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Top 10 Military Spouse Jobs From Home

As people with a nomadic lifestyle, it’s sometimes difficult for military spouses to find new employment when they move to a new city or country. The main benefit of an at-home job or career is that it can move with the employee. Here is a list of the top 10 military spouse jobs from home for those who seek to have their own career or make some additional money on the side.

10. Life Coach

If you’re a military spouse who is sought out for advice, consider becoming a life coach. Creating an at-home business as a life coach means having complete control over the time spent working. Life coaches can help their clients from anywhere in the world, so a PCS abroad won’t mean the end of a life coach business. There’s a nearly endless list of coach types you can choose from what fits your experience best to serve your clients.

9. Translator

For military spouses who speak multiple languages, search for jobs as a translator. Translation can be done in numerous ways from home. A video may need subtitles in another language and rely on native speakers to provide appropriate closed captioning. Other times, translators are working with documents that need to be translated. Check out Translators Café for opportunities.

8. Data Entry

Data entry positions open up when there is work left over without a dedicated person to finish it. This job is great for individuals who are comfortable working with a computer, are detail-oriented, and prefer to work independently. Logging expenses, tracking shipments, managing inventory, inputting survey data, and more is what can be expected from a job in data entry.

7. Blogger or Writer/Freelance

Everyone has a voice, and blogs have always been a platform for their voice to be heard. Many successful bloggers and freelance writers have learned how to monetize their work to create an income. Bloggers and freelancers can write product reviews, travel guides, how-to articles, and much more. There is a niche for everyone, or writers can be open to researching any assigned topic. Two popular sites for blogging and freelance writing jobs are ProBlogger and Freelance Writing Jobs.

6. Transcriptionist

For military spouses who can type quickly and have excellent writing skills, you could find at-home work as a transcriptionist. Transcribers are given a video or audio file to create a written document from what is heard. Occasionally, some names and words may need to be looked up to ensure the spelling is correct. The sign of a highly skilled transcriber is nearly error-free work.

5. English Teacher/Tutor

Teachers don’t have to let a PCS move mean they need to find another classroom to teach in. The amount of teaching opportunities online continues to grow. Military spouses can choose to teach practically anything from English to young children in China with VIPKID or tutor all levels of students on

4. Travel Agent

After seeing various parts of the world, working as a travel agent is one way to share personal travel experiences and help others create their own memorable experience. As a travel agent, there are options to franchise existing agencies, get hired on for a larger company, or start your own travel agency. There are already some military spouse owned travel agencies, like Kinship Vacations, that are looking for more people to join their remote teams.

3. Social Media Manager

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms don’t run themselves. Many businesses hire social media managers to create and post to these platforms as a marketing tool. Social media managers are in charge of posting content that helps convert sales from social media followers.

2. Customer Service

Being a customer service representative is the best job on this list for those wanting to work for major companies and stay at home. Companies like CenturyLink and Amazon hire talented customer service agents to answer calls, chats, and emails from their customers.

Working in customer service is perfect for the military spouses who are personable, empathetic, and hope to make someone’s day a little brighter. It also helps to be organized, efficient, and willing to ask for help to get the right answer for the customer.

1. Virtual Assistant

A job as a personal assistant tops off this list of the top ten military spouse jobs from home. This at-home job is incredibly versatile and has some of the greatest potential over others on this list. Some tasks that are given to virtual assistants include bookkeeping, marketing, accounting, scheduling, confirming appointments, project management, and travel arrangements.

This is a job where military spouses can put all their skills as a military spouse to good use. The organization needed to plan a smooth PCS move, research schools for children to attend, confirm personal appointments for multiple family members, and manage finances are all applicable in the virtual assistant world.

All of these positions have the potential to be part-time or full-time opportunities. This list of the top ten military spouse jobs from home is not a conclusive list, but it’s a start for the military spouse that wants to have flexible work options and continue adding to their resume. It’s possible to combine two or more of these jobs at once to earn a full-time income if only part-time opportunities are available.

Here is a list of some other popular websites that offer job postings for at-home work that are worth checking out.

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