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Military Romance Books


For many, there’s just something so attractive about a man (or woman) in uniform. Maybe it’s due to the courage and bravery they must have by serving in the military or the physical prowess necessary to enlist. Or maybe it’s that sense of mystery — not really knowing what they do every day at work and overseas.

Still, a romance involving military men and women is often complicated and emotional. And that means that their stories make great romance novels! From long distance lovers to rescue missions that only a military man could complete for their beloved, you can’t deny that these situations could make for a great book.

Military Romance Books

Military romance books come in many forms. Beast by Pepper Pace is a military romance novel based on Beauty and the Beast. A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart was inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion but with a military twist. They can be historical fiction, sultry and lustful, or romantic in the traditional sense with a happy ending for everyone.

Here, we’ll be taking you through 15 military romance books broken down into three categories: the best military romance books, free military romance books, and ex-military romance books — each more exciting and romantic than the last.

Best Military Romance Books

The books on this list are considered must-reads by popular book bloggers which means they’re sure to be some of the best military romance books around. From tragedy to unexpected twists, check out these stories for a dose of military romance.

Rescuing Wendy by Susan Stoker

Aspen and Wendy meet over the phone. Soon, Aspen invites Wendy to visit him at Fort Hood. Things go terribly wrong and Aspen goes in to try and save Wendy. See what unfolds for the lovers.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Once Burned by L.A. Witt

Captain Mark Thomas meets Diego Ramirez at a local gay bar. Although Diego wants nothing to do with the military after the Navy cost him everything, he can’t deny his attraction to Mark.

Buy it on Amazon here.

The Undercover Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden

Navy SEAL Wolf Tate takes a woman hostage while on a mission to save the mother he’s never known. The hostage, Olivia de Santas, has always wanted to be taken into Wolf’s arms — but perhaps this isn’t what she imagined.

Buy it on Amazon here.

The War Within by Yolanda Wallace

This period piece/military romance book covers a lot of ground, with Meredith Moser going to Saigon in 1967 as a nurse and meeting the love of her life. Then, 47 years later she meets a woman whose heart she broke. Meanwhile, Meredith’s granddaughter Jordan meets a wheelchair-using veteran who she can’t seem to resist. It’s a multi-generational love story.

Buy it on Amazon here.

True Valor by Dee Henderson

Gracie is a Navy Pilot and Bruce is in Air Force pararescueman. They write love letters to each other, but when Gracie’s plane is shot down, Bruce is committed to rescuing her.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Free Military Romance Books

With the invention of e-books, now, many military romance books are free to download straight to your device. The following free military romance books are available for download through Amazon on a Kindle device or via the Kindle app.

Protecting Olivia by Riley Edwards

Romance, mystery, and action combine when the president calls Zane and his team of special forces soldiers to rescue Olivia, a missing girl. The team discovers the real motive behind the kidnapping as all Olivia wants to do is escape her reality.

Get it on Amazon here.

Talon by Sybil Bartel

Two years ago, he scattered his wife’s ashes and left the Marines. Then, a blonde shows up at his door, battered and beaten. When he found out people were coming after her and why – he had two choices: his life or hers.

Get it on Amazon here.

Ranger Security (6 Book Omnibus) by Rhonda Russell

This military romance book is actually a set of six stories about former Rangers who are “forever badasses.” It’s supposedly sizzling.

Get it on Amazon here.

Savage Surrender: A Dire Wolves Mission by Ellis Leigh

Blending sci-fi, wolf shifters, and soldiers, this military romance novel is more about fantasy than veterans and camouflage. Still, this book about a wolf shifter kidnapping a teenage girl and a dangerous soldier who shows up out of nowhere is perhaps worth a read.

Get it on Amazon here.

Badger by Dale Mayer

When Badger Horley and the rest of his SEAL team hit a landmine, they were all badly injured. But the youngest soldier died and Badger is determined to make those responsible pay for what happened. All the while, Kat Greenwald watches the man she’s falling in love with suffering as he finds his way back to health after the accident.

Get it on Amazon here.

Ex-Military Romance Books

The following books follow the drama and romance of people who used to serve in the military. After all, dealing with life after the war can sometimes be juicier than the battle itself. Dealing with PTSD, cheating spouses, and first loves are all part of the romance, or scorn, of returning from war. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine, but it’s sure to be dramatic.

Claiming the Captain’s Baby by Rochelle Alers

Former Marine-turned-multimillionaire Giles Wainwright learns he has a daughter. Mya Lawson is the aunt who’s in custody of her late sister’s child. As the two battle it out in court, they begin to wonder if they might be able to make it as a family after all.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Soul to Keep by Garrett Leigh

Jamie York is a recovering addict who leaves California for her home country of England. Marc Ramsey is an ex-Army medic working long nights in the trauma unit. When Jamie comes into his life, he begins to rethink working himself into the ground.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Spirit of the Dance by Mardi Alexander

An Australian military romance book, Major Sonja Reardon returns to Australia from Iraq, battling PTSD. Back on her family farm, the local saddler and horse trainer Riley Johnson falls in love with her.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Forged in Ember by Trish McCallen

Amy Chastain is running from her enemy, the New Ruling Order who killed her husband and is after her children. She enlists the help of former Navy SEAL commander Jace “Mac” Mackenzie, the only man she trusts.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Absolute Trust by Piper J. Drake

Brandon Forte returns home after several tours of duty where his ex-girlfriend, who he left without saying goodbye to, hasn’t been able to move on. Now they’re back in the same town and she’s constantly reminded of what could have been.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Shades of Gray by Maya Banks

This military romance book follows P.J. and Cole, two KGI soldiers after a one-night stand. They may not be technically ex-military per se, but they’re part of a contracted group of soldiers. Let’s just say — things get complicated.

Buy it on Amazon here.

As you can see from these brief synopses, military romance books aren’t all the same. With widely different storylines and unexpected developments, you can find a military romance book to fit your tastes and desires.

Plus, more and more military romance books are being written every year, so make sure to check out Amazon for the latest updates to get your fix of military romance with your next read.

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