow case
  • Military care package
  • Personalized ammunition box
  • ‘Open When’ letters
  • Memory photo book/scrapbook
  • Warm throw blankets
  • Freedom-themed bottle opener

Seeing to it that your military gifts are useful for deployment is a great way to wish your service member well and thank them for their sacrifice.

The Best Gifts for Military Man

If you know a man who is serving in the military, you may be wondering which gifts would be most appropriate for him. Of course, no two military men are precisely alike; with that being said, knowing the gifts for military man which are typically most appealing can certainly make a positive difference.

Some examples of awesome gifts for a military man you know are as follows:

  • Service ring
  • Under Armor hustle backpack
  • Personalized marquee gift set
  • 12 gauge shotgun shell coasters
  • Personalized flask
  • Engraved bullet bottle opener
  • USA-themed beer cap holder

Handy and memorable military gifts will go a long way for a man who is currently serving his country.

When Can You Send Military Gifts?

You can send gifts to your deployed service member or veteran as often as you’d like. When you’re sending military Christmas gifts or going away gifts, be mindful of potential delays in shipping. It’s also important to be certain that you aren’t unknowingly sending any prohibited items; packages being sent to deployed individuals are usually checked. The last thing you want is to waste time and energy on sending something which your service person won’t be able to receive.

If there are multiple gifts which you’d like to send to someone who is serving, you might want to consider sending a military care package. Military care packages can contain a host of items which are useful and beneficial to deployed loved ones. Whether or not you’d like your military gifts to have a certain theme is also helpful to consider when putting together a military care package.

Do Letters Count?

Sometimes, the greatest way to give heartfelt gifts to someone in the military is to write letters. Deployment can get lonely sometimes and having personalized communication from a loved one can truly boost the morale of a person who is serving.

When writing to your servicemember, make sure to thank them and let them know how missed they are. If you can, including photos of loved ones who are missing them at home can add a nice touch to a heartfelt letter.

Be mindful that someone who is deployed may not always be able to respond to your letters as quickly as you’d like. When serving, the work in the field is the top priority of any military member. Still, if you’re able to write letters to your loved one even once per week, they can truly make a difference and serve as some of the greatest military gifts of all.

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