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Military Schools in Texas

Military schools aren’t for delinquents and trouble-makers like you might have thought. They’re for bright students who are aiming at success.

Military schools offer a state of the art education and are a great option for many students. With various institutions located all around the country, Texas has three main military schools that are worth mentioning.

If you live in the Texas area and you’re preparing to send your child to a military-run education institution in the area, this brief guide is for you.

Here, we’ll look into what a military school is and why some families choose them for their children. Then, you’ll get a brief overview of each of the military schools located in Texas.

What Are Military Schools?

Military schools offer an alternative to public schools without sending your child to private school, charter school, or incorporating homeschool. If you’re looking to give your child the structure and discipline that you can only get in the military alongside an education that will prepare them for college, a military school might be right for your family.

Some people associate military school or boarding school with a place where you send troublesome or problematic children as a form of punishment. On the contrary, many parents choose military school for its high standards in academics and its focus on leadership for success after high school.

Military schools are extremely selective prep schools and students must apply to ensure they meet the necessary standards. As far as tuition is concerned, military boarding schools can be rather expensive but scholarships are available for outstanding students.

Benefits of Attending a Military School

The major benefits of attending military school instead of public school or your average private school is the focus on structure and on individualized attention.

Those in charge at military schools believe that the best way to foster high achievement within young people, both personally and academically, is to develop a strong work ethic and sense of self-worth. These qualities are brought out in students through discipline and by paying close attention to each individual and assessing their unique needs.

Each of the following Texas military schools boast an impressive college acceptance rate with 95 out of every 100 graduates accepted to college which is another huge benefit of considering military schools.

There’s clearly a high standard in every sense when it comes to military school and parents who appreciate how the military itself creates structures and boundaries to build up everyone involved, they’ll see why military schools are so esteemed. They’re not for everyone but they are certainly a sensible choice for some.

Marine Military Academy

Located in Harlingten, TX, the Marine Military Academy emphasizes the model of the U.S. Marine Corps, as its namesake suggests. As an all-boys boarding school, the Marine Military Academy covers grades eight through twelve complete with an exceptional JROTC program, standard high school courses, SAT prep, aerospace programs, art, photography, and leadership development, just to name a few.

The Marine Military Academy also provides an athletic department with all the traditional sports you’d expect from any high school with the addition of less common sports like boxing, cycling, and Jiu Jitsu.

San Marcos Academy

Founded in 1907, San Marcos Academy is one of the oldest standing boarding schools in Texas, located in the city of San Marcos. Welcoming both girls and boys, this military school is also a Baptist college-prep school and teaches grades seven through twelve with small class sizes of about 12 students each.

The federal government granted San Marcos Academy a JROTC program during World War I, solidifying its strong military roots. Boys who attend this military school are required to participate in the JROTC program for their first semester but otherwise, both boys and girls join in voluntarily if they choose.

As for curriculum, San Marcos Academy offers pre-AP and AP courses, leadership programs, dual enrollment for college credit, and an exemplary fine arts department. Students are also encouraged to participate in sports like baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf, volleyball, horseback riding (equestrian), cheerleading, and volleyball, among others.

Texas Military Institute

Texas Military Institute is located in San Antonio, TX where there is known to be a large military population with strong support for the military in general. It is an Episcopal college-prep school that includes both girls and boys, offering courses for grades six through twelve, including Honors and AP levels.

Electives available at Texas Military Institute include band, Old and New Testament, studio art, world religion, choir, creative writing, theatre arts, and more. Of course, sports are played at the school with everything including volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, cross-country, football, and soccer.

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