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New Movie Spotlights Army Chaplain

Chaplains are qualified religious leaders who are dedicated to their practice. They help their community in various ways, all in service to their religion.

In the military, they are serving their country as well.

On October 26th, a chaplain’s life is coming to the big screen with the release of the film Indivisible. It chronicles the service of U.S. Army chaplain Darren Turner and his family; from their home life as devoted Christians, to the front lines of the Iraq War.

The Turners have a story people that many military families can relate to. They have lived the dangerous deployments, the frequent moves, and the trauma of war that can follow service members home. It also highlights a different tale: the Turners’ commitment to God, and how it pushed Darren to fight for a cause bigger than himself.

Independent director David G. Evans has worked with the decorated Army chaplain and his wife for the past seven years. Though he is an optometrist by trade, Evans has always been inspired to tell stories. He went from writing and directing plays at his local church, to producing his own films. When he experienced his first film success in 2011, he felt immediately called to do something more.


“The heart of this story focuses on marriage,” Evans told The Stream.


It comes from a chaplain, someone who is a pastor to the troops. The fact that this can happen to he and his wife, and they can overcome it, serves as an encouragement to the military — and to everyone who has a relationship that needs healing.”

Experienced Grey’s Anatomy actors Justin Bruening and Sarah Drew play Darren and Heather Turner. The cast also includes heroes like Skye P. Marshall, a real-life Armed Forces veteran, and 10-year-old Samara Lee. Lee’s role as one of the Turner’s children is very fitting, as her own father is in the Army.

Make sure to catch Indivisible in theatres on Friday — appropriately timed with the Day of Deployed, to honor each and every soldier on the frontlines.

To watch the trailer, click:


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