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The immense sacrifice that service members make for the sake of defending this nation’s freedoms and liberties has always moved me. Men and women who willingly put their own lives on the line to protect America also inspired my newfound interest in military TV shows. While there’s no doubt that reality and fiction often differ from one another, I’m always interested in new shows which can provide a fresh, original outlook on military life.

There are a ton of great shows which center around the military and the lives of those within it. Some of the best military TV shows remain on air to this day, while others have run their course.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in learning about the most interesting and riveting military-themed shows you should start watching, you’ve come to the right place.

Interesting Military Shows on TV

To date, there are multiple military dramas which are presently available for viewing. You’ll find that many of the best military shows on TV can be found on streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Some of the best military TV shows to find on Netflix are as follows:

  • Medal of Honor
  • Five Came Back
  • Valor
  • World War II in Colour

Medal of Honor takes viewers into the worlds and minds of soldiers who have been honored for their valor and service to country. The series shows exactly how the recipients of these medals handled some of life’s greatest challenges in the field.

Five Came Back details the journeys of filmmakers who joined the military for the sake of documenting World War II. As you can imagine, these journeys are like no other.

Valor takes viewers into the individual worlds of service members. Throughout the series, soldiers wrestle as they balance their duty to the nation with their individual interests and desires.

As the title of the series suggests, World War II in Colour chronicles the ins and outs of the second world war. Viewers of the series are able to get a firsthand look at the various events which took place, along with lesser known details of what happened during this time period.

If you don’t have a Netflix account and use an alternative streaming service, such as Hulu, no worries.

You can find the following military shows on Hulu:

  • Six
  • The Last Ship
  • The Unit

You’ll find that many military shows on TV are documentaries and provide short but detailed accounts of various experiences with serving one’s country. You can watch shows about military service by yourself or with loved ones who would also like to gain additional insight about all that’s involved in serving.

Six chronicles the journeys of Navy SEAL members who are tasked with stopping a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. As you can imagine, this is no easy feat and presents many challenges along the way.

The Last Ship covers the battles and struggles that military members face in the wake of potential global extinction. In this particular series, a deadly virus has already wiped out a significant portion of the human population.

The Unit covers the international work of various military members and how that work impacts the significant others of service members. Viewers who know someone who has served or is currently serving will certainly be able to appreciate this particular action-drama series.

Interesting Military Reality TV Shows

Documentaries can certainly be interesting and informative; however, they don’t account for all military shows on TV. If you enjoy reality shows and also have an interest in the military, then you’re in luck.

There are a series of interesting military reality TV shows which each approach service from a new lens and different point of view. Military shows coming from a reality TV angle can also appeal to multiple demographics, especially individuals who aren’t particularly fond of documentaries.

Some of the greatest military reality shows are as follows:

  • Inside Combat Rescue
  • Special Ops Mission
  • Stars Earn Stripes

Each of the following military reality TV shows is available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Inside Combat Rescue and Stars Earn Stripes can also be viewed on iTunes.

Inside Combat Rescue takes viewers into the world of military members who have to save the lives of others, sometimes with only an hour to spare. This series is emotional, memorable, and will leave viewers thinking long after it’s over.

As the name suggests, Special Ops Mission focuses on all that comes along with carrying out critical military tasks. However, the tasks involve nearly impossible feats while dodging various obstacles.

Stars Earn Stripes focuses on the training process for different military service members. This show takes viewers into the world of all that’s required to truly serve one’s country.

The Best Military TV Shows

As you can see, there is no shortage of military TV shows. However, if you’re wondering which shows viewers have deemed as the best military TV shows, then look no further.

While your personal opinion can possibly vary from other viewers, the following series have been praised by fans as the best military TV shows thus far:

  • Band of Brothers
  • The Unit
  • SEAL Team
  • NCIS

Each of the listed military shows can be found on Amazon Prime. Band of Brothers, The Unit, and SEAL Team are also each available on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.

Band of Brothers will certainly appeal to viewers who are interested in the history of past military members. As one of the best military TV shows, this one also provides unique insight into the internal emotions and experiences of service people.

SEAL Team shines a spotlight on the importance of military members accomplishing the necessary tasks at hand. This show also allows viewers to see the dangers which come along with certain missions.

A significant factor in the popularity of NCIS pertains to the show’s spotlight on the relationship between service members and various branches of law enforcement. The different personalities which each character brings to the show is also bound to appeal to viewers.

New Military TV Shows

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there are a series of military TV shows which you can watch on various platforms. From documentaries to reality shows, an abundance of interesting military shows are available for you to watch on TV and take in.

If you’re interested in new military TV shows, then you’re in luck.

The following shows are the newest military TV shows to date:

  • The Code
  • The Long Road Home
  • The Brave

Each of these shows is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube.

The Code is the newest military TV show of the bunch and focuses on the relationship between the law and the armed forces. A recurring theme throughout this series involves conflicts between personal views of various military members and the need to unearth a greater truth.

Similarly to The Code, The Long Road Home also focuses on the lives of servicemembers; however, this particular show places a spotlight on the families of military members and how various world events impact those on the battlelines.

The Brave takes viewers into the world of the undercover military, D.C. politics, and the quest to save innocent lives. This particular show is sure to provide a new perspective into the military and what it truly means to serve one’s country.

Why Should You Watch Military TV Shows?

Watching military TV shows can be immensely educational, informative, and thought-provoking. Many viewers of the above shows have learned a lot and gained new perspectives on service, self, and life.

If you’re interested in learning about the best military movies, you can do so by clicking here.

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