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Netflix’s ‘Medal of Honor’ Out on 9th

Kicking off Veterans Day weekend is Netflix’s release of their new documentary series Medal of Honor.

It profiles eight American war heroes, all of whom have received the Medal of Honor for their courage in combat.


President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill that created the Medal of Honor in 1861. Less than 3,600 individuals have been awarded with it since its inception. It is considered the highest and most prestigious military decoration in the United States.

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis and documentarian James Moll came together to bring these stories to life. As Oscar-winning creators, Zemeckis is best known for directing “Forrest Gump,” and Moll for “The Last Days,” both of which include aspects of war. They combine Moll’s storytelling with Zemeckis’s live action techniques for this new, thrilling representation of true valor.

The episodes are made up of exhilarating reenactments, surviving war footage, and raw interviews of family members, historians, and veterans. The end result paints a vivid picture of each serviceman’s extraordinary tale.

“Combat is not a great thing to be in, and it’s not a motivation to hate, by no means,” Clint Romesha said, in the trailer for the series.


“It’s a motivation to love your brothers.”


The eight warriors depicted in Medal of Honor come from a blend of different backgrounds; serving in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Three of them — the Afghanistan war veterans and the 93-year-old Korean war vet — are still alive.

Here are all of the heroes featured in the first season:


  • Hiroshi Miyamura (Korean War)


  • Clint Romesha (Afghanistan)


  • Ty Carter (Afghanistan)


  • Joseph Vittori (Korean War)


  • Richard L. Etchberger (Vietnam)


  • Sylvester Antolak (World War II)


  • Vito Bertoldo (World War II)


  • Edward Carter (World War II)


Watch Medal of Honor this Friday for their stories.

Check out Netflix’s official trailer:


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